Imagine the world without music, it will just be life without colours. People will have no creativity. Since it is a part of things that causes a variety of traditions, cultures and beliefs. Having no music, there will not be the national anthem, or when we pray, we would not have rhythm. People will not sing and dance anymore.

The Power of Music

How music influences society?

Songs and music videos contain messages/stories that the musicians want to communicate with the audience which also reflects their purposes and standpoints as well. Musicians and artists do not limit the way the listeners understand the messages. The audience might interpret one song in different ways and that is the art of the music.

Another example, hip-hop/rap genre, the main purpose is to speak out their views and opinions about life or such issues in the society.
RAP AGAINST DICTATORSHIP- 250 สอพลอ (250 Bootlickers)

Music can bring peace. For example, the songs ‘Where is the love?’ by The Black Eyed Peas and ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon, which talking about love and peace, or songs that empower women such as ‘Run The World (Girls)’ by Beyoncé, ‘Blank space’ by Taylor Swift, and ‘Girl on fire’ by Alicia Keys, and so on.

Moreover, our lives are related to music even though we don’t understand the languages, you still can feel it through music videos. You don’t need subtitles to understand the meaning of the song. Let’s try it together with this song ‘Noir- Sunmi’ by a Korean singer.   Noir- SUNMI (0.51-1.25)

The Impact of Technology and Social Media on the Music Industry

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and model. He has been discovered through social media.

When he was 15 years old, he posted song covers on Youtube and Vine (the video-sharing application), covering ‘As long as you love me’ by Justin Bieber, which is only 6 seconds long. He became famous over the night and he gained millions of views and followers in a few months. Then, he caught the attention of artist manager from Island Records, so he signed with the record label. Moreover, he became the youngest to debut in the top 25 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2014.

Therefore, as you can see, social media has a huge impact on our society. Social media is used to share contents such as Youtube, people share videos about their interests or ideas. Social media is able to win traditional media in engaging with followers.

In the past, you have to go out to make people see you and get discovered by a record label, but social media allows you to access to large audiences easily.

Next, social media is an important factor that helps changing the production process, distributed, and mainstreaming of the music industry. Formerly, record labels always held the power on the creation, distribution, and marketing of the music, the musicians were exploited and manipulated by the company. But now, social media makes it easier for artists to promote and distribute their music. They can produce music in a new way on their own without any restriction or a middleman. Furthermore, the form of income is also changed in which most of the income comes from live concerts, downloaded, and streaming, not from album sales.

(The Toys, a Thai singer)

Blockchain in the Music Industry

Music industry will use Blockchain to help in booking tickets and performing music festivals by using the OMF crypto coins used in the purchase. That’s because it prevents the purchase of tickets repeatedly (When someone buys the ticket with the prize 4,000 baht and sell it in 8,000 baht.) In Thailand, there is a coin called ‘OVD’. Since OVD using Blockchain to prevent cheating and making the purchasing system to be better, it is used in booking entertainment services such as tickets or buying CDs and DVDs.

For example, Ticketmelon, a ticketing platform, uses E-Ticket (QR code), it can only be used once. They encourage all users to purchase tickets directly through their website and does not support third-party ticket resale transactions.

Media and Asia Music Industry

K-pop Music Industry

South Korean people normally listen to music via online streaming. Listening to online music in Korea we have to pay 3,000 won per month (100 baht) for unlimited listening. South Korea’s main online streaming are Melon, Mnet, and Bugs. They do not only provide online music services but they also include news, entertainment, real-time music charts, online television, and etc.

Music charts are the important factor for artists in which having more views provide more possibilities to win the music shows or music awards. It motivates musicians and artists to produce new songs. Moreover, fans will support their favorite band or artists, worldwide fanclubs use other media platforms as well; such as Youtube viewing, using Hashtag(#) on Twitter, and voting on music streaming websites.

South Korean music industry also provided in TV reality and TV music live such as Produce101 and Music Bank. Therefore, audiences can easily access and participation every media platforms.

J-pop Music Industry

Since Japan is a nationalistic country, people will consume only Japanese songs. Even foreign songs have to change all lyrics into Japanese. J-pop Music Industry emphasizes music for movies, cartoons and games, Rock music and City pop. Most of Japanese use music websites, CD, and Youtube for listening to music and watching music videos.

Nevertheless, another  identity of the music industry is J-pop Girl Groups, the most popular one known as ‘AKB48’. Furthermore, they also have BNK48, NMB48, STU48, SKE48, HKT48, and NGT48 , which abbreviated from city names. From these J-pop Girl Groups, fanclubs can participate by voting their favorite members via Internet and buying CDs. This voting is called ‘Senbatsu Election’. Purpose of the election is to find the Center  (a singer that stands out from the rest of the group) of the next music video and ranking of members popularity.

