It is a well-known fact that some people treat you differently according to how you look. The United States of America is a country made up of different races of humans. One race in particular has been targeted due to the color of their skin (although really, every other race is also being targeted but I guess that’s not the title of this piece). digital activism, according to Britannica author Fuentes, digital activism is a “form of activism that uses the Internet and digital media as key platforms for mass mobilization and political action. From the early experiments of the 1980s to the modern “smart mobs” and blogs, activists and computer specialists have approached digital networks as a channel for action.” In this article we will explore more about what this is and how it is relevant in modern times today.


It is not easy to work alone, digital activism requires you to have more than a few people working with you. Different digital activism strategies involve different uses of electronic networks. Text-based methods include email campaigns, text messaging, web messaging, and online petitions to defend specific goals. In fact, hacktivists will change the organization’s homepage. Due to the collective actions of global participants, the most effective actions such as virtual sit-ins and e-mails can cause specific interruptions in server functions. An online presentation form in which an online community gathers in one or more locations to perform digital objections.This operation is performed by a web program that sends repeated requests to the target web page. Automatic protests from multiple computers around the world generate a lot of traffic, but the target site server does not. By blocking bandwidth, this operation will slow down the site and eventually cause the site to shut down.


To Illustrate, In some countries where history and philosophy are closely related, it may be difficult to live in the digital age. We often forget that the advancement of technology has changed our lives. Modern culture and technology have built a continuously developing bridge between man and nature. This got people thinking to create a very special installation, one that shows how people feel by using every emoji sent on a social media platform. The light of nature and people running wild in the Water Cube makes the Beijing National Aquatics Center a fantastic landmark, the first of its kind. A team consisting of technology and programming experts, color experts, Feng Shui masters, lighting designer Zheng Jianwei and artist Jennifer Wenma, combined social media with ancient Chinese texts to turn this building into an impressive one Light sculpture. A special system transforms the content of the ancient teachings of the “Book of Changes” and the emotions expressed by the Chinese in social networks into the expression of light. All of this is achieved through a computer program that collects sentiment data from the Chinese Weibo website Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter). Millions of custom emoticons are delivered to a real-time light display outside the building, which changes according to how people feel. “At night, visitors find themselves bathed in an aura of colors that looks something like the Northern Lights. The colors may stir them emotionally; it is not likely that they will foment revolution.” (Walsh) The emotions are transformed using the visual programming language vvvv, which encodes Weibo data into templates for various topics, such as fire, water, wind, earth, and thunder. As the mood changes, the buildings, their colors, tones and movements also change. For example, if a day is classified as the sky, it will be represented by an enlarged and reduced circle. This is a great example of people coming together digitally to prove a great cause, in this case the feelings of people.


On the contrary, the black lives matter movement came from a negative feeling rather than a positive one. In the past due spring 2020, amidst the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, human beings the world over collected in massive and small demonstrations to protest the homicide of George Floyd and draw interest to the continued systemic difficulty of police violence. “But the killing of George Floyd took the movement to areas it had not reached before. This moment of national reckoning gives Ambassador Andrew Young, a legendary civil rights leader, a “tremendous sense of pride”. (Maqbool)

The protests calling for justice supply voice to trauma and justified anger in Black groups terrorized by means of centuries of police violence and anti-Black racism. Although the pandemic-triggered chance of layoffs and excessive unemployment, loss of fitness resources, demanding situations in education, and insecure housing are new to many, Black and Brown groups throughout the kingdom have needed to cope with those demanding situations as each day of life. “Black Life Matters” is not only a concept, but also a sport. This is not just a label, but an organization trying to implement macro changes in the United States. Since this sentence became a gathering of different groups, it has been difficult to collect “a mosaic of causes and purposes” in one place. The platform contains six principles: ending war with blacks, economic justice, alienation, social control, political power, and perhaps most importantly compensation. The principle may make most people talk about it, but joining these simple tasks is an achievement in itself. There was no slavery, and it was suddenly in a vacuum, balancing the playground that never really existed. He put forward the notion of white supremacy, economic inequality and general discrimination, which made blacks born poor rather than accidental. Do these statements made on Monday sound feasible? If you ask yourself this question, you are erroneously assessing the nature of the problem. The initial destruction and systemic fanaticism created a situation in which the status quo will change. Unless affected by the same effects as other methods, this seems inherently impractical.


Racism is not only present in daily lives but also in competitive events like sports too. The activities of the athletes are as new as the brutality of the police. I mean he is older than any of us. So, what has changed? Thanks to advances in technology, we are able to broadcast live without knowing that the police are killing people on our mobile phones, just as the change of generations makes athletes a reality. “It’s been two weeks and I have only read the description of what happened to Jacob Blake, successfully avoiding Twitter’s auto-play function. It’s been four months and I have only seen George Floyd’s killing and whatever the evening news surprises me with.” (Jones) As encouraging as the test on him last fall, as NFL executives publicly accused him, many media (mostly black) tried to put “pressure” on him to keep his name on the top agent list. Defender, I already know that it has been more than three years since his last attempt in the NFL game. Kaepernick has no intention of becoming a martyr, but this is exactly what the owner of the NFL team did. His position has never been wrong, because it is rooted in hundreds of years of American history.Recall that in May 2018, during the national anthem, the National Football League (NFL) foolishly tried to impose a “respect the flag” policy on its players, as if the police’s brutal behavior on black and brown corpses was taking a long holiday. He is a white man with no vision, and the reason for not seeing these people kneeling or raising their fists will continue into the next season.

To conclude, the movement of matter in black life is generated from negative rather than positive feelings. In the spring of 2020, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, people from all over the world gathered to hold large and small demonstrations to protest the murder of George Floyd and draw attention to the continued police violence There are systemic difficulties. This is not only a label, but also an organization trying to implement macro changes in the United States. Since this prayer becomes a gathering of different groups, it is difficult to gather the “mosaic of cause and purpose” in one place. Racism not only exists in daily life, but also exists in sports and other competitions. The behavior of the athletes is not as new as the brutal behavior of the police. To wrap up, Racism has been in existent since the 1950s and 60s through slavery before slavery has made illegal. It has since resurfaced again due to recent events. After the event occurred, the aftermath includes digital activism through social media and sports.