It cannot denied that most of Thai people are strongly belief in holy thing which is a follow from the generation to generation . They  believe that holy thing can help them with the things they pray for — wealth, success in business, and good luck. So, they will find the holy thing to get they better whatever the price seem to expensive . So, I will let you to know about magical of child ghost ” Ta Khai , Wat Chedi” and show how to worship , including some tips for make a wish.
 In last year there are news report Kalamare, a TV personality and celebrity  went to Wat Chedi in Nakhon Si Thammarat and set off millions of firecrackers in order to show of gratitude to Ta Khai ( holy thing ) after she has sales surpassed 130 million baht.
   Kalamare was one of these worshippers. She told the media that she asked for a blessing from the boy's spirit and her wish came true -- she has been able to make 130 million baht from her supplement business. That's why she came back to make a votive offering to his sacred statue and set off a large number of firecrackers, creating 13 million loud bangs back-to-back.


Ai Khai Wat Chedi or Ta Khai Wat Chedi is a wood carving in the shape of a child, aged about 9-10 years old, wearing camouflage clothes and black glasses with the age of more than a thousand years at Nakhon Si Thammarat ( southern of Thailand )  


Ai Khai Wat Chedi or Ta Khai Wat Chedi: Why call it a different name? The answer is that when considering the age of Ai Khai, he was many years old. Villagers believed that it is not appropriate for the descendants or young generations to call “Ai Khai” and they should say “Ta Khai” which is more appropriate. There is a tale that passed on for many generations that the location of the present Wat Chedi, there was Luang Phu Thuad Wat Chang Hai, the famous teacher in the southern area had traveled back from Krung Si Ayutthaya and stayed in that area. Ai Khai is believed to be the child spirit of the age 9-10 years old. He was a disciple that pursued Luang Phu Thuad. When Luang Phu Thuad arrived at this place, he had found many treasures and many important religious places. He had asked Ai Khai to dwell here to watch over these treasures and the place. The name of the village was later changed to “Moo Ban Pho Sadet” until the present. After the year 1957, those who came to stay overnight inside Wat Chedi and if they did not mention, or inform, or ask for forgiveness from Ai Khai, they would not be able to sleep since there would be disturbances all night, such as when they were about to sleep, there would be a child hitting on the head or pulling the legs and arms.

However, another legend has it that Ai Khai was only a temple boy who died in an accident but his spirit was still roaming the temple to help people. These are just some of the many mysterious yet miraculous stories told about Ai Khai’s spirit over the generations.

In the past , villager would make a wish from Ta Khai to help when they lost their stuff . I know about Ta Khai from my dad , Nakhon Si Thammarat is my home town that in the past Ta Khai is know only local people.

Why Ta Khai very popular in the present ?

It very amazing that Ta Khai will become a popular holy thing overnight from TV show ” Moonlight ” that the TV personality and celebrity named Mod dam went to shooting in the Wat Chedi , including success story of Kalamare . It increase the popularity of Ai Khai or not but since the story broke, I often hear about people flocking to this temple. However, most of them admitted that they wanted to ask for lucky numbers for lottery tickets.

Social media and celebrity is one of the important thing that make people outside province know about Ta Khai . There are many YouTube channel go to the temple that make people known Ta Khai and went to Chedi temple. I went to Chedi temple in last year , It very different from the first time I met. Now the temple Development to be good clean and bigger than before.

The miracle experience from Ta Khai

– Lottery

First , My brother in Law got a Ta Khai , holy object from the Chedi temple . In nature him do not believe in holy thing at all. Ta Khai that he got has a incense stick that after light it the number will go up . Plus, he light incense stick then there are number pop up in the incense then he buy the lottery . It very amazing he won lottery in 4 drawn by light incense stick from Ta Khai ( holy object ).

Second , my friend’s brother went to Chedi temple and make a wish from Ta Khai that they want to won a lottery. Luckily , he won lottery worth 60,000 Baht.

There are another way to get a number from Ta Khai that is the tail after light firecrackers. Sunaree who is a singer in Thailand use number from the firecrackers to buy lottery and yes she won lottery 80 cards.

– Helping

My aunty make a wish from Ta Khai for sell rubber wood , after few day she can sell the wood in the great price. Moreover, my dad lost his grass while he walk in his fruit garden then he think to Ta Khai and wish that ” Ai Khai please help me to find the glass then when he went back he found the glass on the table ,which he already find the glass from this table.

How to worship and make a wish

To be worship and vow the Khai Khai Wat Chedi. You can come to the Chedi temple( original ) or another temple that now there are many temple have Ta Khai sculpture then buying flowers, incense, candles and gold leaves according to faith power before burning 3 incense sticks. And pray follow below.

I will give you some Tips

If you make a wish about money you must tell him exactly number like ” Ta Khai please help me to get 30,000 baht sale for this month “


If you want to vow you should have truth that after you get that thing you wish don’t forget to make a votive offering. My dad’s employee vow to Ta Khai that if he won the lottery he will give toy gun to Ta Khai but dad’s employee forget after he won a lottery, one night he dreamed that he saw angry black boy told ” where is my gun!!!!” . So , if you make a vow you should remember and fulfil one’s vow after getting the thing you wish.

How to make a votive offering

Burning 1 incense stick and pray follow picture above . Then spell that ” I already vow about ….( what you vow)…. Now you fulfilled every I wish . So , I brought an offering that what I said before. Please take these items as well.

What should you offer in make a vow

He still a little boy so he like toy , juice , firecracker and military uniform for children . Plus, Ta Khai like fighting cock , It is a story told by word of mouth that he follow his fighting cock into the river , and no one could find him again so in the past people will vow when they lost something.


During covid19 , it hard to go out but you can pray and make a wish to Ta Khai at home by go to outdoor and do everything like I said before . If your wish is success you can make a votive offering at home instead go to temple.

Ta Khai not only help to develop the Chedi temple but he also help the local business to be better . He help Nakhon SI Thammarat and Surat Thani province making money in October ,2020 more than 870 million baht from people who went to visit Ta Khai.

From TAT ( Tourist Authority of Thailand ) collecting numbers of tourists that 8,000-10,000 people come to Wat Chedi. Moreover, people with faith in Khai have increased the rate of travel to Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The hotel has moved up out of 10,300 rooms, an average of 70% -72%. In term of Airline, in the normal there are 46 flights in round-trip per day. But at the end of September 2020, Vietjet will increase 2 more flights to 4 flights a day. All flights are 50 flight per day . Plus , it effect to restaurants as well. My uncle have a restaurant in Nakhon Si Thammarat , in first wave of Covid 19 make him decide to close the restaurant but after Ta Khai more popular and the number of tourists increasing , his restaurant turn to selling well again. If you read my blog and plan to visit Nakhon Si Thammarat don forget to visit my uncle restaurant ” Talay Kitchen ” very delicious I confirm.


It cannot denied that Ta Khai become known and popular because of celebrity and social media that can spread news and story to many people. However , holy thing like a double -edged sword that you should have discretion required , including if you don’t believe in it shouldn’t disrespect it.