Undoubtedly, there are several big changes when it comes to modern-day living. The biggest one is the empower of social media technology and its potential that fulfill our life. One facet of our lives that has been especially influenced by social media is our health and fitness.Indeed, it can be seen that individuals want to improve themselves in a practical manner especially in teenagers and young adults. They consume information providing exercise, healthcare, healthy food, or model life-being which all of those raise audiences health awareness along with motivate themselves.

The benefits of social media use include exposure to new ideas and information and raising awareness of current events and issues. The interactive of social media can provide opportunities to engage with peers on issues, access support networks, and improve social relation and it also determine healthy eating habits. As social media is the most essential tool for adolescents to search and find a certain informative data about exercise and health on any platforms whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube, it is important to understand the relationship between social media and how it certainly effect on exercise and healthcare habits. Thus, how audiences consume and use those informative can be practically adapted to communication theories for following topics.

How does media impact exercise and healthcare?

Nowadays, we consume social media in many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We let them be parts of our life. Social media shape and control people behaviors and mindsets. So, we do not know what is real or representation which can be called Hyperreality. They only show us what they want us to see bringing to false need that media try to make us feel unsatisfied and want to be like that. However, In fact, we do not really need it. The one example that can be obviously seen is when we see celebrity or influencer post their picture on Instagram showing she is taking a selfie in beautiful gym clothes. People already decided that she is a gym person who always take care of her health. But actually she just wear gym clothes and take a selfie then post it on Instagram. Another example is that when posting some pictures one social media, people tend to choose the one which is better than the others. They always post what enhance their self image.Truly, your mind is incapable of differentiating among what your buddies, families, or colleges do. As far as your subconscious is concerned what is occurring on the screen is taking place directly in front of you, you will precisely seperate the real from the fake.

The pop culture highlights the tastes and preferences adopted by people about what they encounter in the social media. Pop culture in teenager and adults are independent and want to try something new all the time that make them be more open about pop culture via the internet. For example, Tik Tok is such a popular application right now. It can be seen that there are many trends about exercising whether it be having exercise with couple or friends, workout challenge or cooking channels that show audiences about how to make a particular healthy menu.

Postmodern is emergence of society or power of mass media and pop culture. Also, it influences and change the society in media which build commodity showing their lifestyles. As commodity makes people feel connected and see things that people in social media did and people fulfill by it. So, they do not have to do. Also, social relationship between people that is mediated by image which is spectacle. Postmodern blurred distinction between reality and media which becomes distorted mirror along with make people to be a part on the internet. For example, we do not really know that celebrities photos are real or fake but we decide to keep following them as each person has their own reason and liking which fulfil their needs such as we want to have body like a model.Therefore,social media and the internet influence our opinion and also mirror how we are and how we see things. As you can see in those pictures below, she is Bebe as the celebrity. Her commodity is showing her workout lifestyle to people, the spectacle creates image that audiences want to engage which is exercise, and she uses Youtube and Instagram as a tool to share the productive activity to audiences. 

Easy exercise at home during quarantine

As Covid-19 situation is getting worse right now and we all have to quarantine at our home. That means we cannot to the gym, right? So, today we are going to show you guys an easy cardio workout with no equipment and also no jumping involve in this workout, we only use a yoga mat. It is actually friendly for people who has knees problem. Even though, it is no jumping but you are going to get good sweat on and breathe heavy. For those of you, men and women, you can do this at home to stay healthy during this time. Let’s get to it!

In this exercise, we are going do 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off!

1. The first exercise that we are going to do is ice skater without jumping. We are going to step to the side, the leg comes behind and leans forward like you are doing ice skate.

2. Next exercise we are going to do front kick. Leg comes behind and the other leg strong kick forward and back. Try to keep it tight and sharp.

Then 15 seconds break and we are going to do the other side.

3. Next one is mountain climber. You are going to stay in the same position, then put your hands on ground, your legs straight back into the position of mountain climber and do it 4 times then step in together and up.

4. Fingertips by the ears, and bringing knees up to opposite elbow. Keep it nice and high!

5. Next, we are going to take a squat then up with 4 punches.

6. Down to ground, put your elbows down and straight legs back into climb position with your knees up to opposite elbow. Make sure that you do not lean on your elbows too much.

7. We are going to do reverse lunge and come up then twist.

Make sure you switch your leg.

8. The last exercise, we are going to do the middle plank, hands on the ground, down and down then up and up, bring the legs in and out.

That is it. Then last few seconds just take some breathe in and breathe out.

Alright guys, we hope you guys enjoy this easy cardio workout with no equipment and jumping and hope you guys stay healthy and stay safe in Covid-19 right now.


Why healthy habits is important?

People are now turn to take care of their health and it tends to increasingly significant as social media have been parts of us bringing to health awareness in society.You know that healthy habits is crucial,such as eating well, exercising, avoiding harmful nutritions, but did you know what is the real benefits of them? Why we have to take care of ourselves excluding a fascinating content on social media?

To have good health, It is hard to develop and you have to be patient and keep calm. But if you’re willing to enhance yourself, It’s not too hard for you.And we are sure that you will satisfied with the result.Here are some benefits of health habits!

  • Control weight

Exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet will help individuals in maintaining the perfect weight.

  • Improve mood

When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, your mind will respond as well. You’ll feel better about your appearance, which can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

  • Help prevent disease

Exercise and healthy eating habits help lower blood pressure and prevent certain health conditions, such as heart disease and stroke. 

  • Give an energy boost

Staying healthy will help you fall asleep faster and get a better night sleep allowing to rest better and having a positive effect on your energy in the morning.

  • Boosts your chances for a longer life

When you practice healthy habits, you boost your chances of a longer life.Start with short five-minute walks and gradually increase the time until you’re up to 30 minutes.

Tricks to cooking healthier

  • Make a plan and get inspired

 Having a plan helps set you figure out what you’re going to make and sets you up for success. Moreover, get some inspiration by health cookbooks, cooking shows, blogs,or your influencer, try new recipes that will “wow” your family.

  • Choose healthier and mix up your protein

 Eat smaller amounts of meat, fish and poultry. Fill up the rest of your plate with healthy vegetables and whole grains. And it doesn’t have to be meat. 

  • Add color to your meals

It can added with fruits and vegetables, sneaking more vegetables into meals if you have to. Fresh, frozen, canned and dried are all good choices, just watch out for excess salt and added sugar. Moreover, try to make half your plate fruits and veggies. 

  • Cook with global flavors

Using spices, like curry powder, and herbs, like basil, help flavor your food without adding salt. 

  • Make healthy substitution when you can

Take baby steps over time to replace less-healthy ingredients in your family favorites.

  • Keep portions reasonable

We’re not saying you need to measure out every bite you put in your mouth but having an idea of healthy portions before you plate your meal can help you from eating more than you intended. 

  • Upgrade and add healthy fats

Fat is not bad. Choose unsaturated such as olive oil, avocados, nuts over saturated fats, such as butter, lard, and tropical oil more often.

  • Limit added sugar and salt

Eating too much of either, over time, can put you at risk for health conditions like high blood pressure or heart disease.

  • Start a new love affair with salad

Not the lame two-ingredient kind you may have grown up with. The amazing, colorful, hearty salad that can stand on its own as a main entrance.

  • Relax and Enjoy!

In the kitchen, do not take it all so seriously. We all have had our cooking fails and lived to tell.