In an age of keen market competition in order to slice market share, “advertising” is one of the key weapons that every brand leverages. Some industries may have to spend each year hundreds of millions or billions of advertising budgets.

Many big and small brand given a big precedence to a social media to share and promote their brand widely to make their brand memorable and gain more Customer. While some brand spending a huge budget on billboard,Magazine, send their products to many influencer or grabbing the hottest stars as a presenter.For example, Emma stone from LA LA LAND get paid around 12.8 million dollars to become Louis Vuitton brand ambassador. On the one hand , collaboration is a good idea to make brand more attractive such as, GuccixDisney campaign. Until myself could not imagine that in this era How can we sell or create brands if we don’t advertise?


But believe it or not, this world has a brand that has stood and has been growing for over a hundred years. Without ever paying a baht for advertising.


I am talking about the French bag brand GOYARD, which many people read the brand name Ko-ic, but reading according to the French origin. This brand reads Go-yar, which was born in Paris. Just a year ago, a giant brand Louis Vuitton, with the business of making bags and boxes for the rich, to pack items for traveling or sending abroad. Imagine that more than a hundred years ago. That traveling is not as convenient as it is today People who are eligible to travel long distances or delivering goods far away there are all rich people or all the big businessmen.


The distinctive feature of Goyard is known as the paint on every bag and trunk. The paint is a chevron or similar to the Y, which is called Goyardine, which in the past All products are hand-painted by skilled craftsmen.


But with the current business growing Expanding the number of branches worldwide Many sources say that Goyardine currently uses special printing techniques. No longer using paint craftsmen by hand Because I can’t even imagine that if I’m still painting How big an army would be to be able to produce enough products to meet the growing demand every year?


However, One thing that can be assured for over a hundred years until today is that Goyard products are still manufactured in every Goyard technician in France. There is absolutely no expansion of production bases to other countries. Which is different from many high-end brands Which have begun to expand production bases to other countries for a long time.

Goyard is a brand that adheres to production quality. And be careful about expanding branches not to be too easy to find products Resulting in this brand continuously creating a loyal group of fans Although the brand has never hired a presenter to hold a promotional product alone, Goyard has become a hot item that has always appeared in pop culture.


GOYARD relies on word-of-mouth about product quality to get customers from the royal family, such as the Romanov dynasty in the state of Russia, the Windsor family of England, to world-class brands like Coco Chanel or hip-hop artists. Kanye WestOne of them is going to be a props in the music. Rihanna’s videos make many people recognize this brand Without having to pay even one baht for advertising Which the industry that loves this brand a lot Back, not just the fashion line But spread to rapper circles Which the top of the tops are all in the possession of Goyard.



GOYARD does not sell products online.However, the management of Signoles has increased the income and profits of the business several times.
Income Year 2000 1,400,000 Euro or approximately 55 million baht
2013, 41.1 million euros, or about 1,600 million baht
Increase of over 2,800% profit Year 2000 18,000 Euro or approximately 700,000 baht. 2013, 12,800,000 euros, or about 500 million baht
An increase of over 71,000%. That is very amazing from the number of Go yard.


Aside from never posting an advertising budget To this day that everyone Flocked to sell online since toothbrush to car, but Goyard still adheres to the sale of products through the store only However, Goyard does not reject the use of social media. Currently, the brand has Youtube channels and Instagram followers, which doesn’t have a lot. And the brand doesn’t seem to care about these numbers

From my direct experience Buying this brand of bags requires a lot of merit and merit points. Because it’s not that the model and color that you want is something that we have to spend money to buy all the time And of course, the brand itself does not reconcile or regret missing a sales opportunity What the staff told me was If today doesn’t have the version you want The only thing you should do is patience and try to check again if there is a chance. Which I spent over half a year Before getting the wallet, model and color that you want to possess.


One of the factors that makes Goyard unique. Different from other high-end fashion brands It is because today, Goyard is still a private business that does not enter the stock market. And is not a brand in the fashion giant Make decision power And guidelines for doing business Can be determined without having to take profit Or the numbers that grow up are the most important Brands do not need to expand branches. Increase sales to make numbers please investors Or stock market And this is the reason why the brand is more than a hundred years old, still desirable by many people. Without requiring anyone to promote Or even advertise once

Despite the rumors that came out two or three years ago that the giant of the fashion industry LVMH Interested to invest a lot of money to buy the brand Goyard into his own kingdom. But in the end, this deal never really happened.

It can be seen that the most important thing of business operations is Producing quality products and services.

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