Racism, also called Racialism, is any actions or belief including discrimination, prejudice and hatred directed to someone based on the belief that their color, ethnicity, and race are superior. It takes many forms and can happen in many times and places such as in the school, company, the society.

Racist is a person who shows or acts like discriminate others or prejudice against of others races or someone who believe that their own race or religion is superior than others.

         In our world, there are the diversity in nationality, culture, religion, believe, and appearance that make people around the world different from each other’s.

      There is someone believed that some races are superior to others and don’t accept the diversity of culture, nationality, religion, appearance, and race of the others that create racism to exist in the society but, sometimes there are people who aren’t intend to racist to others because of their innocent. Someone said that people are not born with racist idea or attitudes. Racism is something is learned.

Nowadays, the problems about racism and discrimination are not being solved and it is not tend to decrease and it seem to affect others dignity. And the effects of racism can create feeling of sadness, anger, anxiety, and depression. It hurts people’s health and welfare

In the recent years, racism was found a lot on social media in the form of funny memes, hateful video, or hatred comment and so on which called cyber-racism and it becomes creating the hatred and conflict occurred among the society and social media.

      .It’s illegal to treat people differently because of their race or culture. If it happens to you, remember – no one has the right to make you feel bad or abuse you for who you are.”  

Racism should not be happened in our society and there are many ways to eliminate the Racial discrimination. Firstly, making an effort to get to know people who different than you and appreciate the diversity. Supporting anti-prejudice and anti-racist campaign and making the different to be common. Finding out the way to expand opportunities for people of colour for making the equality among the diversity. There are so many other ways for resolving racism and it begins from yourself.

Racism in Social Media

Recently, racism become a significant issue on online media.  Due to social media era, people be able to make hateful comments or share offensive contents as an anonymous. Therefore, they are more likely to share unrestricted racist attitudes towards people in the online environment.The example of racism in media are hateful videos that shared online, offensive comments, or offensive memes etc. Cyber-racism can create a huge impact towards the growth of racism mindset to spread wider and hard to control. Online platform has an ability to spread the racist messages to the world widely and fast.

One of the example of racism on social media is #RespectLisa. Lisa or Lalisa Manoban, she is a Thai member of Blackpink. Blackpink is a famous girl group which there are four members, Lisa is the only Thai member in the group. The girl group is from a big company in South Korea, YG Entertainment. The racist comments started after the Reality TV show “Real Men 300” in South Korea. The contestants are required to training like a soldier also they can not wear makeup. When the TV show released, some Korean commented on Instagram and on social media criticized her appearance and about her race. The Instagram account Welovebtsforever_, commented “She came to Korea to earn money, she doesn’t deserve to be here. Koreans don’t like her, she should go back to her hometown.” (the picture on the right) Also, on other social media commented about her race, Southeast Asian, that she looks like a typical Southeast Asian people and she is not as pretty also not as popular as the rest of the members. [1]

After the negative comments had been spotted by Lisa fans, the people who support Lisa and also people who disagree with the discrimination comments, created hashtag #RespectLisa on Twitter.  Which is a hashtag that created for encourage Lisa and protect her from the negative comments. The hashtag is on many countries’ top Twitter trend around the world.

Another racism on social media case, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Since Meghan Markle announced her pregnancy, one photo that had been taken while she was wearing a Dior gown in her royal visit to Morocco during her seventh month pregnancy (photo on the left) received a lot of racist online comments. Online users remark that her belly button appeared visibly beneath the dress. Also, attacked her for cradling her baby bump too much and lead to other comments about her race.

According to tabloid story, described the Los Angeles-reared duchess as coming from one of the city’s roughest suburbs, “famed for its gangland wars,” “bloodbath robberies and drug-induced violence.” Another article described Meghan as “rich and exotic DNA.” Also, in Instagram and Twitter commented on her race and abusing her through social media. [2] The Montreal Gazette points out one commenter on Kensington Palace’s instagram page, “kelleywynn,” who wrote: “Some days she looks more white and others more black. Must decide which race she wants to play when she wakes up!” [3]

Campaign in Social Network

Although social media show how narrow the people’s mind are, it also dramatically opens up the world. By this I mean social media have a large space for people to represent the cultural diversity and respect the differences from each other. With the increased rate of racism in social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, where people easily to criticize, share, comment and express the opinion, there were many campaigns and hashtags started by a group of people who try to reduce this kind of problem in our society. According to the article that have been mentioned above, racism still be a big controversial issue that can happen just about everywhere especially, online, many organization around the world built campaign for solving the problem.

For example, the organization named “Racism. It stops with me”. It is an initiative of the National Anti-Racism Strategy that aims to empower individuals & organizations to prevent & respond effectively to racism in Australia due to the diversity of races and launched the hashtag “standup” to encourage people to stand against racism through social media. It also teaches people how to response when encounter with the racism. The campaign is vastly spreading out through YouTube, website, and twitter and became a popular and effective organization where thousands of people and organization including the Australian Human right commission have also individually supported the campaign. Racism. It stops with me is a successful example of social campaign who aim to reduce the conflict in the society and help the community respond to prejudice.


This hashtag became a big controversy on social after leader of the country that have known as “land of freedom”, the Donald trump, the president of the United States of America made a shocking speech about immigrant from Haiti and Africa on the previous meeting. He said that

According from CNN news

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” referring to mentioned countries. Trump also suggested that America should instead bring more people from other countries such as Norway or Asia’s countries because those countries can help the United States economically, according from CNN news. From his speech, it makes many people disappointed and have some responses both in social media and protest, for example, Haitians tweeted image defending their country and many twitter users raised arguments about the speech of the president and the hashtag. United Stated is a big and powerful country, therefore people around the world care and give an attention on this issue very much especially African people. They losing respect for the U.S. and react through the social media asking for their dignity. However, the launched of hashtag can build an awareness of the racism and empower a lot of people to fight for their dignity and fairness.

Racism is more than a ‘harmless joke’ or just comment. It is often lead to discrimination, prejudice and hatred directed to someone based on the belief on other color, ethnicity, and race which are different. Racism can happen on anywhere and anytime especially on cyberspace where is the place that people be able to express opinion without any restriction. It can not be deniable that racism causes harm and hurt the individual, commodity and our society at large.The easy way to reduce this kind of problem is to looking in ourselves. Start to discover that the way you speak is not racist. By this it mean, when you talk or comment, try to avoid the word that might be bias or lead to controversy. More Significantly, speak openly and share the experiences about racist that you met on social media because speaking up together is also help us for reducing the racism and increasing social value of equality and fairness by creating an awareness and open mind on people.

[1] Netizen Buzz, January 12, 2019 “ Lisa is the #1 most followed female K-Pop star on Instagram”

[2]  Max Foster with Hilary McGann, CNN, March 8, 2019, “The racist online abuse of Meghan has put royal staff on high alert”.

[3] The Montreal Gazette, February 3,2019, “Team Meghan vs Team Kate takes on a hateful tone with notes of racism, sexism”.

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