Hi guys, welcome to my blog. It’s Thomornc here. Today we will explore one of the so-called Socio-Political drama movies of 2019, “Dew”.

  This film was released in Thai cinema on 31 October 2019 and drove a huge movement in social networks for many reasons. In terms of the actor, the legend “Weir Sukollawat” , “Pun Darisa”, “Ohm Pawat” and new face “Non Sadanon”. A film was directed by “Madeaw Chookiat“ (Chookiat Sakveerakul), regarded as the most important voice in thai’s filmmaker circles. The writer and director of ‘Love of Siam’, his masterpiece that has been talk of the town in 2007 with many garantee awards by the content of  multi-layered romanticdrama  and a very fitst movie that  introduced  the homosexuality relationship on screen in thai society.

“Dew” is the film about “Pop” (Non Sadanon) and “Dew” (Ohm Pawat). They are friends who study at the same school but slowly realize that there might be something more than friendship between them.

Unfortunately, they lived in an era which wasn’t open to homosexuals and thus the two got separated only to meet each other after 23 years. This movie takes place in “Pang-Noi” the director said that “the reason we chose this town is that we want this film to take place in Thailand but have a specific or strange identity that must be different from ordinary Thai scenery. This little town has an intriguing prominence with the word ‘little’, everybody in town is very close to each other and definitely A small town has as many eyes as a fly”

The paths of two characters have a different and specific touch in their own way. In point of actor, Non completely makes us believe how tough of a way that “Pop” have been through with all the family arguing scenes. In the scene that Dew came to him at the “Pha-Daeng”, while Dew is crying for what happened in his life, didn”t know what to do next and blaming at him, he didn’t say anything much but just sympathy looking at his man. His body and his eyes let us know that he is just a boy and he can’t give Dew anything except his trust, the warmest hug. And then move along to Weir, nothing to say much but just he did a lot of homework!

On the actor side, Ohm is absolutely into Dew. He plays like himself with the positive energies but has a few adaptations in character which is being more pettish and adorable. He truly believed that he is Dew and with many drama scenes in this film and he perfectly got us into it. And next to Liew (Dew’s incarnation)(Pun darisa), she quite done well in this character with her appearance that looks mysterious and contrary. But yet, after the incarnation’s revealed in the final peaks of this film, the acting does not seem linked to each other. Maybe it should be more objective in terms of incarnation to make me believe that they are the same person. This object still makes me think of it for days about what Chookiat lost.

The first half, when you watch this movie you will see the relationship of this two-character growing so fast, too fast. The bound of two characters is created too fast and all the circumstances are questioned but not all of it have been answered at the second half. Justly, it is a true-love relationship story but some scenes can be more realistic than acting like the world is just two of us. And also an unreasonable scene like a Lay-Down-On-Lap scene which is sent a message that contrasts a school rule that should make them hide themselves sweet-time from others. But this is to say, the story (without the speed problem) has completely told all of the solutions or speech that make some of a good or contrast reasonable to some question in the top of the film.

These different obstacles will become better in the middle of the movie which is the end of the first half, when all the knobs have been loose, the film still leaves us a question once again to find out at the end of the movie.

In the second half of the film, mystery leads up to the twist. Pop (grow up as Wier Sukonlawat) has become a teacher and met “Liew” (Pun Darisa), a student in his classroom who incidentally holds all the secrets of this story. This second half, the film lightly told the audience about the conflict relationship of teacher and student. And at the end of the film it has come out that Liew is Dew in a new incarnation. In the whole second half scene, this film really gets into the socio-political issue like a teacher-student impossible relationship. In my opinion, it seems like this film is so forceful to represent this relationship and makes me feel ‘weird’ in some ways. It kind of frustrates the whole back half, but if to say that the director wants the audience feels this way. I think he did it well but it might be some way to represent it more smoothly and capable for every age. 

In my point of view, this film is excellently brave in the story they are telling. But there have to much question and forgotten marks like the scene that older Pop clean the table but the camera didn’t close-up so, most of people didn’t realise that Dew’s table or the scene that Liew look at the 3D picture on the wall that have no any marks or hint of what is it exactly and let me know after I search it in social media. The color tone and music is so great that I still listen to it until now, I love this part the most. The actor is well selected including every side-character that can impact and make us definitely believe and truly understand them without much words. In the end, I don’t know why but this film has something that enormously triggered me, hence I love to say that this movie always gets me everytime I return to it. Thank you.