In today world, New media is become a crucial role in all sectors of the country. We cannot deny that in daily life we can live without the internet.

what is social media ?

Social media is a subset of new media. What sets social media apart as a distinct category inside new media is its interactive nature, the nature of the social network. We can create text, audio, video, interactive apps, etc. and publish it to the Internet; our content has independent value. Through channels like search, other people can locate our media and derive benefit from it. The new media we create has intrinsic value, regardless of the mechanism of distribution.

It is a platform that everyone have ability to share and create photo and video, opinions, events, etc in real-time. In addition, enable people to interact with each other. Therefore, it refers to websites and applications that are designed to allow people to share and create content quickly.

Why makeup become one of the favorite hobby in new generation?

Your makeup is the sum of what makes you who you are, or the sum of what you smear on your face! You could say that your makeup is a combination of your parents’ genes. Or, you could wear cosmetic makeup to accentuate those physical traits.

Your makeup is every personality characteristic that, combined, form a unique person — but the makeup you put on your face can be used to disguise your real self a little bit. This kind of makeup is also called cosmetics, and it consists of things like lipstick, mascara, foundation, and so on. This meaning of makeup has been in use since the 1880s, a period when Queen Victoria declared it vulgar, only appropriate for stage actors.

One popular channels on social media like instagram and youtube is makeup channels. Many women and people who interested in makeup use social media as a hobby in their free time and they enjoy with makeup tutorials or review makeup from beauty bloggers that they like. It is so useful for people who don’t know the way to makeup or the information about cosmetics. Makeup channels is the best answer.

Everyone has their own tablets and mobile phones so they can easily access the internet in everywhere and every time just swipe their tablets or mobile phones. As a result, watching makeup via the channels on social media is very simple and it is easy to follow beauty bloggers that they satisfy.

Social media for the cosmetics industry

just as social media has changed and reshape our behaviors. Beauty buyers finding out about new brands or product via reviews and opinions of others. In addition, recommendations and comments on social media, post from beauty bloggers or celebrities.

Social network give businesses to engage with audiences more than before. So I will showcases how cosmetics companies are using social media in order to interact with consumers, strength their brands, and promote their product.

  • Customer engagement social media has given cosmetics companies to engage with customers on many platforms such as instagram, twitter and facebook. Allowed cosmetics companies to know the reactions of customers when they see the product and they comments or post it on social media. Thus, cosmetics industry can improve the product or find the ways to satisfy their need of customers.
  • Trends
    Cosmetics companies can use the social media to see and gather what the trends is blooming now and what are people interested in now. The ability to monitor popular makeup style, patterns of cosmetics product, and what things are popular in the future so cosmetics companies can use social media to know the situation and trends in order to realize what customers want.
  • Advertising
    Social media can be used in many channels for exploit the advertising. Cosmetics company should use many platforms of social media such as facebook, instagram, and twitter to create the content and post it across the platforms. Each channels has different in their own. Base on each platform has various types of customers. Advertising on social media can increase search engine ranking, more traffic, brand loyalty. Therefore, cosmetics companies should use all social media to reach out to the widest audience.

The influence of beauty bloggers

Beauty bloggers is one of the opinion leaders which have many followers on social media. They contribute our audience to the decision making to buy cosmetics or something that they persuade you to buy. We must trust them when they tell and say that this cosmetics is good to use. And why we trust them?

Beauty bloggers is social media personalities with loyal audiences that they earned by sharing content that inspires, entertains, informs, and connects them with their followers. This direct line of communication empowers influencers to generate social conversations, drive engagement, and ultimately, set trends amongst a receptive and socially savvy audience.

Therefore, we always believe people that we love and like their style. We want to be like their influencer. As a result, we trust and follow them. Many influencers have a primary social media channel (where they generally have the most followers and launched their career) including beauty bloggers.

Instagram influencers

Also known as “Instagrammers,” this group of influencers creates highly visual content, captioned by short-form written content. This channel is also becoming more popular and versatile for video content, with the launch of Instagram Stories and IGTV. Influencers in lifestyle, fitness, beauty, and travel tend to perform best on this channel as it lends itself well to visual inspiration and quick tips.

An examples of instagram influencer is pimtha who have 4.2 millions followers on instagram. She is outstanding in appearance and lifestyle and another one is mayr who have 1.3 millions followers on instagram. Both of pimtha and mayr are use the instagram platform to post the cosmetics in their own account so this two post can affect followers of pimtha and mayr to buy this cosmetics because they believe in their influencer.

Youtube influencers

YouTubers, also known as “YouTube Creators,” focus exclusively on creating long-form video content. Functioning more like the entertainment industry, this platform works well for narrative storylines, pranks, how-to guides, unboxing videos, personal vlogging, and television-style content. Comedy, beauty, technology, auto, and lifestyle are just a few categories that resonate well with YouTube’s vast audience.

An example of youtube influencers is moss and brink or known as mosster and brinkty. Mosster has 319 K subscribers on youtube and brinkty has 349 K subscribers on youtube. Both of moss and brink influence the audience to buy the product that they review by posting the video such as favorite makeup 2019 or review the cosmetics which cheap and good so videos from these two influencers encourage the audience to buy the products.