Top 10 shops on IG guaranteed by followers

Before every brands clothing store is popular on instagram and successful in their business. They occur from small shop and evolve continuously. They attempt to find out the effective way to reach many customers in worldwide and then they discover that one of the best ways to interact with large customers is social media so every brand turns to use this strategy. Why social media can reach many customers?

Social media is the platform which can reach mass audience and it can interact with audience in two way communication. It can show the product in many terms such as post story and IG TV on instagram and post picture and video on Facebook page. Moreover, posting picture and video across platforms helps make the product more known.

Beside of using social media, most of brands clothing stores use the key influencer or opinion leaders like idols and celebrities along with social media. These people have many followers and influence customers to buy the product because when they post or share the cloths when they wear and tag the stores in their own account. People who follow them will see and follow the tagged shop. As a results, social media has helped businesses succeed and be famous today.

Do you want to know which stores I am talking about?

Of course! I didn’t just talk and brings one stores to you. I will bring to 10 store for your girls. Today I will invite girls to shop in 10 hot shops on instagram which guaranteed by the number of followers up to 10,000 and 100,000. Anyone who hasn’t followed these stores must hurry to follow now before you miss the good things. Do you want to know what the store is? Let’s go! and check it out.

1. Loonnystore

This shops has 210 K followers. Girls who tried following this brands, they will certainly not regret it because this shop update product every day and create the idea to mix and match for customers. If anyone does not know how to wear this cloths, you can mix and match recommended by owners from this brands.

2. Highestjump

Next shop is highestjump which has 71.3 K followers. This brands is unique in the colorful colors of the clothes. People who like and interested in the brightness of the cloths. Highestjump is the answer. In addition, another things that this brands sells well is Mars bag. It is a pockets for card and iphone or passport. This brands , aside from having cloths, also has a small pocket for shopping.

3. Triplebshop

This brands has 157 K followers on instagram. It is the brands that K.brink create and design. It appropriate with little girls because clothing size is not big. Most of product is set cloths but you can match by your self because some piece of cloths can separate in to skirt or shirt. This brands looks expensive. Anyone who like flowers patterns of cloths. This shop is the best answers.

4. Something_apparels

This brands has 137 K followers. Most style of cloths in this brands is bright and cute like purple, yellow, and pink color. Anyone who buy cloths from this store can certainly wear in your daily life. Following this brands and it will definitely not disappoint you.

5. Copper.bkk

Anyone know this brand well with obvious design in pants. It has 71.9 K followers on IG. People who are looking for good pants, why not take a look at this shop? It has pants for customers to choose in many style, many color and many design. Not only had long pants but also had short pants. Don’t forget to follow this shop and buy it for a good pants!

6. Salisa_official

Salisa is the brand which have 71.2 K followers on instagram. The style of this brand is simple but look expensive. The clothes from this brand look like business girls. Customers can wear salisa cloths to work or verywhere that appropriate with clothes. The price of this cloths is quite expensive, maybe suitable for people who have budget.

7. Summerdazestore

Another brand is summerdazestore which has 36.5 K followers on IG. This shop is suitable for girls who like to wear sweetly cloths. This store might be the shop you are looking for. With a cute design make many girls interested in this store and have many followers on instagram. Girls who are passionate with cuteness must love this shop!

8. Sewami

Guaranteed over 70,000 followers on instagram. By plain design but look expensive. You also get clothes at shock price because it is cheap and good quality. People who find the clothes that high design and can wear to travel, events, and daily life. You should try to look at this shop.

9. Janen.closet

This brand has 147 K followers on instagram. Most of cloths in this store is dress which has a flowers patterns. The price is not too expensive to buy. It begin at 790 Thai bath for dress and 550 Thai bath for shirt. This brand said “ life is short, buy the dress ” so it encourage customers to buy dress from this brand. People who are looking for good dress that beautiful and many patterns. You try to keep this store to decide!


And then arrived at this last brand, with it store has 197 K followers on instagram. This brand has many branches throughout Thailand. By designing that actually works and easy to mix and match because cloths from this brand can adapt with your old cloths at home or you can dress up as the store provided. As the results, it increase the number of customers to follow their brand and still being cheap and good concept.

All right, here are top 10 brands on instagram guaranteed by followers that I recommended for your girls to easy shopping online at home. How are you girls? Do you like it?

Each brand has different style and design. To choose one store depending on who likes what kind of clothing style. If anyone likes which style of the store, don’t forget to follow it!

In this era, just put the tablets or mobile phone you can easily shop online. Furthermore, there are many clothing stores now for you to choose and select that appropriate with you. Anyway, don’t forget to look and choose credible stores.