Nowadays it’s a bad time. Many people around the world get sick and we are sticking in quarantine because of covid-19 and getting bored because we have nothing to do. School,the mall,movie theaters,bars get closed.Today i’m going to review movie on Netflix. There are so many types of movies such as horror movies,sci-fi movies,romantic comedy movies. I decided to pick topic romantic comedy movies,or aka rom-com, to write review  because I’m very enjoy this type of movie  it makes me relaxed every time i have watched it and you can watch with everyone your family,your boyfriend or girlfriend, it’ll be more romantic than it was, i swear.

What is romantic comedy (romcom)

Romantic comedy is sub genre of comedy and romantic ideas. Some dictionaries defined it as a funny movies,play or films about love story that ends happily.

1.Isn’t it Romantic (7/10)

It’s about the woman named Natalia New York architecture who works hard to not being a delivery coffee and she kind of not believe in LOVE.One day things get weird when she gets knocked unconscious in a subway and magically wakes up and find herself in an alternate universe which is opposite to her real life.Suddenly Natalie find out that she is playing the leading lady in real-life of romantic comedy. This movie is very funny and i have watched this twice!!

2.To all the Boys I’ve Loved before (8.5/10)

This is story about high school girl Lara Jean who has wrote each boy a letter love and how she felt instead of openly admitted to her crushes and hid it in the box under her bed.One day she discovers that her box secret has been mailed somehow and the one who sent those is her sister, that causing all her past come and confront her about love letter;her first kiss,the boy she met at summer camp,even her sister’s ex-boyfriend. She need to learn and deal with all her past loves and she finds something good may come out after all these letters at the end.

3.To all the boys I’ve loved before 2 (9/10)

Since her relationship with Peter is going well. Laura jean meet another recipient of her love letters who was her puppy love when she was a child.

4.The kissing booth (6.5/10)

A high school girl named Elle who has never been kissed,decided to run the kissing booth at her high school’s carnival.She unexpectedly finds herself kiss with her crush who is the hottest and ultimately bad guy in school named Noah. Noah also be her best friend’s brother and off limit accordingly breaks her rule with her best friend pact.Elle’s life is turned upside down when she realized that she ultimately had to make a decision.

5.Always be my maybe (6/10)

Sometimes,the great love you’re meant to be with is right in front of you. Sasha and Marcus used to be a couple and the relationship was falling down and they didn’t speak to each other for 15 years. After that there is some moment take two reconnect accidentally. Sasha,now a celebrity chef opening restaurant in San Francisco,runs into Marcus, a happily musician and still living at the same home with his dad.

6.Life as we known it (7/10)

Started with Holly and Eric go on a date but ending up with hate each others. Then the situation unexpectedly turns when they have to take care of the custody of the orphaned baby of their friend after the car accident bring their friend about to die.

It’s very cute story because Holly and Eric must find the way to be together peacefully along with raise the child in the best method.

7.Bangkok traffic(love)story (9/10)

In my opinion,this is one of the best Thai romantic comedy in my heart.I have watched this movies 4 times but i never bored. I am pretty sure that 90% have definitely seen it.

8.sierra burgess is a loser (6/10)

Sierra is a fat and not pretty girl in high school and she is bullied.One day a case of mistaken identity when Veronica,the prettiest and popular girl,gave Sierra’s number phone to Jamy instead and leads Sierra to an unexpected romance.Suddenly,Veronica and Sierra become friend and join to win the heart of her high school crush.

I think this is excellent story and good way to inspire people to change their perspective and try to value people for what they are from inside.

9.freelance (8/10)

Yun a graphic designer who is very well known as a dedicated person to keep good measure in his work.Once he consistently working 4 day until not sleeping. One day he found nis neck breaking out so he decided to see a doctor named Im. She told him to take all the medicines,go to bed before 9pm and do some exercise.However,he can’t do because the doctor’s medication made him too sleepy so he was not finished his work.He keeps seeing doctor continuously but his symptoms is not better.He feel guilty for Im,the doctor,because he didn’t do what she said.This movie is feel good movie type,it’s proper with people who love slow story setting.

10.Pee mak พี่มากพระขโนง(9/10)

This movie recreated from Maenak,the horror movie and also based on true story, Nak is a soldier’s wife named Mak.Her husband went to the war. One day she find herself pregnant and during she gave a birth,she died because of loses blood.Her husband come back and don’t realize that Nak has died already and they live together happily.His neighbors try to tell him but his wife turning to ghost and keep haunting people in the village. Pee Mak’s version makes it funny and less horror.

That is the end of my review.I hope you enjoy the movies while staying at home.