In general, equality is not being served for all human beings in every circumstance. Values, nationalities, education, social status, and genders are the main factors that had effects from this inequality. To clarify, a child who is born and raised in a limitation of monetary may not have a chance for receiving a high standard education such as university. The inequality in gender also follows this idea of restricted education. As in the society, the stereotype has been shaping people’s values on men and women. Strength, power, leadership, and authority have been the visuals for all men in people’s perceptions. In meanwhile, women can be seen as a sensitive and feminist gender requiring for protection from men. These mindsets influence on our perceptions through our behaviours including the behavior of sexual harassment in our society.

‘Factors of equality in the society’

Communication is the crucial behavioral process of transmitting information between one group to others in a certain place. Without the transmission, people can not maintain their relationship toward each others in society and those information would be fade until no one recognize it. Therefore, the communication needs to be committed in human society, which form the evolution of communication. Spreading a piece of information orally or face-to-face communication was mostly executed in the past before the mass communication emerged. Television, radio, and newspaper are all mass communication. These sources have no ability for receiving feedbacks since one-to-many strategy is being utilized by these items. Nevertheless, as time went on, the seeking for a better version of mass communication still on processed ,until new media emerged. Because of the convenient living, new media has been invented for many benefits. First, It is a two-way communication of digital mass communication which develop the feedback function from audiences. Also, due to the usage of digital technologies, the new media accessible is the real time source for accessing content in anywhere and anytime. Hence, new media can be categorized in many forms such as websites, blogs, and especially social media. The main stream of new media, in the recent time, is to commute through social media. This social media platform is being used endlessly by people all the time.

‘ The process of linkage in social media activity ‘

Social media is the programs or websites for users to own access in creating and sharing information towards public space. In this way, freedom for creating content in their own users’ space is provided for the social media users : Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts, and Wikipedia accounts, etc. The purposes of sharing links and contents, from someone’s websites to their own space, are to expand information and also to exchange their opinions through these sites. These purposes are counted as one of the advantages of the social media usage.  The convenience from social media can be seen by the frequent used that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, following the new media terms. It also can be interpreted that the speed of spreading news and media via social media is increased. For example, in this recent years, almost all of the news company are required to live on their Facebook page or Twitter account in reaching more online audiences and capturing real time moment to prove that this situation is really happening. Moreover, there is still another benefit left to be mentioned. Since every user have ability to view and access all of the public contents, selecting information to be disclosed or hidden from the public space requires the owner’s approvement to process on. On the other hand, social media do not only consist of advantages; there are also drawbacks. It is true that the access to various contents in social media is fast and can reach a huge amount of audiences. However, this high speed access influences people to be less considered for publishing and sharing information to their sites. The lack of consideration leads to the false use of this social media. Distorted information, false news, and cyberbully are the familiar cases happening on social media. To clarify, most people are probably focus on cyberbully or how online people disrespect and bully others on social media. Nevertheless, there is still the overlooked issue that has been occurring via social media, sexual harassment. This issue is not only a physical harassment, but also the verbal harassment through online sites – cyber sexual harassment.

‘ Men victim of sexual harassment ‘

The broad definition of cyber sexual harassment is to offense and assault sexually by words through online networks, regardless of ages and genders. Nowadays, the behavior of this sexual harassment can be often seen in social media. The ease of escaping guilty from cyber sexual bully has risen due to the ability of posting on social media. Hence, these contents are posted by various anonymous users, which affects the process of tracking the culprit to become not as easy as before. It includes many complex procedures to find the one blamed. So, people assume that it is normal to do the false actions online without conscientiousness on their cyber behavior, including indecent commenting and sexually making fun of others online. In contrast, it is claimed that these behaviors are morally normal and not a wrongdoing action. The sexual harassment cases from the media are usually presented the women as the victim. The reason for the biased presentation is the mindset of women, playing the role of the weaker gender. This stereotype influence the thought of women being threatened easily. Despite of the fact that women are victimized, men are also can be the innocent one too.

