Have you ever do something that should not do in that country before? If we travel to other country, things that we should prepare are not only our passport and personal belongings. We should know what we can or cannot do in each country too.

There is the phrase ‘When in Rome,Do as the Romans do’. Which means the importance of adapting yourself to behave like the customs of the people in a certain place. In this blog, I will give you the example of Do’s and Don’ts in some of countries that I think we should know it.

If you are ready…let’s know some of these Do’s and Don’ts!


1. France

France is the country that famous in arts and fashion. The exquisite architectures, art and cultural, delicious pastry, and top grade wines attract a lot of tourist each year.

Please do :

  • Learn some of French phrases to show that you are respect and making the effort to speak the language. Such as “Bonjour” (Hello) or “Merci” (Thank you).
  • Dress appropriately. Jeans are allowed to wear but not the tear jeans style. And the shorts, sandals, and running shoes are also not appropriate to wear too.

Please don’t :

  • Do not bring out the coffee and drink it while you are walking. You should drink it in the cafe.
  • You should take at least 2 hours to savor the flavors of you meal. So not rush your meal!
  • If you need to buy anything (not in the supermarket). DO NOT pick it up by yourself. Better point or tell the shop owner to get it for you. Unless they let you choose on your own

2. Germany

Not only German Beer that mainly known for worldwide! German sausage is another famous product of this country too! But not only the food that bring the tourist here. They have a charming scenery that should not miss too!

Please do :

  • You should walk on the correct lane when you walk on the footpath. They are seperating into two lanes, one for walking and another one for biking.
  • Bring cash with you. Many restuarants don’t take credit cards and also when you need to you a public restroom.

Please don’t :

  • Do not ask or talk about World War, Nazis, or show the symbol. It is quite sensitive!
  • Do not JAYWALK. You might get fined!
  • Try not to make a loud noise and disturb other people.

3. United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a small country in the Middle East. It is not just beautiful because of how the place is built but the way people behave. And Dubai, UAE is one of the high safety city which you can travel alone.

Please do :

  • Do be aware of opening and closing times. The weekend in the UAE is Friday and Saturday. Many shops and entertainment will close, so remember to check the time!
  • Do be careful about what you post on social media. For instance, if you unintended to take picture of stranger in public park and you post it online. This may not be a huge issue in other countries, but you can be punished by imprisonment or fine in this country.

Please don’t :

  • Don’t take a photographs of government buildings. For normal tourist photography is fine but avoid to take photo of the airports, Sheikh’s palaces, or police stations.
  • Don’t display affection in public. Hand-holding is fine but avoid for what more than that which is offence. It can result in arrest.

4. Italy

Italy is one of the country that have a unique art and architecture! There are a lot of famous architecture. The example of the weel-known places are Leaning Tower of Pisa, Collosseum, and Trevi Fountain.

Please do :

  • Bring the cash that only enough for using in one day when you come outside. And left the rest at the hotel.
  • Be aware of yourself and your belonging. In fact, there are some groups of children around the train or bus station which can be a baby gangs.

Please don’t :

  • Do not book a overnight train. If you have to use the train to travel in a long distance journey. Because it can have a gangs of theives in the train.
  • Do not eat with your hand even the fruit! Furthermore, do not leave the table during the meal too. It can considered as rude.

5. Japan

Japan is a fascinating country of economic and business prowess, rich culture, and one of the high life quality country. They have a famous food like ‘Sushi or the amusement park like ‘Disneyland’ which can grab a lot of tourist to their country.

Please do :

  • You should SLURP while you eating ramen noodles and any soup. Because while you slurping you will inhale cold air, which cools down the hot noodles.
  • If you go to the restaurant, you have to call for your waiter otherwise you will not get any service.

Please don’t :

  • Don’ stare! To look into our partner’s eye while having conversation is to show our attention. But in Japan, it is important to break eye- contact while communicating.
  • Don’ tip. In Japan, tipping is not a thing. Unlike some country that we should tip the waiter. If you pay the tip, it will be refused. The waiter or the cab driver will run after you and return your tip.

6. Thailand

Thailand is a land of a beautiful beaches and temples, delicious foods, and friendly people. This country is where tourist can enjoy their long holiday especially in summer which have a lot of fun festival here.

Please do :

  • Do smile. Thailand is know as land of smiles! Smile can means many thing here but however , try to smile to Thai people, they will be kind and friendly to you.
  • Do eat with spoon. In Thailand, it’s customary to eat with spoon in the right hand and fork in the left. Fork is used to scoop the food onto the spoon but never enters the mouth.

Please don’t :

  • Don’t point or place your feet on the table. Feet is a dirty thing for Thai people. So putting your feet up is considered as rude.
  • Don’t wear too revealing clothes to the temple. Most places will not allow you to enter with shorts or tank top. Otherwise you have to wear sarongs that the temple prepared for you (in a cheap price)

7. Turkey

This country is maybe be the dream destination for many people. Turkey located on both the European and Asian continents. The famous activity in this country is Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia which you will see the amazing scenery up there.

Please do :

  • Do be aware that in rural areas people will be more conservative. So men and women are expected no to touch even shaking hands can be taboo.
  • Do eat everything on your plate. Some Turkish hosts would be offended if you left something on the plate.

Please don’t :

  • Don’t make the ‘OK’ hand sign. It is a rude gesture in Turkey.
  • Don’t stand with your hands on your hips or in your pockets.
  • Don’t assume that anything will be done on time in Turkey. It is widely know as ‘Turkey time’ which is if someone have an appointment with you, they will be at least one hour late!

8. Russia

Russia, the biggest country in the world, have a colorful and alluring building. For who that love to take a picture, this is another country that you should go. Most of tourist attraction are church, sanctuary, and palaces which the architecture is quite luxurious.

Please do :

  • Do use the metro to get around. Metro system in St Petersburg is great, you can go anywhere by metro, while the bus will come when it comes. So metro is more convenient in Russia!
  • Do check the event carlendar. During major holiday, Moscow and St Petersburg empty out. Despite, both are festive during this times, there a lot of event there. But some of the places may have shortened hour or close.

Please don’t :

  • Don’t smile at strangers without reason. Russia have that saying, “To smile with no reason, is a sign of a fool.”. So if you smile at them, don’t expect that they will smile back!
  • Do not give a yellow flower as a gift. As yellow is stands for unfaithfulness in Russia. Moreover, don’t give flowers in an even numbers because the even numbers of flowers are reserved for grieving and funerals.

And these are the examples of the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ that will prevent you from accidentally offending someone when you travelling to other country! How do you think about it and is it different to your country? I hope my blog will give you some new information and can help you in your next trip after COVID-19!

If you want to know more about other Dos and Don’ts, you can watch the interesting video below. Hope you enjoy!

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