From the naïve dreams of becoming Doctor Strange, Sherlock Homes, Mulan or the next Einstein. This decade emerges a self-established video platform, YouTube. With the least capital to invest and higher passive income, everyone at every age including dogs. Everything meaning just solely food in your video is acceptable or everywhere within or outside the planet. Supernatural or extraterrestrial are tolerable if only you could convince your future beloved viewers. The proper combinations of these factors contribute to the popularity of a video blog or a vlog, a major trend of video sharing.

They could potentially transform you into another dazzling megastar or high-paid influencers. The more promising of contents, the higher view of those videos in the long run. Eventually, it would gain more sponsorship with mega brands and figures. This richness is not only about money, but the power you hold to extend your career.  

Teenager’s Dream job has been changed

Your childhood dream careers do not go anywhere, only just with the different platforms since anyone who wants to be an actor, food nutritionist, reporter, chef, or doctor. It could still have his or her own channel to share, discuss, and advise the subjects they like to interested viewers in YouTube growing communities. Besides, the more benefits it offers, the wilder competition drives you. Thus, YouTube determined society motivates creators to constantly develop their content intellectually and elevate their presentation aesthetically which enhances technical skills being useful for other occupations.  A wider variety of YouTube subjects allow alternative culture and more employment to people with different thoughts and principles to assert themselves, to be heard of and to shine. Then, all you need is just video recording devices and you’re ready to set off your astonishing path of this approachable affluence. 

Beauty and the Brass

The terms “beauty” in this period is rather inner confidence but grounded and down-to-earth personalities over just outer appearances. Thus, these occupying attributes with natural gesture earn individuals’ brass and business known as Beauty Vloggers or subtly role model influencers. For example, beauty vlogging pioneer, Michelle Phan. She is Vietnamese-American. Even with primarily low-quality make-up tutorial video, her soothing voice, her sincere reviews, loveable and gratitude manners have won YouTube viewers hearts for more than 10 years. Her 10-year-ago Barbie Transformation video.

It is one of the most-watched tutorials with over 68 million views. Although her family’s trauma from her biological father constant gambling that the family had to rely on food stamp and on the move and her controlling stepfather, her long-time credibility facilitates her entrepreneurship launching beauty products distributing company, Ipsy, valued at $500 million according to Forbes.

After leaving Ipsy, she has further established the EM Cosmetics company. Similarly, Korean American, Stephanie

With her self-titled channel gained over 360 million views from her Korean-styled Mukbangs or food testing with unique storytelling of criminal crime or movie reviews. Her adorable and enthusiastic personalities appeal to loyal viewers. Nowadays, she has owned her personal dream house in Los Angeles, USA,  which she emotionally showed on her other channel.

Even high-paid model like Karlie Kloss has abandoned her approximately 6.8 million pounds of Victoria Secret’s contract and turned herself to YouTube industry with her Klossy channel.

receiving income from advertising daily and beauty products with her own broad of narrative and independent content. So, these have ensured the future YouTube stars from all over the world that this platform of pursuing could do more than sustain your financial status but expanding your opportunities, freedom, and creativity to make a living.   

“Every few months we’d get evicted,” by Michelle Phan
“My brother and I never had the same beds for long.” 
“Being able to make my own choices and my own narrative, whether through the companies I choose to work with, or through the image I put out to the world.” By Karlie Kloss

From Home to Hollywood

Despite YouTube impactful influence, it requires such a light gear and budget to make the individual or their contents well-received. There are the number of on-budget buyers’ guides and YouTube reviews of camera performances that it becomes more convenient deciding to buy. 

Most of the vloggers are beauty and travel vloggers who carry portable and small compact cameras which currently are cheaper than a smartphone and packed with a variety of auto-effects in a handy size to decrease attention, stage flight, workforce, and time-consuming. They could solely vlog and edit simultaneously from chosen styling in cameras. Not to mention that people these days have already possessed a personal camera regarding the rising of social media’s photo boasting. This has reduced the cost of gears and means that people have unintentionally already occupied helpful skills to vlog even to edit. Above all, due to the similar cause of social media influence, many people have owned expensive and high-quality smartphones already.

Hence, they share similar features as they are tiny, light, and full of simple filters and effects.

Apart from the need for gears, for people with stage flight who does not want to be in front of the camera. YouTube has laid basis of diversified contents that not showing the protagonist or speaker’s face is largely normal. There are also distinct contents such as gaming, movie, food reviews that emphasize other aspects but the channel owners. Thus, with its localized and home-made subjects of amateur traces, vloggers could vlog with normal gears from their home, car, even bathroom. The viewers acceptance of manners and expertise has been expanding. 

Even kids can be a Youtuber

There is an example that simplicity could work well as an 8-year-old innocent boy, Ryan of Ryan Toysreview channel could make over 22 US$ for playing and giggling over his toys.

He is also one of the first children reviewer with creatively clean portrayal that supports his personalities. Plus, the fact is the faster the better that is why you should not waste your time waiting for.

So, the opportunities to become a megastar and got expensive paid from just sipping a tea and review. It lays here on your phones, your camera, especially, on your special self. Just step out of your old comfort zone and create your own narrative, the next YouTube Diamond Creator Award will be you! 😉🙌🏻🧡