When new media were invented, the developers only think about the potential and benefit of it, but
they had no idea about the disadvantage of it. It goes widely wrong from the beginning because
the side effects of new media have become a big problem for society. The developers thought that
they would create new media to fulfill needs, solve problems and errors, as well as link the world
together. They did a good job on finishing the purpose, they created a cyber world where everyone
can be connected and express anything freely, unfortunately, the cyber world can be used wrong
and provide drawbacks. That is the idea of technological determinism, which is how technology
affects our lives. Nowadays, new media have become a very big part of everyone’s lives, it is
what drives society to keep going every single day. In the meantime, it takes part in lives as
more as it can ruin lives. Many social media problems are happening in Thailand, and also the rest
of the world. In the cyber world, activities happen all the time just like in real life, not only
something creative and useful but also dangers happen. It affects even harder and more powerful
than in real life when speech can freely go wider, and faster, without any filter scanning. Bad
thoughts can be easily and quickly delivered to us in many forms, from people that we know or
anonymous people, such as bullying and scams.

Change this description

Bullying has enter to cyber space.

Bullying is an unsolvable issue that never disappears from the world, its existence is all over the
world or we can say it is everywhere that has many people. Speaking of modern times, bullying
has evolved from words that were spreading by word of mouth to become spreading by social
media which is faster and it connect to all users in the world. Which the type of bullying we
can see most often is attacks, threaten harms, or use profanities. People today tend to argue more
easily. When people get offensive, social media in their hands were used as a means to spread
hate. People will begin to slander and use rude words to attack the other person with who they have
a conflict with. Sometimes it is just an argument of two or three people, with a third or a fourth person
backing it up. But sometimes it is a problem between one person and another large group of
people which usually occur when that one person is famous or has authority in the society. When
that one person has done something which may not satisfy or create displeasure to many people, it
can be the reason which makes many people gather and form a large group for the purpose of
attacking that individual.

An example case that most people can see is the case of Matt Peranee.
She is a Thai actress that was attacked by many people because she has a relationship with
Songkran Tejanarong, Aff Taksaorn’s ex-husband. Many people have judged that this relationship is
not right according to the moral that they believe, so they formed a group and started to attack Matt
by leaving rude comments on her social media. Matt’s response had been silent for years, and she
recently decided to take legal action against the people who accused her. That way, rude words
disappear from her life, but not all. There are still some people who thought what they do is not
wrong because Matt is a public figure, but they never thought of the fact that even though Matt was
a public figure, she was an ordinary person who also had the right to defend her dignity.

It’s more than bullying

Another type of bullying that is seen so often is online sexual harassment. Sexual harassment did
not occur with only the girls, but it can also happen with all genders. Not just words, but all sexual
acts that make other people feel uncomfortable or threatened. Which nowadays, the perception of
some people in regards to sexual harassment is still unclear, which because there are still people
who do not fully understand sexual harassment, thus, in today’s society there are still many victims
who inevitably have to face these problems. Especially victims who are sexually harassed online,
what they had to face was an embarrassment that could never be forgotten because the
information that has been distributed online cannot be completely eliminated. But the worst thing is
that some victims may have been blackmailed by bad guys, leading them to live in constant
paranoia and become a nightmare that will scar them for the rest of their lives. An example of such
a case can be seen on social media all the time, and there is still no real way to fix this
problem. What we can do now is to just try to build the right understanding of people so that they
can know the bad consequences that will occur with the victim. Ignoring the problem is like
supporting bad people to keep doing sexual harassment and that’s why the number of victims has
increased every day. Therefore, when we encounter victims who are being sexually harassed,
either online or in any way, what we should do is help, don’t let anyone having a lifelong nightmare.

The cyber world, The illusion

Fake identity is another problem of online socialization. Sometimes, it could happen by accident,
and it could be funny. Camila Mendes, an actress from a TV show ‘Riverdale’, once said on ‘The
late late show with James Corden’ that her Twitter account got misunderstood and seemed to be a
fan account of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes since they are dating.

On the other hand, in the event that the misunderstanding happens on purpose, that event can cause harm and affect many lives. Fake identity is when somebody uses a fake profile, or picture to hide their real identity, they sometimes do it only because they are afraid of online social and unknown people that might
bring problems to their real lives. Although that may be true, some of them impersonate by using
others’ profile and picture, that exist in real life, the reasons this occurrence are that some want
to be pretty, some want loves and attentions, some want credibility, and not knowing that that could
make troubles. A lot of con men usually work on social media, have their profile and picture faked,
pretend to be credible and reliable, and trick other people in order to get their money. A good
example of scams that frequently happen in Thailand is scammer tries to pretend to be bank or
finance personnel, and fool people to transfer money or ask for a bank account and password.
That case happened based on fake identity and impersonation. Another case that is really
important to beware, especially for women, is the fake identity on dating apps, those fake people ask
girls to meet them in real life and abuse them physically and sexually. Nowadays, a lot of social
activities are going on in the cyber world, there are both good people as well as bad people just like in
real life, that is why we have to be very careful about profiles of people with who we socialize with.

The Unintentional mistakes

To sum up, everything that has been stated, the idea of technology determinism is the way that
technology has effects and impacts on our lives. Especially in new media, where thoughts, stories,
pictures, and more can be spread widely and fast, where everyone with or without morality can
post and share anything freely without censorship or filter scanning. Good information can be
shared as well as bad actions in the cyber world. Dangers in new media happen continually in
Thailand and the rest of the world. They come in many situations, sometimes from the people
around us, sometimes from the ones we do not even know. Bullying is one of the dangers that
appear in the cyber world. It started in real life, mouth to mouth, and continued to happen in
every society, even online, unstoppably.

Sometimes, it happens in a form of a small number of comments, in a person to person conversation, in order to cause harm or hurt others mentally, or sometimes it happens in a bigger condition such as a large group of people is making a judgment on someone due to oneself’s action that might satisfy people. Sexual harassment is also another big problem for society. It happens a lot online, especially in speeches, not only happen to women but also men, at every age. Both bullying and sexual harassment can be a scary long-last nightmare to the victims and sometimes ruin their whole lives. Lastly, impersonation, using fake
profiles and pictures to gain attention and credibility. To make matters worse, scammers usually
impersonate online and trick people for money or more. These actions can be very dangerous,
they can affect, impact and ruin lives even harder than when they happen in real life. Thus, the
conclusion is that a lot of activities are going on online, both good and bad, so we need to try as
much as possible to remain self-awareness, not to do anything that causes harms or hurt others,
and also beware of information and accounts that take parts in our lives.