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Technology shapes the way of creating a good story. Good storytelling can deliver a good massage. This article will elaborate more.

As the world never stops spinning, technology also does the same thing. Even in the way that uplifts the human communication to the next level. Human makes an art of story-telling technique to send an indirect message to the audience and that’s quite attractive.

As time passed by, media become bigger and bigger which can be able to reach an unlimited range of the audience now. When the storyteller still got creative thinking, the audience still got a surprise when they consume the media too. There are the transitions of the media from to start to now. As well as the way people apply story-telling methods and how important it is.   

Media Transformation

Since the media can reach a wider range of audience from ancient times, mass media are now well-known. The emerge of a new era of media or new media takes over the majority of the market. Pre-digital age media doesn’t control the mass attention of the audience anymore.

The stat shows that nearly 60 percent of the world’s population is already online, and trends suggest that more than half of the world’s total population will use social media by the middle of this year. So look around yourself and see that people around you are now consuming information through the internet and social media.

Storytelling, the creation of beauty

Storytelling is more than telling straight forward what is in your brain at that moment. It is the process that needs preparation and intention to succeed. Besides, It is a craft that you can practice to become your skill. Moreover, It can lift the value of things up in the way of communication. In the field of marketing, entertainment, and journalism, this method narrate people in the way that the author wants. It is likely much more persuasive to the audience than ask them to do something for you directly.

Le lapin-Bangkok

This fusion restaurant use visual technique to combine their concept story with their cuisine perfectly. Moreover, They change the concept every three months, which means the customer will get fresh experience every time they come back. This may be a new experience for most people. It’s not only a dinner but it also aestheticise with the fantasy story.    

Nestle ads

Nestle ice cream has launched a bunch of short story ads to promote their new products like Nestle Nama Salted Caramel, Nestle orange and, Nama and Nestle choc-pop banana. Every ad is likely a parody from a famous movie. The ads lead the audience with the story first and sell their product in the last scene, which blends in very well.

Journalist with technology

A journalist is a teller who has responsibility to the public. They deliver the message that will or might impact the society in some ways.

They also have principles to hold on to in their professional career. There are several kinds of works in journalism like broadcast journalists, entertainment journalists: even citizen journalists as well. 

In the age of digital, every information must be fast and accurate. On the other hand, the choice of making the content is more practical. The creator has to think about making good content as well as design their content presentations. This is when technology is taking place.

XR, another dimension of reality

Getting an amazing experience with interactive technology. Virtual reality(VR), augmented reality(MR) ,and mixed reality(MR) are called extended reality(XR). In this article will focus only on VR and AR in journalism respectively.

VR, Virtual Reality

It is a simulated environment that brings the user into the separate world from the reality. Users are able to perceive the 3D world like seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling.

In this example, CNN using virtual reality in their organization. Moreover, they launch a new unit that dedicate to the medium called CNNVR. They add the content available on the iOS and Android apps. A first story publish covering the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Another example is Thailand’s royal funeral in 2017. This short 360-degree video is published by Khaosod English during the funeral event at the intersection of Ratchadamnoen Klang and Tanao roads.

AR, Augmented Reality

It is a 3D graphic object that places overlay the real environment, which means the user can interact with the object and perceive the real world at the same time.

Quartz, a news business company is a forerunner news organization that applies augmented reality in the report. Since AR already used via social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, news companies added it to users news consumption behavior.

The magazine is print media that have to adapt to the digital world as well as newspaper. Focus magazine is another example of using augmented reality in journalism. They launch an interactive magazine that compatible with their application called Focus AR. People can interact with a printed magazine with a digital object on their device screen.

Data Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling is a combination of text presentation and digital visual. People will see more information or story when they keep scrolling down. At the same time, the visual will change according to the content instantly. This practice is the way to tell the story smoothly like a seamless screen. Stepper also is a storytelling technique which lead user step by step to see the story on going.

This is a scrollytelling report from Sky News about death from vaccine-preventable decease.
The authors of the article decide to use this procedure from the Flourish website, a website for visualization and storytelling. 

This is the New York Times stepper article. It shows that girls do better science than boys in most regions, except in the United States. They design the bar on the top right corner to lead readers to click in order to get the information respectively.

Wearable Journalism

Wearable journalism is the way that changes the way people consume the content. It is a concept that give viewer an opportunity to get in touch with the latest news. In addition, It is a quick updates for viewers before getting in the full story like a smartwatch. It can be anything that attach to the body from clothing to eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Sarah Hills, a broadcast journalist, has been using Google glass since she gets it from the exploration program. This video shows how she read the comments via her glass in the broadcast for the first time.

MUV Interactive, a startup company, comes up with the idea. They want to change the interaction with existed digital media and the new one in the future. Bird, thimble looking invention, can manipulate the projected screen surface with its sensors and finger moving patterns. Users can interact with anything from displayed material. Moreover, it’s compatible with various devices from IoT devices to drones.

What could happen if the journalist uses this in the way of presenting news? So I come up with one example, the weather forecast broadcasting. It will be more interesting if the anchor uses Bird to report the forecast. The displayed visual on the screen would be different and thrilling for the audience for sure.

Finally, they all come down into the same bow

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us”, said Marshall McLuhan. People invent technology to please their unlimited needs as well as change their lifestyle at the same time. Furthermore, it reflects human complex character and social. The numerous devices brand in individual life such as their phone, laptop; and notebook represent their uniqueness. On the other hand, these tools show us how they impact the media too. You are a part that found this ongoing process, so I hope you get some ideas from this article and find the technology that suits your lifestyle.