Have you ever been lonely before?

                 In the situation most of people stay at home to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 so people should to work from home and study from home by online system.You cad find a new hobby to reduce the loneliness such as watching a movie, listening a music or find a new hobby in your life.According to me, when I’m free during at home I would like to find a new movie to watching after finished classes and nowadays film industry has better from the past, we have a new movie launch in everyday and we have option to choose a lot as applications that helps to facilitate us such as Netflix , Iflix , VIU , Line  TV , Itune store and more.

From the picture above,you can see that it all the application you can watching the movie in that app.Each applications have different just a small details such as price of premium , kind of movie ,country can access , user habits , easier to access , target group people are watching and much more. 


Netflix : The popular application in this era because it has more option you can choose a movie from other country.Moreover, you can pay for premium for watching all the whole movie and you can share package with your family or your friend it is very value! You can watching via other device like smartphone , tablet , Television etc.In this application you can watch a movie around the world that connect with Netflix such as Spanish movie , Korea movie , Italian movie , Thai movie  and more not only country but also kind of movie in Netflix is also classifies movies into categories.Target of Netflix is all ages people can access easier.Moreover,you can use this to make a family relationship when you spend time to watching a movie.


               Iflix : It is the second application people use.The option of Iflix is too similar to Netflix and also logo brand too.Iflix is attractive people by price because it too cheap more than Netflix ,but you can get the movie application the same as Netflix.People can access easier owing to the price,people who don’t serious about a variety of movies type they are choose Iflix to waste the time at their home.Moreover,it can connect in every device as smartphone, tablet ,television etc. except Apple store because of copyright.Target of this application is all of ages can use and people have a way to choose to watching a movie.Thus you choose low price that make sure you exchange with the quality you can get in Iflix.  


                     Viu :  It is third application I use to watching a Asian movie and series because it too easy to access and it has subtitle for Thai people besides it is very popular in Asia since in this application there is a fast series after they broadcast 8 hours that launch in this application.It popular in Asia ,but in other countries not too much.A price is in the middle not cheap and not too expensive if exchange with variety and have Thai subtitle.Viu is easy to access you can watch in the whole episode if you pay in package 1 month ,but you can try to use free in 7 days if you satisfy you can pay and watch the good quality of series.Target group is all of ages can access this application.

Line TV

                Line TV : It is fourth of application people use to watching a movie,only line account you can access in this application and watching a variety of program as series , movie ,entertainment ,comic including dramas ,music ,as well as many famous movie.Nevertheless,Line TV available in many countries,such as Japan , Taiwan.it has some agreement such as you can watching Thai program in Thailand area if you do not stay in Thailand it does not connect or has poor connection and sometimes it blocked you to watching video in Line TV.Thus,you can watching the program within Line TV will be programs of that country.Moreover,this application is FREE! just use only your Line account to connect with Line TV.

Itunes store

Itunes store :It is the last application I use to watch a movie.Itune store is the platform from Apple that make sure the system can trust and has good quality.Itunes store come with everything you need for entertainment ,anytimes you want no matter where you are.People can use Itunes for organize or play music and videos ,find movie and TV shows free podcast and use Itune to do much more.Nevertheless,if you use Apple device it easy to you connect ,but if you use in other device from different network it too difficult to connect with Itunes store.It can be seen that this application specific target of audience to use this app.Moreover,it too expensive when you when to buy some movie or something in Itunes you spend the same price with other apps but you can get only one movie:you can do anytime anyplace because you buy it and you own:  if you spend the same price in other apps you can watching a lot of entertainment in months or week.Lastly,I do not think it popular too much that other applications above because it has more agreement ,most of people use Itune because they are brand loyalty. 



           According me,when I during quarantine and still online that make me has more free time.In fact I like to watching a movie before ,but nowadays I want to analyze favourite movie from me to you: In my opinion to that movies.

I think watching movie is the basic hobby of everybody ,but I think a movie you return to watching again that mean you add to favorite movie without realizing! You can follow along after you read my review,Guarantee that fun for sure! And If you like a same movie like me you can discuss you comment and share a movie the same types of this🎬🍿


Movie    : From South Korea

Rating  : R for language , violence  and sexual content

Genre   : Art House & International,Drama

Directed By : Bong Joon HO (Studio NEON)

Theaters : Oct 11,2019

: I watched Parasite in the theater ,firstly  I had no expectation walking into parasite,but now it become one of my favorite movie in 2019,and it’s bound to be a classic.Purpose of parasite that director want to present is what about gorgeous and discriminate.In my opinion , I like the purpose they want to present not all of movie has core of this purpose and they can present in the correct way,people understand a movie want to communicate.The concept of parasite which I like is built on and what it explores throughout the movie,with the conflict and contrast between upper and lower classes society they propagate with its prevalence within their lives of all the characters,along with how they overcome their difficulties and how they evolve with their circumstance.Parasite has clearly social reflection how rich people live and poor people live,rich people often use money to solve every problems and they do not ponder because it use a small amount of money of them.On the other hands,we can see that poor people do not have more money to do anything,just use  money to build their life to become better they can not because of money.It can be seen that money is the important thing in our life that mean we can live without money although it not the big thing ,but happiness is also used money to build it.And it other reason it get the 4 big awards that Parasite has received is a great movie , best director ,best original screenplay and excellent foreign language movies.It not easy to get the Oscar awards because Asia movie indust not make a great movie and has name to push forward like Parasite.


Movie : From United States 

Genre : Science fiction , Horror and Period drama

Directed By : The Duffer Brothers 

Production Company : 21 Laps Entertainments , Monkey Streaming

Release : Episode 1 July 15 ,2016

: In my oinion,I think is very fun and fantistic!They present us so interesting and when I’m watching I feel like myself inside a movie it so enjoyable.The story is about a group of children they like of science and they find something wrong in their city like a chemical after that something happened a lot from stranger things they detected.Each episode tell us the presumption a little until we know the fact.Stranger things present in 3 episodes (now) it make we feel we investigate together with the character.The movie release for a long time,but I just came to see it recently when during quarantine time.I so appreciate and impress to the movie and I this chemical research like a movie has in the our life ,but we don’t know the fact yet…..

Lastly,you can comment about you favorite movie below my blog to share our comment and discuss another movie like this! 📽🎞




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