Coronavirus or Covid-19

Coronavirus or as we all know as COVID-19, one of the scariest viruses to countries around the world, is killing people who are affected by it. More than 4,000 people around the world die and more than 100,000 people are affected. People have difficulty living nowadays since they are scared of this virus. They panic and hoard food and important things. Also, people try to protect themselves by finding something to cover their mouth, one way this virus can transfer, and one of the best ways to prevent it is using facemasks.

People with face mask, normal thing to do at this time

 Many countries in the world, including Thailand, have faced the difficulty to handle The Covid-19 which is the disease infected by fluid from person to person. We also have PM2.5 that is still a big unsolved problem since 2019. Covid-19 is one of the biggest situations that most countries face. Facemask is one of the prevented tools, used to protect people from viruses. It is now the demanded product. This causes accumulation and hoarding of masks without realizing the type and performance in each mask. Moreover, it causes a higher price to the mask.

 In the media, there is lots of information published about how to prevent the disease. There are lots of fake news and rumors that make people alarmed. Also, they receive the information without considering the sources which can cause misunderstanding about the virus. People are confused about the information from the media and They did not realize that each facemask has a different performance that they might spend too much money on.

How people use or choose the wrong facemask since they don’t have enough knowledge about facemask. Each face mask has different characteristics for example; N95 contains viruses from people with symptoms before spreading to others. It also protects the workers from infecting the virus from the one who is affected. Each face mask is designed for those that really need it. Remember that if you do not know how to choose and use them properly, it will not help anything.

From the statistics above from, from Covid-19, it shows that people increasingly search for face masks from January until February. This situation causes the price of masks to increase higher up to twice or triple. From the research from, in February we found out that the price of face mask for 50 pieces increased more than ten times from the past, it is now 6 -15 baht per piece and 120-650 baht per box.

Choose suitable facemask to protect you

Now that face mask is considered as the main priority when it comes down to the protection of PM2.5 and Covid-19 and preventing the transmission of disease through sneezing and coughing as well. It used to be prevented from who has flu and who used the masks less likely to be diagnosed with the illness Now that, since the face mask became popular through many countries especially ASIA, it brought to many types of face masks in order to protect and suit for several situations.

By way of illustration

N95 is highly efficient for protecting PM2.5 and virus Covid-19 suitable for those who are around the risking area. Disadvantage: wearing this mask could feel uncomfortable and hard to breathe which makes people cannot often wear this type of mask.

Surgical masks are suitable for normal people. It is easy to buy and it is the cheapest type of face mask and has a good level of protection -virus, and pm2.5. This type of mask helps block large-particle droplets that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria. And it has blocking seeps in the green layer which could reduce the virus from the sneezing and coughing. 

Pitta mask is the most suitable for PM2.5, but cannot protect Covit-19 viruses. This mask is able to be reused by washing it  “ The Pitta masks claim to be 99% effective at filtering out pollen and dust particles, which range from 5-100 microns in size.” Unfortunately, Pitta masks are useless in current situations.

Fabric mask : This mask became popular in Thailand since every mask became out of stock in the market because every mask is one-time use.  But this fabric mask could be reused as much as possible since it is a washable mask. However, reusing the mask is quite not clean as one-time use of surgical mask since if improper washing fabric mask leads to bacteria, smell, dust that could still stick in the mask and bring the reverse outcomes afterward and the fabric mask has a low level of protecting you from viruses and PM2.5. 

On this ground, the most effective is surgical mask due to today’s situation since it could protect against both viruses and PM2.5.

We recommend Surgical Mask or any disposal mask that can withhold any liquid particle. As Covit-19 transfers by any secretion from one person to another, but only liquid from the respiratory system because Covid-19 is a disease that harms the lung system. Thus marks were to prevent liquid from getting into your body through any hole that connected to the respiratory system namely mount, ears, eyes or nose. However, masks were merely a barrier to protect you as there are many people misunderstanding a lot about Covid-19 diseases. For example, it is better to wear a mask than nothing, this misconception was spread a lot and is false regarding how the disease spread. The Covid-19 will not affect you or infect you if it does not get into the mouth, ear, nose, and eye as mentioned earlier. Yet people still cough outside the mask or accidentally touch your mouth or nose. Therefore, masks become useless in that regard.

Moreover, disposal one is better due to if the virus is either on the outer or inner side of the masks or came from yourself or others it is better to throw it away and not use it. As others mask tends to use more than 2-3 days, to illustrate if the virus is on your mask you will carry the virus with you everywhere for 2-3 days.

Now that in terms of washable masks like sponge masks, it is acceptable to wear, but only and only were to be washed properly and thick enough to not spread the secretion to others nearby.

What happens if you cannot see or buy from any store?

As you all know, Coronavirus has caused a shortage of face masks which causes people to make the face masks on their own. Due to the situation of being aware of COVID-19, the demand for face masks has been increased and some people take advantage of it to increase the price of it. After the shortage of face masks, the doctor advised people to try to build their own face masks from cloth. The cloth face masks can wash and reuse it while the others use only for one time each piece. However, this type of face mask is not good enough to protect ourselves from those viruses.


The COVID-19 virus seems to continue spreading around the world at this time. Many countries are closed and require their citizens to quarantine themself for 14 days if they go to risk places. People panic with the situation and cause them to buy things without realizing their ability like facemask. The information above helps you to understand more about the ability of each face mask. To protect ourselves from the spreading of the virus is wearing face masks and cleaning your hands with alcohol sanitizer. However, at this time, it is hard to find new face masks and sanitizer from the over demands of people that are anxious about the virus. So when you go outside, please bear in mind to not touch anything randomly and your face, washing hands anytime that have a chance, avoid the place that has a lot of people and lastly, we hope that everybody will be safe from this virus and the situation will go back to normal.

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