After January 7, the Chinese official had announced that they had identified a new virus, which is known as 2019-nCOV or the novel Coronavirus and the entire world is panicking and shocking. The new virus was becoming the breaking news after the Chinese official had announced this information to the public, and then numerous fake news related to coronavirus appeared as usual; this is very normal when there is a significant or catastrophic event happening. Some of the fake news looks very rigid; however, some look a little bit hard to believe and very obvious, which sometimes makes it look hilarious and make the reader laugh, and these are Coronavirus fake news that I found amusing.

The Coronavirus can spread through staring eyes.

Have you ever heard of the virus that can infect through staring? There were several posts on the internet informed that the novel virus can be contaminated by staring eyes; As you and also many people with a decent level of media literacy expected, this is fake news. On 27 January 2020, Thailand Anti-fake news center had announced that this news is untrue. This virus cannot tarnish by staring eyes; however, the virus can come into the body through the eye.

When I first saw this information on the internet, it made me almost roll on the floor and laugh. Infected by staring eyes is entirely bizarre, I can not imagine how the virus is going to pass to another person by just staring. No infection can spread this way in the real world or even in fantasy movies, which the monsters that can freeze people or turn people into stone if people are looking at their eyes; this fake news is too fantasy. Not only do I find this fake news ridiculous and relatively hard to believe, but many people feel the same way also, even though some people still think this, which makes quite a big deal to the degree that the government organization has to come in.

This circumstance shows that a fair number of people still lack media literacy and believe every post on Facebook or other social media or especially line groups, which are the place that fake news can help liberally spread since they are a closed group that does not allow anyone from the outside to support and verifying the information. In my opinion, the reason that ridiculously obvious fake news can spread in Thailand is that some people still do not even understand the concept of the disease in general and are very prone to be influenced by others. As we can see quite often on the news that in the faraway countryside, there is still a culture that the community will accuse sick or old people that he or she is a ghoul and then banish them from the town.

Saltwater can kill the Coronavirus.

There were several posts on social media platforms claiming that rinsing their mouth with salt water can prevent them from being infected by the coronavirus, which the expert later debunked this claim.

This fake news reminds me of the lifehack videos on YouTube; it is too convenient and too effortless. Even using the most straightforward logic, this news still appears obviously fake. If the Coronavirus virus is easily prevented, why would the entire Wuhan City have to be closed and why many countries stopped accepting tourists from China or highly infected areas. I rank this fake news in the same tier as the sparkling lime water fake news, which, for some time, abundant people assume that it can cure cancer.

The sparkling lime water false information once spread widely among Thai people.

But why do so many people believe in this thing? Some people will only believe the information that matches with something that they already think or make them feel comfortable. As mentioned, this virus prevention method seems much more comfortable and requires minor effort than others that were announced by those reputable sources, which might make some people believe since people like an easy task, believing this makes them feel comfortable.

Even fake news that sounds like some wacky lifehack on the internet can still causes a lot of problems; The expert team has to show up and inform the public about the fake news. This is a perfect example that displays that even the most ridiculous fake news can cause some problems.

The virus is from the biological weapons lab.

Some people believe that the Coronavirus was from the biological weapons lab.

This rumor started from the Worthington time; former Israeli military intelligence officials claim that there is some possibility that some labs in Wuhan Institute of Virology were researching and developing the biological weapons in the same way as other institutions. However, this institution is not the main one. Nevertheless, many experts say that this thing is hardly factual; in theory, the biological weapons should be more deadly and hard to spread, which is opposed to the new coronavirus.

Dr. Malcolm Davis, the Australian defense analyst, tweeted on 25 January 2020 that there is no evidence to support this theory yet.

I entirely understand why some people might find this somewhat hard to notice that it is fake news since China tends to obscure their information, so everything that one can imagine might currently happen secretly in China. However, I think that this news is a little bit too similar to the typical sci-fi movie plot. Additionally, I think people did not fully trust the information that came out of China because, as mentioned that they tend to withhold their data. So a lot of fake news appears as an alternative choice for People to believe.

Even Chinese people also had some rumors based on the fact that China always conceals their information; however, this time, the obstruction of the info is minimal, which raised many questions from the Chinese. For example, many were suspicious that the virus is from the biochemical war, which started by the USA. Nevertheless, this theory can be disproved for the same reason as the previous one.

This shows that obscure information does not necessarily increase the reputation and can sometimes cause some distrust by others. This is an excellent opportunity for fake news to arise since the primary source of information seems to be disreputable for them. In my opinion, disclosure of information will give the best results in a situation like this.