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“ To live in the past is to die in the present ”


Which would be worse: to live as a monster or die as a good man?

In every relationship, couples always expect a bright light at the end of the tunnel, however, this is not always the case since people are not all the same. People have different personalities, born in different environment , live in a different situation. Therefore, it is not always the case that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand, the relationship might lead to a darker path and toxic situations. This is due to the fact that people are different and will require a lot of adjustment to each other which sometimes might not be possible to adapt since the couple have totally different lifestyle. Hence, the darker tunnel can lead to a toxic relationship which will end as a break up. 

Lets, admit it that in a person’s life time, it is possible that the person has to face this situation at least once or twice. However, to move on from this situation, I would like to introduce some of my guidelines based on both my experience and research on what is the quickest way to move from this horrible feeling situation. I would like to begin this blog with my all time favourite quote which is “to live in the past is to die in the present”. It is quite certain that to move on from a relationship , a person must try to forget about all the good times and the pain in the past. Therefore, a person must at least attempted to focus on the present and try to do some activities to forget about the past as soon as possible. 

  1. Travel alone

Before going on a trip, each time they had to ask him for approval. You have to ask your opinion, he does not want to go, we will starve, but you are single and grow up and you can go anywhere. You can still go alone!This heartbreaking moment We would recommend you to try traveling alone. It may start from near places such as Amphawa, Ayutthaya, or if you want to go further, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai.Traveling alone will allow you to find inner peace. Talk to myself Understand myself better Plus you may get new friendships. Destination too This is a good ex-girlfriend move-on method, just like any other method.

2. Stop looking chat or the pictures you took together

Stop going back to the old chats you talked about or the pictures that you took together. Including a secret visit to the old lover’s Facebook and Instagram Because it will make it impossible for you to forget the pain If you can’t stop shining or your heart is not strong enough You may have to delete these old things. Considered to clear the heart.

3. Block all contact channels

Until the breakup We can still be friends. ”Who has seen this sentence from an ex? I can tell that this is another part that allows us to not move on because of the word “friend”. It always makes us feel that he is always on our side even though he actually has walked a long way. Or perhaps the same conversation Even though they broke up already Makes us secretly hope to get back together again Therefore, you should cut your heart, break raw, reduce and stop contacting your old lover To make us move forward faster

4. Make over a new look

As for anyone who wants to change himself to be a person who wants to look good, in case the future meets your ex, so that you can flick Bob at it, do not let yourself be shabby. Get up and change yourself with a cool look.Women may try to dress in a style that has never been dressed, and the young men will try to cut hair and hair colour to dress Believe that by trying something new Some looks will make you feel better about yourself and more confident.

5. Don’t let yourself be free

Planting trees, raising birds, raising fish, raising dogs, reading language books, learning diving, going to camp, volunteering, baking cakes, selling stuff, and many more hobbies you can do to keep you busy. Having a new hobby Will get you in a new environment Meet new people Has done something new Helps you forget the old things. More easily.

6. Exercise

If you’re still sad I still can’t forget my ex Try using the move-on from your ex with exercise. Because when you exercise The body releases messages of happiness.Make you happy Good mood when exercising It also makes it easy to fall asleep. You don’t have to be distracted. Plus, you get a better body and firmware. Most importantly, you might get a new girlfriend in the gym, who knows!

7. Take a meditation and keep calm

Sometimes when we are in a sad mood, it can’t eat, sleep, can’t sleep, want to cry, want to go to him, want us to be back to you! Stop trying to meditate.There are many advantages to meditating. It is not related to the principles of religion alone. But meditation, mindfulness and mindfulness to stay with us will help you live in the present. Not allowing the mind to float far Fall asleep easier Something that is sad will also soften. This is another way to get over your ex that is very good for your mental health.

8. Seeking support

Not only do something new for yourself. But do not forget to create new goals at the same time for a true Move On, for example, it may be a goal that you need to exercise every day. Must lose weight to the point that is just right Have to adjust themselves to look better When creating good goals, you must achieve them. This time, a new love will become a goal that is not out of reach as well.

9. Meet new people

When things around us are starting to become new It’s not a bad thing. If we are going to make new friends Or find someone new to talk to It is also a way to move on from broken love that works a lot. Because the new person will pull us away from the original wound, gradually moving us away from the point of pain. If you talk to each other then click Now, it is considered that Move On has been successful.

10. Pardon!!

Forgiveness is the most beautiful form of love.But it is the one that takes the longest. And if you can forgive, you will be happiest too. Forgiveness here is not just about forgiving him.But forgive yourself too Learn to let go Nobody wants to drag anything heavy for the rest of his life, because you know it’s tiring. Especially the feeling that you have to drag it wherever you go. Which you too know it makes you walk slowly Perhaps you feel that it is unfair that they have done this and we have to forgive. But believe me one day you will be able to forgive him. And when it comes to that, it will be the day that you learn that you cannot change the past and can only forgive.

Many of you have probably heard that love is like reading a book. When we read until the last page of course, it’s time for us to put that book down and move on. Even if the story along the way is good. But no one would want to read the same story over and over for the rest of his life if he knew the ending was painful.

‘Over time. We can only think of it for certain parts of the episode. Because in any case, we have to move on. To meet with a new book No one knows if it will be as good as the original book. But at least it doesn’t keep us in the same place, isn’t it? ‘

Which would be worse: to live as a monster or die as a good man?

I would like to finish this blog with one of my favourite quote from shutter island, “which would be worse: to live as a monster or die as a good man?”.I would like to give a bit of a background regarding this quote. This quote is from Teddy Daniels ( played by Leonardo Di Caprio) who is delusional and still living in his fantasy world with his wife and kids. Moreover, this quote is for relationship that didn’t go as planned or didn’t end that well. Obviously people do make mistakes but would you rather choose to accept the truth and live as monster or still staying in your dreams, believing that your partner is still with you whereby you would die as a goodman. In all honesty, everyone should live as a monster, accepting the truth and try to become a better person as they are moving on. Only people who want to die as a good man will still want to live in the past that will never return.