When you sit on sofa on holiday weekend and open television watching some series for relaxing but advertise come up in the break time, have you ever considered about the hand that holding the product on the screen.

If you being told by someone that you born with beautiful hand with a nice-looking nail so you should go on casting for hand models.

How Hands Made Money?

People might familiar with a model walking in the fashion shows or celebrities on commercial but behind the screen how could you sure that the hand showing products or wearing jewelry is their real own hand. Hand model is a parts modeling which use a part of the body for shooting, lips, and legs also included. Hand model is the person who has a nice hand and used their hand to make money. When producers desire to close up the product or need to zoom in more the details and hands that showing on the screen have to present it beautifully.

You’ve surely seen hand model in daily more than you thought, let take a look on these pictures to check how often you have seen photos like these.

You might also already see those hand before, could be when you swipe timeline on social media and bump into food recipes video or read a magazine and saw the jewelry rings with a pretty finger so how can you confirm that when you saw celebrities on commercial, their use their own hand not the hand of the hand model. Actually, hand models are highly required in the industry included luxury brands such as L’Oreal, Dior, Espoir, or even McDonald’s. Hand modeling is quite popular in commercial and they have played celebrities’ hands the most of time too.

Directly, there are much different from ordinary models and hand models, it’s true that they use their body to present the product, keep it in shape and take good care of them but when it becomes to focus on a specific part of the body, your hand need to be elegant since you were born and extraordinary cherish to your hand more than others, men also can attend this industry but you might have no hairy hands, we will get in deep detail more how to become to join hand model industry in next part.
The obvious point why hand models are different from the ordinary model is they still remain private, they only show their hand with no need to reveal their faces to the public, so no one needs to be interrupted except they want to famous.

What you should know for ready to be a Hand Model

Before we know about requirements to become a Hand Model, you need to be eligible with this career. Hand models are different from others in point of you unable to practice or exercises or concern about what you eat same as usual model, you need to born with perfect nice-long straight fingers, thin wrists, soft and skin tone are involved in some case, if you are match with all those requirements so your hands may help you gain lots of money.

Hand skincare

Firstly, you should seriously about your hand skincare.

Moisturizing Hands are needed, all of the hand models put on moisturizer or oily skincare on their hands for 20-30 per day, using natural soap, and evade of surfactant. Avoid all factor that may harass your hand or make a wound such as using knives or just holding a rose, don’t forget to gentle curve to the nail and put on sunscreen for protecting hands from sunlight. Meet a manicurist if necessary, take a manicure, they can originate your beautiful nails and made your hand more marvelous.

Washing hands base on the right methods are a must

Wearing Gloves 24/7

Other special tools for helping you take care of your hand and all of the hand models are using is “Nitrile Gloves” you must wear it all day if you can for protecting your hand or may use your feet to open a closet or others. All the chemicals or even clothes can make hands become rough if you go asking designers they all have a problem with dry hands because touching clothes all time.

Fingers Exercises

Same as the body, your fingers have to regularly exercise with correct tutorials to make it maintain a good shape. Do not bend your fingers, it can cause big knuckles. So why we don’t start exercise our fingers right now? Let follow this tutorial together.

  1. Wrapping your thumb across your fingers and release
  2. Stretch your fingers as wide as you can
  3. Move your finger start from the thumb and keep continue to other fingers, just like a wave.

Be a contortionist

Have patience is an important part of this career too. For being a hand model you need to holding products and stay in the same position for a long period of time, you need to stay in the exact place until photographers satisfy without hands shaking. Steady hands are required, how could you know how long you need to stay with that product or act your hand with the model’s face. Normal TV commercials that broadcast on screen only show the finished process but during shooting is not that short, not at all. Time for filming TV commercials is not less than one hour and can take upwards for more than 10 hours so you need to be patient with your hand controlling, you are able to be exhausting but without complaining.

