Hi it’s me again! “Natcha”

With the current situation on COVID19, many women couldn’t wandering outdoor, and haven’t wear makeup for a long time. Normally, women tend to do makeup every single day, so it’s completely normal that one will have an enormous number of cosmetics.

BUT! with this kind of situation going on, our beloved cosmetics are being left untouched for ages, and that is really a pity for women who love to wear makeup like us. Wearing makeup makes us feel more confident about ourselves and of course seeing our no-makeup face every day is somehow dull and leaves us in not-so-cheerful state. Well, right now is a great time to try something that’s not Everyday Makeup Looks. And, to brighten up our quarantine, I’ve made ‘7Days 7Colors 7Makeup looks Challenge’

This challenge was really fun and challenging for me because I thought that I won’t look good with some colors, but it turned out to be fine and I’m pretty satisfied with it. Not only it’d brighten up my day, but also brighten my friends’ day, trying to guess what my tomorrow makeup look will be.

You’ll not be the only one who is going to have a good time, you can share this happiness with your friends and people around you too. And that’s it, I’m looking forward to have you joining me in this challenge.

Let’s cheer up and eliminate that gloomy atmosphere during your quarantine!🌈