Did you used to be a person who is not on-trend?

You have no idea to share when people talk about smartphone, laptop, website, app, etc. You might have a mobile phone to use but don’t really know how the world going.

 It has happened to me when I was in high school. I was just can listen to what people said. It happened quite a lot when you were born in a developing country. There is only a small amount of people who are on-trend especially businessman, politician, smart or rich kids, any citizens need to wait a bit longer until other people come to invest in our country. It is so funny if we compared to the children who were born in developed countries such America, England, Japan, Korea, etc.

Some people came in your life to teach you a lesson whereas some people brought you an opportunity…..

Fortunately, it was someone who helped me to think outside of the box! I get to see the world larger. It was a great time to have a conversation with him face to face!

But things happened more than that!

Was it a coincidence or I was followed?

It happened when I was a high school student. I often go to a coffee shop near my home. I went there to do school works and grab a hot chocolate. I saw a man who is typing and sit in front of me. I went there again next week and I saw him again. He seems to be noticed me too. He is typing his computer again. This time, he smiles to me before he left. Next day, I went there and ordering food and drink as usual. I got a book and sit at the big table that I always sit and I am thinking: ‘‘Am I going to meet him again?’’. One moment later, Oh my god!!! I saw him entered the door and talked with someone at the corner of the cashier. ‘‘Is it really coincidence or he follow me?’’ I am asking myself. But I really met him for three times. I asked myself like I was the main actress in the movie! This time, he walked straight to me and sat in front of me. ‘‘What do you usually doing here?’’ he said. I replied ‘‘I just came here to eat and do some school works’’. I felt so awkward when we talked. We talked quite a lot about academic staff. I think I was really a destiny that I got to know a good person like him. I started to feel more comfortable talking with him, maybe because I’m an optimistic person!

A good opportunity came at the wrong time

After talking with each other for a while, he wanted to offer me a job since he knew that I can speak Chinese and he told me that he was the owner of a boutique so he wanted to get a qualified person as me.

But…sadly my schedule is not a available to work and my age is not qualify to work too! We still enjoy our conversation!

I like talking with him now. We talked more until we turned on to this topic!

He suddenly mentioned that he bought some furniture from websites. I was really curious about it because I only heard that people buy goods from social media and I also want to import cheaper products to startup my own business online as well as I can do it on the weekend when I am free from the class. I guessed it was the first time that I heard about it! He shared me plenty of knowledge about those website.

What exactly is an online shopping website?

Online shopping website is a platform of electronic commerce which allows consumers to buy goods or service from a seller by using internet to do online shopping in the website. He suggested me to buy goods from eBay which is an American multinational e-commerce that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through the website. Of course, we can buy or sell everything through website. He also introduced me to Amazon website as well.

Amazon and eBay operate as online shopping sites, providing visitors the ability to browse through available products listed for sale or auction through each company’s online storefront.

What are the differences between eBay and Amazon?

Both websites are quite similar but the bottom line is that Amazon is a far more competitive market for individual sellers and leans towards newer items whereas eBay provides sellers with the ability to build brand identity and while a majority of its items are new, it provides a niche for used items and collectables.

Why shopping through the website?

People normally buy things in the supermarket and they need to go there by self and sometimes cannot find things that they want. Otherwise, you would spend less time buying things on the internet and you get to know more products all around the world. It makes you more convenient and your life are on-trend. I finally created my personal account and I travelled e-bay for an hour. I am so excited to see the market that I can just shop whenever and wherever I want.

What information do I need to get an account?

They just require you to fill information such as name, address telephone number, country code, etc. in the form to get an account. I would like to recommend you to prepare for your bank account when you want to do shopping or if you don’t have one you should ask your family or friend to use their account number.

If you want to create an account here is the link:





It such a cute memory with a stranger. We talked until we became friends. I believe that some people appear in your life for a reason. So if you have chances to talk to someone, try to exchange your knowledge with them! You might think outside out the box!