Another difference between Japan and Korean music industries is using music in advertisement.
In Japan, most of ads contain lots of storytelling with music as background. For example:

Although, Korea ads use celebrities, girl groups, and boy bands as the representative of their products and services, most of them contain songs.
For instance:

watch – BTS xLG

The Difference of Music Application in this modern era

-Different Target Audience

-Different Services

-Different Membership fee

Joox is the most popular music streaming application among Thai people. It is a soft paywall in which it allows users to listen to many songs for free. You can get VIP for many hours by sharing a song, singing karaoke, or watching ads as people normally don’t want to pay membership fees(it’s not expensive actually). Joox provides various playlists, such as, top charts, new releases, recommended, featured artists, karaoke chart, Joox radio, Joox video, and Joox live, which can help engaging many types of audience. Also, you can download all songs for offline listening.

Besides, Spotify is also popular worldwide application. It has more various playlists and songs with better sound quality, podcasts, and suggestion playlist from collecting your listening behavior. Spotify is a soft paywall as well, however, users who are not premium user won’t be able to listen to all the songs which mean there will have ads, can skip only six songs per hour, and can’t download any songs for offline listening. The membership is 129 THB per month for one person and 199 THB per month for sharing six people, which is the same as Apple Music.

Apple Music is a traditional application of Apple products for iOS users. Moreover, users can buy song albums, singles, ringtones with value prices via iTunes. Apple Music is a hard-paywall application. For the membership fee, there are 199 THB per month for one person, 169 THB per month for family (6 people), and 69 THB per month for students. The standout features of Apple music are music videos, a digital radio runs by Apple (Beats 1), some new songs release earlier in Apple Music, control via Siri, sync with iCloud, and artists can post their events, albums or singles by themselves. Also, downloading for offline listening the same as other music applications. Nevertheless, recently, most of K-pop songs were removed from Apple Music. As a result of the conflict of music license between Apple Music and Korean music application, named ‘Melon’. This is about competition. Therefore, some users are displeased and unwilling to pay their membership fee at all.

Apple Music

Fungjai is Thai music application which emphasize Indie music. Furthermore, Fungjai was called Indie Music Kingdom. It’s noticeable shown application’s target audiences. The standout features of Fungjai, except from type of music, is playlist. There are playlist by mood, playlist by theme and concepts, event and re-live concert audio, and playlist by genre. Besides, Fungjai also give opportunities for new or unknown artists to release their songs here. Fungjai have no membership fee, which means it’s FREE!


How about Thai Music Industry and Media today!?

Media + Music Industry + Advertisement

From the past until this modern era, there are more than half of advertisement (both in Social media and Television) have using music as background of the advertisement!  

The purpose of using music in ads are; they attract audiences, make it memorable (Earworm), and create identity of brands, products or services.

Moreover, there are 4 methods of using music in media advertisement.

1. Using original song but change lyrics
2. Using original song and lyrics
3. Rearrange/ Cover
4. Create a new one
5. Using music as background

Let’s take a look at the examples!

– Using Original Songs but Changing Lyrics

– Using Original Songs – K-bank Ads – สบายดีหรือเปล่า (Original song)

– Rearrange/ Cover – Scotch Ads – ด้วยความคิดถึง (Original song)

-Create A New One

– Using Music as Background Music

Media + Music Industry

Promoting Artists through Social Media  

Posting their work schedules on Instagram. Plus, promoting concerts or music festivals via Facebook pages. Radio stations give free tickets to the audience and radio itself is the one who organize concerts. There are many artists and bands. This is open the world of music. You can listen to new songs that you never know before. Sounds cool right!

Moreover, Is it a Transmedia Approach?
For example, promoting new albums on Facebook, Posting members , work process or Live on Instagram, Artist interview on websites, Song and Music Video released on Youtube and other music application.

As the number of song covers has increased. You can see that what make songs go worldwide is Media!

Left : (Covered by Artist)
Right : (Covered by Fanclub)

Also, creativity is the key to gain more audiences. People want something that is new, unique, and stand out. Such as Palmy, a Thai singer, she posted the lyric and chords of her new song before she releases it.

Lyrics and Chords of Palmy’s New Song

Even new strange lyrics can go viral as well. For example, แอบปลื้มสาวมุสลิม, a song about a Buddhist kid who has a crush on a Muslim girl.

Media + Music Industry + Society

Using Social Media to promote or influence people to do something; such as donation, challenge, and election.




Media + Music Industry + Advertisement + Society

In Thailand, we have BNK48 as well. The company focus on making online engagement because the contents in social media of the members grab a lot of attention. For instance, their fans sent dance cover video clips to become parts of the music video. The important thing is that the fans share the “Fortune Cookie” music video for people around them to see, which help the company and the members reach new audiences. Also, there are many activities such as Voov live talking with the fans via their application and they keep update the news via the website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is easy to gain more attention or views by clicks, likes, and shares in social media.

As they sell their CDs and merchandise only in online, the company collaborates with other companies such as Shopee to develop their e-commerce and transportation.

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