iPad eventually become a part of education. A lot of University student use it to study because as it’s electronic and not too big to carry around. I do use iPad everyday to study. For me, iPads do have a lot of feature to use, also we don’t have to waste the papers which is not good for environment. 

For people who are using iPad, I would like to share my favourite applications for take notes and how I managed to use them. These 2 applications are my all time favourite! It is easy to use, easy to understand for the beginners, also It have a lot of feature which include more kinds of pens and pencil, many colours and other decorations. You could make your notes a lot cuter than before


This is the applications I always use, not only take note, but also drawing. This application have a many types of papers you can choose from. What make I fall in live with this apps is how easy it was. It’s not complicated at all. Moreover, you can also create a folder for each classes or work, you can also import powerpoint in here. If you friend’s also use this application, you could share your notes to your friends as well. Next, I will explain some feature of the applications and how I use it 

This the first page you will see when you open this apps, As you see, you can create a separate folders in each subjects. I separated it like this so I’m not getting confuse when I want to find my work. You could also add the star to your favourite folder or folder you always use so you don’t have to waste the time finding it later.

I give you an example one of my folder. I imported a lot of slide that teacher gave  me so when it comes to take notes about something on the slides, I will note in directly into the slide, It make it easy for me when I come back to review the lesson. As you see from the picture, In one folder, you can put a lot of documents inside. You can also change the documents name if you want. 

This is example of my note by using Goodnotes. You can decorate it any style as you like. I always love to put some cute stickers to make my note look adorable. For me, Cute note make me want to read than the basic one. Goodnotes also have a lot of colour shades of pen for you. If you don’t like it you can also custom it by yourself. You could find the shade that you like and put the colour code in the code box. Goodnotes also have an option called “Draw in Straight Line” which is when you want to highlight some text, this option will make it automatically straight and look properly.

After you finished your note, You can also import it as PDF or Image by click “Share”. This feature is useful because people mostly use PDF file and I think it very comfortable because you don’t have to go and convert it later. 


For notability, I would say it is similar to Goodnotes, but there are some small detail that make it different  

This is the first page of Notability. The folder will be on the left and on the right you will see all the notes you have. For Notability, you could also import file or picture into it as well. What make it the biggest different from Goodnotes is the recorder.

Notability have a more options to export such as Email, Dropbox, Google drive, One drive, Box, Itunes and etc.

The recorder is main point of this apps. I think it very useful especially in the lecture class. you can record the sound and take note at the same time. Therefore, If you are a person who always record audio for study or in the meeting. This will be the right application for you. Moreover, Notability have a 12 widths eraser and you can erase parts or entire page. 

For me, I use both of the apps depends on situation. If ask me which apps I like the most. It would be Goodnotes because it is easier to use and I love the overall of the apps. Moreover, most of my friends also use this apps, so it is easier to share my notes with my friends.

In conclusion, These two apps is the best applications for take notes on iPad. As I said, It is not that different except some small detail and feature. The face of the apps also different depends on personal preference. If you like to record, I recommend you to go for Notability, but if you don’t really serious about that you should go for Goodnotes because it has more types of paper and the layout of the apps is also easier to understand.


GoodNotes 5 : 279 Baht

Notability : 349 Baht