Despite having new fashion styles, it is an undeniable fact that some previous fashions never get outdated. People can also dress however they would like to and it will never be considered as being out of fashion.

Why do fashion trends repeat?

Fashion trend is cyclic. This is clearly proved by the fact that most clothes we wear nowadays used to be popular in the past few decades. We might have heard sometimes when we bought a cloth and our mom said, “I used to have one when I was young”. 

The first reason is the movie. Movie has a major impact on people in our society’s behaviour including the way they dress. For example, there is a Netflix series, named “Stranger Things”, which the scenes are set to be as if the characters were in 80’s decade. This affects on how people look at the 80’s fashion trend from “old” to be “aesthetic”. Furthermore,  it has a soft power on the fans of this series. They are inspired and dress in 80’s outfits that are similar to the show.

Stranger Thing’s outfit

Secondly, it might be an influence from those fashion designers who used to see the previous trend when they were young; therefore, some current fashion trends are inspired by the old ones. This is an example that a designer of a well-known brand uses old fashion trend as an inspiration to produce clothes being on trend.

Chadwick men’s sweater

Gucci Wool Alpaca Argyle Knit

Thirdly, celebrities also create enormous impact on fashion industry. They also have enough power to bring back outdated fashion or brand to become mass once more. Everyone might have their own ideal person or famous person they admire. Consequently, people tend to dress up in the same way as their model. There is a case that Travis Scott wore a cap from Von Dutch, a brand which used to be popular in 2013. This increases the total sales in the market, although this brand had already disappeared since 2010.

Travis Scott with Von Dutch hat

There is a theory supporting idea that fashion trend repeats from James Lavers, a dress historian worked at the Victoria, about the fashion trend cycle. Laver’s law says that all fashion trends were considered to be indecent in the first place, 10 years before its time. When it comes to be on-trend, people are convinced that it is smart way to dress. 20 years later of its time, people will look back at it as a ridiculous trend. However, people will realize after 70 years of its time that it is charming. This makes it more clearly that fashion trend will always repeat.

Jame Laver’s law of the fashion lifecycle

James Laver’s image

Fashion has no “gender”

  Before bringing you to know the types of fashion which has never been outdated, we have to know that “Fashion has no gender”. At the present, new generations are becoming more accepting of the gender diversity. At the same time, the gender neutral is also being shifted to other fashions such as dressing, make up, and hair style. There are a large number of celebrities in our world who realize about genderless fashion. For example, Harry Edward Styles, who is an english singer, songwriter, and actor, said that “I find myself looking at women’s clothes, thinking they’re amazing”. He also wore those clothes on Vogue Magazine and there were a lot of people who were impressed. Moreover, in Thailand, there are two singers preferring to wear woman clothes or dresses, they are Koen Pataradanai and James Teeradon. They have a huge influence on the gender neutral fashion industry. The last one is Cara Delevingne, she used to wear tuxedo to princess’s wedding in her country, her style was so famous and she had received positive feedback. So, Fashion has no gender is an expressing yourself by dressing which is non-gender.

Fashion has no gender

7 Fashion Trends never go out

  Fashion industry has always been evolved by people, but sometimes you might have seen clothes, lipsticks, or hair style like this before because it gets repeated and these trends will occur again. We select trends of fashion that are timeless in our world. 

1. Jean and Denim

 Jeans and denim are pants that most people pick to wear all the time. It looks classic and modern at the same time. You can wear jeans with crop top shirt , t-shirt, tank top, denim jacket, or suite. It makes you can adapt your clothes easier. I can say that “You can wear jeans with anything”. Moreover, it is comfortable and everyone can wear it from children to adults. The reason why jeans and denim has never gone out is because it is always cool with all humans.

2. Crop Top Shirt

Crop Tops is an amazing design, it looks small and fit, but it is comfortable. You can wear crop top with jeans, skirt, or slack pants. However, you might not be able to wear it in some events such as wearing it to work, wedding, or job interview. When you wear some types of crop top, you might feel you are too sexy. Most celebrities like to wear crop top. For example, Kendall Jenner, she often wears crop top in normal day and she looks so good with it. Rose Blackpink frequently wears crop top with her jeans or slacks. So, crop top is a one choice for your casual day.

3. Scottish Skirt or Kilt

Many people interest in Scottish skirt or Kilt not only Scottish, but also including most people from different part of the world. Scotland is the country that create original Scottish skirt, it is their tradition. Fashion industry brings some platform of original Scottish skirt to create new style. This type of skirt can adapt with t-shirt, crop top, or sweater. It makes you look pretty and smart. For example, Lisa Blackpink used to wear it on her concert, she looks so pretty girl on the floor. 

4. Hawaii Shirt

Hawaii shirt has always been on trend all of the time because it is comfortable shirt and when you wear it, you will feel you are vintage person. In this type of shirt, you will see various flower on it. Mostly, people wear Hawaii shirt to the beach or on a casual day. You can wear it with jeans, slack pants or bikini. There are some famous people wear Hawaii shirt and look smart. The example is Leonardo Dicaprio.

5. White Sneaker

Sneakers will forever be a classic shoes for everyone. This is because these are casual shoes, you can wear it everyday and everywhere you need. Not only for sport, but also including going to work, doing activities, meeting with your parents, or going to school. You can adapt it with jeans, skirt, or every types of shirt. White sneakers will help you to be perfect guys and do everything fluently.

6. Natural Looks

One of the most classic makeup is the natural look. This makeup look makes you look fresher and it is easy to wear. The easy tips for this look are applying concealer sparingly to the areas with problem, using a powder that matches with your skin tone, using a cream or powder blush which is in soft color on the cheeks, your eyebrows do not have to be dark, and using just lip balm or soft pink lipstick. This makeup is never out of trend.

7. Smokey Eye

This makeup look is classic for everyone. Smokey eye is a dramatic style of eye makeup that gives eye a dark or smokey appearance. You can choose smokey eye look to the event or party absolutely, but not in everyday life. Moreover, This style of eye makeup uses eyeliner, mascara, and at least two eyeshadows. This style never goes out because it is classic style and creates people to be good looking.

The Right And Wrong Fashion

People definitely have a variety of preferences in fashion. Some people may look at one dress and think it is beautiful, whereas others may not. Nevertheless, differences do not mean they are weird. All people should have already been confident to dress in the way they would like to, but there are still some people who do care about how others think of themselves. Generally, everyone should stop judging whether others’s styles are indecent or not. This will result in people dressing confidently and variously. In spite of not being on trend in this and age, it will be considered beautiful someday as mentioned earlier. According to Laver’s law, each fashion trend has its own peak. 

       Society always shape people to dress as they think it is appropriate. However, No one can decide. However, there is no certain rule in fashion. Cynthia Carmen Burbridge-Bishop, the famous model, created #DontTellMeHowToDress in order to solve the problems associated with patriarchy. This campaign also relates to the right and wrong of fashion because most elderly people in Thailand always teach their children to dress properly, but what is the criteria of proper? The word “proper” of each one might not be the same.

       In summary, there is no right or wrong in fashion. Dressing should be fun thing to do due to the fact that if we enjoy with it, it will make us more confident. People should be themselves, not trying to be like others would like them to be. Moreover, people should not be afraid of trying new style. The fear of how others say about our outfits will only hold us from being fashionable. Whether this trend is suitable for us or not, we are the only one who can decide.