Internal Factor

Even if it a hand but we still need to gain good food and full of nutrients to keep also drinks 1.5 – 3 liters per day, it just a normal routine for taking good care of yourself.

Those above are just the first step of becoming hand models.
The main point you have to be concern is how you will attend in hand models industry.
It divided into two ways which are

  • Photograph your hands, Create Portfolio and send to Modeling Agencies

Gathering best photos of your hands – learn and research on magazines or TV commercials, YouTube also a media you can use for study there are some of the hand models who come to teach and talk about their job. Practice hands post also movements from the watching professional hand model, more practice more perfect you. After you got enough nice shots, create your own Portfolio, and send it to reliable agencies. Finding credible agencies are needed, the salary that you will get in the future if you succeed in becoming a hands model must divide fairly percentage with you and your agency. Even if you register as hand models but your good appearance and first impression also important for agencies deciding.

  • Casting

Find the casting company and shows your hand pictures and your personal information. This option is faster than the above one but you have to realize that all things need time, you have to be patient and wait if you’re luckily attracted by someone of the committee you may get the job quicker than waiting for agencies to find you work.

Salary for Hand modeling

Most of hand models didn’t realize that they will doing this job for survives, they just have been told by someone that he or she got a beautiful hands or been scouted. Hand models salary are depends on each work how hard you done and your requirement price too. If you work underneath of agencies you need to pay fee and get less money but if you are freelancers you able to got all the money for your work. Usually hand model got 1,000$per day for one day shot but it can be increase to 5000$ for other materials.

According to Forbes, professional hand models can earn about 75,000$ per year

Ashly Covington, one of the top hand model said she once made 13,000$ in two hours shooting.

Must say that every kind of job is the same, if you are good enough and hardworking you can become a star in your industry but it also other factors that affect your money and your path so wish you luck.

There is YouTube channel named “ 손짓티비

which one of the Korean hand models filming her everyday caring hair routine. She shows the viewers that she wears gloves most of the time when she stays at home to prevent hand injured even while washing her face. You might agree that when you saw her hand and finger you need to be wonder how someone has such pretty hand like this, that why she become a hand model.

She also reveals her hand skincare products which contain more than one big box, she has lots of different types of hand cream and remains of moisturizer all the time. She gave some tips to mix 100% pure moisturizing oil with hand cream to make its more effective texture.

Except for hand care don’t forget to focus on taking care of your nail either, it has skincare called oil for nail too, it no matter what the brand you use just comfy with want you like to use. Take good care but don’t skip the protect process, nail protective oil and sunscreen are need to have in your house too. Obviously seen that she have brunch of hand care brands, all of them are easily found in our shopping mall and she recommended that most of the product are quite good except some of them but remind that if you use the same product for a long time they will stop giving you good results so you need to always change the product at least every 6 months.

Atmosphere At Shooting Set

Apart from advice skincare she also takes us to her working place. Her hand has used for many kinds of style such as sometime she need to wear beautiful and high-priced jewelry but it looks more charming with her hands. One of her clips describes that the shooting has celebrity come to filming the advertisement too, actually, it’s a lipstick brand set, how could her hand be advantage?
Her amazing hand needs to photograph along with celebrity face that wearing lipstick so her nail polish is the same color to make the lipstick color more fascinated.

At last of the video, you can see she also got a lipstick from the band she shooting today, it’s a common thing for saying thank you apart from a salary. See also meet good nice companies and experience a new environment every day but sometimes it also challenging herself about how hard today will be, what will she need to holding or wearing, how people she will meet tomorrow be.

How well you know about Hand Model right now?

Being a hand model is not easy as other careers but if you dream to do something and have a chance you need to follow that path to prove it by yourself. Hope this blog made you more understand and know more about hand model job, and if you finished reading this article and start looking at your hand, think that you also have a nice-looking hand, no matter what gender you are.

Why don’t you add a hand model to be one of your dream career lists?