Due to the situation of COVID-19, this is a serious pandemic which spreads all around the world, and Thailand is also affected by this incident in many terms. Thus, Thai government have to create the policy which is having the curfew from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the country. So, most people have to quarantine themselves in the house that is very boring to them since it is hard for everyone to go outside for doing the activities. HOWEVER, EVERYONE SHOULD NOT STOP DOING GOOD. People staying at home can also do something good for the society as well through the applications on devices. Also, I have some applications to recommend people, and I believe that people can definitely do things that are effective and useful to society even having social distancing. Therefore, I will recommend 5 applications that are convenient and easy to use for everyone.


“Read for the Blind” is the first application in the world that was created for everyone to have the opportunity to create audio books for the blind. By reading a book or short article from the magazine website, magazines, newspapers, or interesting columns more easily and conveniently without having to go for recording. Also, This application supports reading books from many people into one book. So, one person may read just one chapter and from many chapters will be combined into one book. These audiobooks or completed articles will be converted into audio files suitable for the blind and sent to the Knowledge News Hotline at number 1414, which is a free service to listen to audio books via telephone. Currently, the production of existing audiobooks is still limited which readers need to go to record. Therefore, creating audio books for the blind through the Read for the Blind application is important because it is a source of information and ability of the blind to have the opportunity to select various jobs and careers for better living.


For the blind people, even though in daily life can do many activities normally, but there are some problems that they cannot solve without the help of people such as The box of milk has expired yet? Does this bread have mold? What is this picture? The Be My Eyes app is very easy to use, when enabled, it allows us to choose whether We are good people or blind people after registration is complete. Whenever a blind person needs help, a Notification will tell you. When we agreed to help , blind smartphone camera will become an image on our screen in both them. So, they can talk to each other, and the good eye person can be an eyes for the blind.


  • Download Be My Eyes application
  • Open the app then choose whether to be harper or someone who needs help
  • Sign up with Facebook or Email.
  • There will be a screen allowing us to use the camera, microphone and notification for this app.
  • Choose the language EX: (Setting menu in the top left -> Languages -> Thai)
  • Waiting until someone needs help. The program will random the helpers and send notification to them.


“I have the great expectation is to move the society forward to the better point. But people in society need opportunities, I think, to create sustainable positive society, we must focus on creating opportunities for everyone to have rights that the deserve” by Mr. Narubet Rakwijit (funder of UNCOMMON UNIQUE)

The objective is to provide opportunities for everyone to participate in developing society in a better direction.

The goal is to draw the potential of a person to benefit the society as much as possible.

UNCOMMON can be described as something uncommon with its own strength. Thus, focusing on the members ,so the members can realize their potential and values in order to draw the potential to benefit society.

UNIQUE can be described as something unique. The project has created different activities and has a distinctive feature of the network itself.


The goal is to encourage students with visual disabilities to graduate from the university. The guidelight started out with a group of blind students at university first because it was a group with a low ratio of blind student entering university. Therefore, the guidelight wanted to be a helper to take blind students in the university to pass the hard time in their studies and have a good job to do in the future, so they can rely on themselves more.

What does the guidelight do?

  1. Toolkits are a gift that students with visual disabilities will give to teachers to introduce themselves, which will help teachers understand their learning methods and design teaching to be more appropriate.
  2. Material Hub Website – www.theguidelight.com gathers all kinds of learning media, so the blind students can access more learning media.
  3. Buddy – matching system of good eyes people help blind friends to study.
  4. Workshop – organizing activities to enhance the potential to increase confidence for students with visual impairment.


When I talk to people about giving money to causes, the first problem they have is that they can’t find one that they’re passionate about. By allowing you to put the choice of who to donate in your friends’ hands, this problem simply goes away and there’s no excuse not to give. You don’t have to involve others though, as you can participate by yourself or interact with the app’s community. One Today is a charity project by Google that gives amount of money and time to change the lives of many people. Google’s One Today was an easy way to support non-profit causes, showing how money that was donated was actually going to be used, featuring stories and photos of the benefits they provided, with 100% of all donations going to the non-profits in question. Your privacy was protected, with non-profits never having access to your name or contact info, and tax deductions were even easy with a single year-end receipt. Some donations were even matched, compounding their benefit.