• A modernized aspect of cultural activities or doings
  • Mass Media mainly aims on a younger range of audience
  • Including all forms of entertainment products such as musics, games, film or series, technology etc.

“Pop culture is a reflection of social change, not a cause of social change”

John podhoretz

Pop Culture in Music Industry

Music has a big influenced on Pop culture, since Music Industry has been evolving from time to time. Music is one of the main element that could engage with different audience with different taste of musics and become one of a very significant form of expressions for most people.It is a common forms of entertainment that can be easily picked an element and tries to adapt it with the current culture or in another word making a new forms of pop according to how the society evolve to.

An example could be the recent Taylor Swift Album release on 2020 where she releases two album in one year which is untypical for most artist within this career. This is because most artist tends to takes a lot of time producing a full album which typically releases in two to three years time as a full album. Therefore, Taylor Swift tends to break the ground and surprises her fans with two full album released on 2020. This elaborates a form of Pop Culture that occurred recently and how it satisfied her younger audience.

Pop Culture in Films

Film and series industries has also been one of a very successful form of media since now people tends to spend more time online. Therefore, more people would choose to watch an online platform film/ series. The popular platform would be Netflix; a very basic platform in which there are over 200 million users subscribe all over the world paid to watch movies on and is the most well known platform. However, there are also other platform such as Line TV, Viu or MBO etc.

Films that tends to highlighted the aspect of a pop culture could be one of the most iconic love story in Titanic. Where the storyline implicates a love story between a young couple who has a different status. Perhaps, the most remembered within the movie would be the part where the boat sinked and Rose appear to be floating on a broken wooden doors while Jack hold on it with half of his body floating in a freezing ocean. Apparently, the audience has questioned on why doesn’t Jack climb up the door with Rose since there are rooms for two person. Therefore the perspective of the movie back then (1997) are to portray the sacrifice Jack did. However in current era the movie might end more reasonable

Superheroes fill a gap in the pop culture psyche, similar to the role of Greek mythology. There isn’t really anything else that does the job in modern terms. For me, Batman is the one that can be taken seriously.

Christopher Nolan

The Beginning of CLUBHOUSE

Clubhouse another application has been recently launch at the beginning of 2021. It is an application where it could processes by a live audio with a numerously range of audience who is interested in a particular group’s topic that has been set up by the main any group host. This application allow user to talk, express thoughts or even give educational story. Users are allow to make their own particular group and this grant other users whose interested to join the room are able to join and listens to main host or the other member in the room.

It can be similar to a group call but with more groups to be join and people that can access. Clubhouse in terms of pop culture can be identical to a cassette tape from the eighties centuries. Where people perceived club house as an application that has been developed from cassette tape in which there is no digital aspect associated to it. Therefore, media digital has evolve through the society, the clubhouse application could be a representative of a cassette tape in a modern form in which there are media and digital aspect involve. Which could simply refer to a pop culture state where it corporate a modern media,