‘ Shawn Mendes

The cyber sexual harassment can be categorized in multiple forms such as sexual discrimination, sexual molestation, and sexual threatening. First, the sexual discrimination happens when a user comments or acts in an inappropriate manner toward a specific gender. It would unfairly provide the embarrassment to that person which he or she should not be the one to blame for this action. For example, the improper comments said ‘Do you like homosexual?’, or judging person’s gender identity from only appearance on their online posts is included in the sexual discrimination. GLSN, an organisation for creating inclusion of LGBT across the US, has around 42 percent of LGBT youth experiencing cyberbully. According to the, there are 33 percent of LGBT report sexual harassment online, 20% report receiving harassing text messages from other students and 58 percent report people said something bad to them or about them online through social media applications. These reports point out that the discrimination of transgender in men are still targeted as the internet predator.

‘ The inappropriate comments from social media users on the well known singer
– Shawn Mendes’

Second, the sexual molestation is occured in the verbal way from mention the sexual organs or sexual activities through comments. Those comments can be explored in ‘Shawn Mendes’ personal instagram. ‘I wanna ride you like a mf stallion (horse)’, ‘ sit on me like that daddy’, ‘tiny dick’, and ‘ I will lick every square inch of you from head to toe’ are the examples of sexual molestation via social media. Last, threatening via online for achieving their own sexual desire, by cyberstalking and revenge porn, is called as the sexual threatening. Cyberstalking is to stalk and follow a person’s life through online sites. Revenge porn, elseway, is to release the victims’ information to public space for gaining their embarrassment and disgrace reputation. For instance, the Pakin’s case, he is a normal 18 years old who had a wedding with her 25 years old bride. He escaped from the ceremony because he denied the pregnancy of his bride. Therefore, the revenge became the factor of the bride leaked a picture of his penis on social media, occurring the #pakinleaked (#ภาคินหลุด). This hashtag went viral overnight which may dishonour Pakin’s reputation and affect his life afterwards.

The effect of this harassment on social media has been mainly portrayed on the victim. In this case, the victim is defined as men and the offender is women, which is totally contrasted to the mindset of majority in one society. The general attitude allows the inequality between  men and women to occur. To simplify, the image of men as a protector or the authoritarian person can discourage them to reach out for help and speak up for their own about this sexual harassment. If a man accuses a woman for acting sexually violated to him, the society may not accept the case as a true story. Moreover, protecting himself with him using force toward that woman is still not appropriate. Others may also judge him as a guilty man who violently use force with that woman.Therefore, it is difficult to change how people in society have their perspectives on things or other people as same as the problem of this defenseless in men. This problem rises its seriousness to the maximum level. It affects most of the men, who suffer with the box of gender inequality, attitudes on how they live. These men would have low self esteem and the disorders in both psychological and physiological ways. First, the symptoms in psychological aspects include the mental illness. This illness can be defined as the fear of being included in a society with both genders, a sudden anger on the sexual topic, and depression. When a person stuck in a delusion of depression, it does not have limitation of what they are capable of; such as suicide. In another way, the difficulty sleeping, headache, panic, sexual problem, the difficulties of coping with stress in working place can be happened in the psychological ways. These symptoms are not all of the effects from this problem on men’s health, it depends on each person’s ability to deal with various circumstances.

All in all, sexual harassment, not only in social media, is occurred everywhere. It is an inequality issue that cannot be solved from times to times. Following the fact that nothing in this world is being equal, the bias has been driven in all of human minds, culture, background, experiences, and environment. It shapes us to invent the unique mindset of our own. So, it is a difficulty for an instant alteration of all human mind into one direction since all of these inherited values are passed from generations. Therefore, the implantation of positive values for sexual harassment must be done to the new generation. No ones deserve any inappropriate actions and harassment in any medium of sources. This action would introduce our society of the conscience of all human genders importance.


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