France the winner of World Cup 2018

Social media has been a part of our life and the number of peoples who are using it are rising over decade. It has been used by many industries to promote their product and tournament, even sport industries too. Football are one of the most famous sport in the world. Based on the information from many places, about 3.5 billion peoples watches the final match of the world cup 2018 match between France and Croatia live. Football is one of the sports that has been influenced by social media and today we’re gonna discuss how social media has impacted the world of Football.

Increasing fan base 

Many of the teams, clubs, tournaments or even the Footballer themselves have been influenced over social media. They create a huge amount of money from social networks. Football industries have used an advantage of the rise of users in social media in many ways. The media have attracted a huge amount of fans no matter if they are old faces or new faces. According to research, there are about 61 percent of users who follow sport online using Instagram and Facebook. Premier League has an account on Instagram with about 35.5 million followers online. And people can know every news from the Premier league faster and updated. Even footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, the world most famous footballer were the first ever person to hit 200 million followers on Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo are one of the first person in the world to reach 200 million follower

People who watch football online through their smartphone are increasing about 40 percent. People tend to share more sports videos and it could go viral through the media especially Football clips. example was during the world cup 2014 a match of Germany’s demolition of Brazil it became number one trending on the internet with about 35.6 million posts or comments which are related to the match. The interest of football is growing through social media with a huge fan base this will lead to money from the media.

Most-Tweeted Sports Event In History: Germany vs. Brazil | Germany vs
The match between Germany and Brazil were the most trending and retweet by the peoples in Twitter

“Football is played with the head. Your feet are just the tools.”

Andrea Pirlo

More possible of sponsorship and and personal brand

Many of the club and players tend to promote themselves on online platforms. Due to the fact that many followers can lead to sponsorship. Many successful clubs or Footballers in Football industries have one thing in common which is a huge amount of followers online and many sponsorship. With more people viewing the content online the more of a chance a sponsor to come and support the team and gain a lot of profits. Example Manchester United have their official website and their own application on every platform of media. They made their website to promote their news about the team or even put some highlights of the match in.

They made it so that people from around the world With around 650 million fans around the globe whether it is Asia or Africa can be connected to them. This also created way of interaction within them and the fans. This made Manchester United one of the most teams with sponsorship, commercial and advertisement. Adidas, Chevrolet, Konami, DHL, Aon etc. There are many sponsors which come to support through their post on social media and it made a huge amount of profit(about 18 million). They even have their own official application called MUTV for peoples to listen to press conference and some matches live.

MUTV official United application with monthly subscription
Manchester United official page

From a huge fan base also leads to building personal branding. Personal branding is one of the most important things to every industry, it helps create online reputation and trust toward the people this will help increase the sales of the product too. Cristiano Ronaldo with the most followers he even created his own perfume brand. Even people who don’t know or don’t have an interest in football also know Ronaldo. Due to the fact that Ronaldo is one of the famous footballers and he even has a reputation in the online world it made people trust him and end up buying his products.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his perfume brand

Advertisement and Commercial

Due to the increasing number of peoples using social media. Many of the football clubs around the world see this opportunity, so they use various types of media to help promote them especially Youtube, etc. With more people connected to them, the more possible advertising and commercial

Many of the clubs start using youtube to promote their team because it is a very easy way to reach out to millions of users out there. The club must consider each content to share out so it will be worth for the people to click on it and have enough reason to share it. The clubs need to ensure that it will gain profit from advertising. Many club or tournaments use this technique to promote their sponsor as an advertisement or a commercial on each different platform. Such as the commercial that Manchester United have released named “I’m here to create” which the club have selected Paul Pogba as a presenter. This instantly made Manchester United to be the most succesful team in selling sponsorship and lead to them becoming a brand ambassador in season 2017/18. Later that year Adidas also became highest generated brand on media too. Another example is Coca Cola where they are sponsor of the Fifa world Cup tournament and they also created the music video as an advertisement to promote the sponsor too.

Adidas collaboration with Manchester United
Coca-Cola bids to be 'right-time' not real-time World Cup marketer ...
Co cola are one of the presenter in the World Cup tournament

Not only promoting the sport company. Manchester United also have become one of the first clubs to be successful in media convergence. By combining two different brands as one advertisement. In the Manchester United youtube channel they have made an advertisement with Disney and brought many fan favorite hero “Deadpool” to the football world. The video was called “Deadpool take over Manchester United” which was released during 2018 while the Deadpool movie was about to launch. This grabbed a lot of people’s attention and in this kind of situation both of the companies got a win win situation where United got to increase their fan base from Deadpool movie’s fan and Disney also got some fan base from United to come and watch their movie. These are just some of example that some clubs uses social media to create an advertisement and commercial.

To sum it up these are only some benefit from social media that has entered football industries. Many clubs, teams or even player start to adapt themselves to the new technologies. And this can create many more opportunity for new business and new way to interact with football.