Cyberbullying and Online Sexual Harassment

Cyberbullying is can be observed in everywhere via social media,nowadays. Since technology is much more improved comparing to the past and people let it play a major role in their daily lives. Also, once it is improved, it will always continue improving by people to benefit themselves in terms of convenience and easiness to make use of and so on. However, the coin has two sides, making use of social media can create both positive and negative outcomes and impact someone’s life.

Cyberbullying is technically when people use technology, the obvious one is social media in your phone, in order to harass others; for example, sexual messages, rumors, rude texts, inappropriate pictures and more.

what is cyberbullying?

In these days, as I mentioned that people use social media to express almost everything that they think and want to say on online platforms, only a tip of their fingers then all the things that they want to say can go viral anytime and anywhere.

Because it is so easy for people to do so, only a tad of time, they might not even think clearly if the texts or contents that they create will ever hurt someone or in another case, they tend to use social media to do so.

In the online platforms, of course, people can choose to be anonymous and have freedom of speech, in these days, it becomes normal, people barely care about others that much anymore, they, sometimes, overlook some negative contexts that can emotionally impact others and they also post and say things without thinking carefully. To elaborate, in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, where people use it to communicate whether one way or two way communication in order to satisfy and fulfil their needs in one way or another; for example, you can observe that some people mostly use Twitter, anonymously, to express their thoughts, complain about their daily lives, follow up news like Kpop and politics then comment and retweet things that they feel like “oh, okay, this one is good.” or “this is so funny.” but those are only one case of how people fulfill themselves.

Another case, the worse one is that they make use of it for blaming others. According to this gossip says about Kaimook, the popular girl, the member of BNK48, does not know planer or kob sai mai. She and her crews went to the show called Davinci, they played a game that needs to guess the answer from the hints that MC gave them in form of pictures but Kaimook did not answer it right. While time was ticking, she needed to answer before time run out and her answer was wrong but the peak is it became drama in only a bit of time, due to the fact that in these days, anyone can be journalist, therefore, they post, share and talk about how she does not know such an easy word like kob sai mai. The worst thing is not yet to come, as I said above that everyone has freedom of speech on the internet, it is totally fine and awesome that people come out to exchange their opinions, adjust mindsets or even complain things because it is their rights to do so but cyberbullying is not one of that. Kaimook got bullied through social media not only how she really does not know that word but also how she talks, acts, dresses and how she was raised which is not okay but she finally got through all this because there were so many people cheered her up and she is old enough to ignore what is not true or involve with what she has done wrong. However, imagine if that person has no one to talk to, no one cheer her up or he or she is not old enough to let it go, what would happen to him/her?

Having online platforms, it is irrefutable that they help people in so many ways but at the same time, people still use them in a wrong way. However, in order to reduce or stop cyberbullying, it is tough due to the fact that people in the whole nine yards are using online platforms, therefore, it would be better if law can be an important incentive that makes people be more aware of what are they about to do that prone to hurt someone or negatively impact someone’s life.

Online Sexual Harassment

What exactly is online sexual harassment?
There are so many things that people, us tend to overlook. Sexual harassment is one of those things especially ‘online sexual harassment’. I believe that when talking about sexual harassment, people always think as face-to-face situations like touching a person’s body. However, that is not it. Online sexual harassment is also one of many media cases that often occur. As we all know, having technology or media impact the users like us in many different ways but is it always have to be only in a good way? I guess not. Having advantages is true but how about disadvantages? Online sexual harassment is one of the examples of the disadvantages of having media and technology or how people use it.

If we take a look at the main definition of it, it relates to the behavior that characterized by the making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances in a workplace, other professional or social situation. People would often have an idea about sexual harassment as in “face-to-face” situation but in fact, it does not have to be that way. Sexual harassment not only can occur face-to-face but can also occur over the telephone line, in writing, and because of the technology in today’s world, the harassment can occur all over the internet. To be clear, online sexual harassment is ‘unwanted sexual conduct on any digital platforms and it is a form of sexual violence’ (from Childnet International). Furthermore, women are the great risks of becoming victims and this type of sexual harassment can possibly make the victims feel very threatened, humiliated, upset, sexualized and discriminated against.

Types of online sexual harassment
1) Non-consensual sharing of intimate images and videos. In this type, a person’s sexual images or videos are shared or posted without their permission consent. Also, this includes a non-consensual act was recorded digitally and potentially shared.

2) Exploitation, coercion, and threats
This is the type that a person would get threatening sexual messages, being coerced to participate in a sexual behavior online or blackmailed with sexual content.
Example; pressuring someone online to share sexual images or videos of themselves or participate in sexual behaviors which could be both online and offline.

3) Sexualized bullying
A person being targeted by, and systematically excluded from, a group or community with the use of sexual content that humiliates, upsets or discriminates against them. Example; Using their name (directly and indirectly) in posting sexual content which can cause damage to their reputation.

4) Unwanted sexualization
In this type of online sexual harassment, a person would receive unwanted sexual requests, comments, and contents.

There are only a few places on the internet that are free from harassment. Media people tried to deal with this problem but believe it or not, no one can deal with this problem. The Internet places are made for everyone and yes, everyone can post whatever they like to post and that is not always a good thing. By having places that you can post everything can lead to a threatening situation like online harassment. Online harassment not only impacts a part of the society but can impact everyone especially media users. Kids who play online games can also be victims of cyber-bullying, furthermore, if they are girls, they can be victims of sexual harassment.

Online Harassment and Freedom of speech
Why would people harass others online and why don’t they just go up to them and do it face to face? Well, if you think about it clearly, you will know why. The main thing that is one of the reasons why people use the internet to say whatever they want is because they, as it is said above, everyone can be anonymous. If they write or express things online, people tend not to know who they actually are. They feel like they can say whatever they want online weather, hate speeches, rape threats, death threats, or some sexual harassment sentences. I agree that anyone has rights and can write or post anything online since it’s there account but if writing something that hurt others’ feelings is not supposed to happen. For an instant, using oppressive languages does not promote freedom of speech. When using such as oppressive languages- like slurs and misogynistic threats, including commenting on sexual harassment words- that is completely the opposite of encouraging free speech.

Writing or posting things online is not the wrong thing to do, it is sure freedom of speech but posting sexual things of other people whether they give permission or not is supposed to be happening. People can be annoyed by that especially the victims. However, people who post it would not have any reaction to it since they can just delete their post or account but remember, media is too fast. It is too fast to be deleted since there are more than a million people who use the internet which of course, they could have seen everything that was posted.

Some media problems that are often happening nowadays such as cyberbullying and online sexual harassment which lots of people tend to overlook these problems, have impacts on lots of victims and could lead to bigger problems. Having these problems occur can make media users be threatened and some would be afraid to use the media. People might not be aware and notice about this. You might have been bullied or harassed online before but did not notice since many people think that it is not a big deal and choose to overlook it. In this century world, this is one of the things that should not be happening. Have you ever been bullied or harassed online? Do you think it should be happening and will this problem die from the media world?