Do you know why YouTube is becoming so popular nowadays? Is it because it is trending or is it because it is really beneficial to us humans?

In the modern world, we can’t deny the fact that technology does have a huge impact in society towards humans of different age ranges, from kids until adolescence. Technology brings new media platforms for all of us, and one of them is YouTube, which is a browser or application that allows us to share videos online. It was created in 2005 and there are many things behind it that some people still do not know.

How is YouTube entertaining?

Well, many people enjoy watching movies, watching vlogs, listening to podcasts, watch music videos, or listening to songs. In YouTube, there are all these things that you can search for. In YouTube, there is a freedom to post any video as long as it is not copyrighted and does not contain harmful contents. Therefore, people can build entertainment in there as long as the content is right. Many people seek joyful moments when watching videos online, it gives people more freedom than going to the theatre for a movie, or going to a concert for songs. This is due to the fact that in YouTube, you can watch as many movies or listen to as many songs you want for free. You do not have to waste time to go out to a mall and waste your money on tickets, because by using YouTube, you can just stay at home, and click into the application for free. Yes, it is “free”. Isn’t this amazing?

Can YouTube become educationally beneficial?

Some people think YouTube is for entertainment only and not for education. However, many kids can benefit from studying through YouTube channels. In the present, there are many YouTube channels that are popular for sharing educational contents, such as teaching Maths, English, or Chemistry, etc. There are many more topics that YouTuber have discussed that have been beneficial to students who want to study online for free. Well, some people might not trust YouTubers because they might end up giving fake contents or false knowledge. However, YouTube has a protection system for that. They do scan through contents before the videos are permitted to be uploaded. If any content is false, it could also be deleted automatically. Therefore, online YouTube videos which are related to studies are providing chances for all students to seek for knowledge for free. This is really beneficial to kids too because instead of searching for information from reading books, they can search the topics up on YouTube instead and practice their listening skills and watch the videos.

Psychology comes into play…

It takes a lot of time and huge effort for someone on YouTube to become a popular YouTuber. There are many aspects that YouTubers should consider in order to become popular. Many people have YouTube accounts, but not all are successful in making their videos viral. In order for a video to become viral, they must contain contents that are really outstanding and catchy, so that people will be interested in it. In addition to that, they must make sure that their videos do not contain harmful contents. Most importantly, they must make sure that it is entertaining, inspirational, or educational enough for people to keep in touch with the channels and follow up for the subsequent videos. This is when psychology comes into play. It is really difficult for someone to make 1 million other people to be interested in what he or she is doing. That is quite impossible for most people, but if someone is able to follow the trend and stand out from others, it is surely that the person will be able to become a popular YouTuber which would benefit a lot from YouTube!

Why do popular YouTubers become beneficial from YouTube?

When YouTubers become popular, will they be able to monetize from YouTube? Is that really possible? Well, there are several requirements that people will have to do in order to reach the standards of monetizing in YouTube. However, it is not hard like many of you think. The requirements are that we have to reach at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in our YouTube account. If we reach these requirements, it is possible for us to set our YouTube account as a monetizing account. This means that we can get money from making videos and uploading them onto YouTube? Easy money, isn’t it? This is why YouTube becomes a popular platform that people can make money from, because we do not have to spend much in order to make a video, it is possible that we stay at home and make a “costless” video! This is a really interesting idea for many teenagers who seek for part time jobs and earn easy money. This is a reason why YouTubers benefit a lot from YouTube, and that some people never knew about it!

How about YouTube becoming commercially beneficial?

Really? Do businesses benefit from YouTube? Of course! Businesses can benefit from this platform because they are able to put advertisements into other people’s videos. However, it would have to cost them a bit in order to request to put their short, 10-30 seconds, advertisement videos into YouTubers’ videos. This is actually a win-win situation for YouTube, YouTuber, and the business company! YouTube can benefit from the payment they receive from the company, the company benefits when a lot of people are able to reach out to the videos of their advertisement, and the YouTubers benefit from the money they get when people play the advertisement videos! In this way, everyone benefits from YouTube unexpectedly. 

So we should use YouTube right?

As mentioned above, YouTube is a browser and an application that allows people to share their videos online. There are many benefits from YouTube, which includes entertainment, education, commercial, and monetization. Everybody is encouraged to use YouTube, there are no age restrictions but kids are encouraged to use YouTube kids, which are under the care of their parents. The most interesting fact would be about monetization that many people still do not know. By knowing this, many people will surely begin thinking of having a YouTube account for some earnings!