During the time when the COVID-19 problem was spreading and now it is a really big problem for many companies to participate in the process for work from home, so we have to quarantine at home. There will be no cancellation of communication among the team, as well as the lack of many devices that are not as convenient as when in the office. Moreover, there are many people who turn to Social Distancing employees during the time of the problem. In addition, The spread of the COVID virus is changed working role of people to be a main part of the technology.

Everyone may think that it will be complicated and boring, right?

Of course, this working process is complicated for those who not have all technology devices for working and some those who are not good at using with the technology devices especially Baby Boomers and the elderly people.

So, I have found helpers for you to get more easily, convenient, and no more complicated for working from home!

But before I recommend my helpers. Let everyone understand about working from home. The first thing to consider is that the primary purpose is to “Quarantine yourself” in the house for safety reasons Do not go out to risk the infection, increase the number of patients until the burden to the hospital. Therefore, the way that you work from home should be done from a real home. Not waking up early to find cafes Or go to a friend’s house to work together. More importantly, if there is something truly necessary to go out You have to know how to protect yourself from germs as well and not see it as nonsense and make you careless because this may be the reason you are infected.

As everyone knows that working from home will make us get bored, distracted, and lazy because there are many other interesting things to do.

Then, I will help you.

First of all, prepare a corner in the house for serious work. Not recommended to unfold the laptop sitting in front of the television
or sit on the bed because you will completely distracted and determined to work. Moreover, You will inattention to the works or fall asleep on a soft pillow. Then, realized that it is almost run out of the day. When there is a space that ready for work, make you simulate that this is your desk at the office. May get up and dress up like the day you go out to work. Just do not have to travel because no one will know when the video call conference will start. So, prepared as if going to work for a professional and like you are in the office.

So, this is the 5 must-have applications for work from home!!

1. Zoom

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is an application that can connect with colleagues anywhere, anytime or can join a meeting online, face-to-face to hundreds of colleagues. There is a high quality screen sharing function. Including a system to send messages to each other between colleagues. So, your online conference meeting will be easier and smooth for wor. Moreover, the application also can share the screen from your devices to the meeting. It does not offers only the screen but you also share picture, web page, and your files in Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. Zoom application is offers for WiFi or 3G/4G immediately and there is a safe drive mode for use while driving. Furthermore, ZOOM supports cross-platform to work without limits.

2. Grab

Grab is the 1st calling app in Southeast Asia. There is also a food delivery and delivery service in the same app. Make your life more convenient with safe travel. Complete with private cars and taxis. Collect delicious restaurants from every angle for you. And allow you to deliver products quickly and safely. Therefore, in work from home way, you can use it for the expressing delivery service for sending documents or parcels to your boss anytime and anywhere to within 1 hour. This can turn your life so convenient and easy!

3. Google drive

Google Drive is multipurpose application. It can help you with many issues. It allows you to back up document files or storing files and working together with friends or team members. The Google Docs, Google Sheet and Google Slide apps are available for use in conjunction with Google Drive. This is sound interesting right?? but this is not enough! Google Drive also offers you to create documents, files, these documents. Moreover, it is convenient due to the fact that you can work on a smartphone or tablet. Then, when you arriving at the office, you can turn on the computer and continue working.

4. Microsoft onenote

OneNote is a one-stop digital note-taking app for keeping notes, researching all your plans and information, and all you need to remember and manage in your life at home, work, or school. In OneNote, notebooks never run out. It is easy to organized, printed, and shared and you can also quickly find important information even if you forget where the flies is keep it. The most advantage is Your notebook will be stored online. So you can access the notebook on any of your mobile devices.

5. Google calendar

Google Calendar is an application from Google that can put appointments, events, and things to do. To easily go to the calendar on your smartphone or tablet. It can activate from computer and sync data. Besides, you can also share appointments to colleagues or family members to view and receive those appointments at the same time as well.

What happened after seeing the benefits of these apps? It is very useful, isn’t it ?! So, hurry to download these applications and your working process will be easy than ever!

Before leaving, I would like everyone to help keep clean and cooperate in reducing the chances of getting infected with COVID-19 situations for your health.

So, I have some suggestions for you.

Protecting Yourself from the COVID Virus.
1. You must have a distance from other people or as we called as social distancing.
2. Do not eat food with other people or do not eat the same spoon. Must always use a serving spoon.
3. Know when to wear mass when meeting people. 4. Always carry alcohol to wash your hands when picking up or receiving ginger from others. 5 Knowing how to wash your hands regularly Try not to touch the face, especially the eyes, nose, mouth. This can keep you safe and not infected with COVID.

This is all that I want to tell you. Do not forget to follow it and you will be safe from this epidemic virus. #staysafe #stayathome