Hello, guys, are you having a fabulous week? Can you guys guess what I’m going to write about from reading the quote above? I am going to tell about stereotyping in different platforms of media.

I am quite sure you guys probably know what media, because these days we all use media all the time. It is one of the main places where children and adults are using and learning, such as television, radio, magazine, book, newspaper and social media.

 Definition of Stereotype

The stereotype is a set of ideas or attitudes towards people or certain groups with a fairly long term and becoming a standard eventually. For example, foreigners think Thai people are kind and love to smile but, not everyone in Thailand will have an easy-to-smile character like the stereotype and the image of Thailand.

Similarly, the stereotype of LGBT people on TV drama or TV program. They are portrayed as ridiculous, nonsensical and sharp-tongued characters. But in real life, there are many LGBT that helps society but we just don’t see on the television. So, many people do not accept them because they were considered from the media representation which is an idea that is stuffed with a certain group. Consequently, it may cause a negative effect.

    Media platform that I include are social media, television, commercial and magazine. Becuase we can all see sterotyping cleary occur in these media platforms. Let’s start with social media.

Social Media


In recent years, stereotyping in social media commonly by representing girls as a sexualized object that seeks male attention and it have been aiding the stereotyping of the female body too.

Human nowadays is so much different from the last 50 years ago. Social media has made a huge change in people’s life. Before people communicate face to face but now, people communicate through electric devices.  In addition, in the previous 4-5 years, there is a thing called “selfie”; it is when individuals snap a picture from their front camera. It turns into a selfie culture because, no matter what people are going to do, they have to take a photo first. For example, before eating with a family, they will take a gathering selfie first before eating; “camera eats first”.

According to the research, in 2018, CNN health experts are warning people of the dangers the “selfie” phenomenon and social media culture. The rise of Instagram and YouTube has allowed the idealization of the bodies of everyday people – no longer just the bodies of supermodels.

How Does it Become a Stereotyping ?

After taking a selfie, posting photos on social media such as Facebook or Instagram is casual, this leads to the stereotyping on social media.

Women who post pictures of themselves in sexy clothes or bikinis is so common these days. It is easy to attract the attention of the users in social media and they want to receive tons of likes, comments, and shares. Moreover, most of the women love to be admired by others so the more they receive positive comments and made them become famous. Also, they will be in the list of girls with bodies worthy of emulation and role – models of the users on social media.


Stereotyping in commercial or advertising , which is a vast and common source of gender stereotyping and they often use women to represent because women are the everyday purchase.

People will generally make decisions to buy the products due to what they see from the presenters such as, face, shape, skin products. However, not only women can be the presenter but also men which, men are generally presented in the car advertisements, businesses, smartphones, and investments, while women are shown commonly in the cosmetics advertisements.

The stereotype in commercial not just women advertise beauty product and men advertise men things.

In an ad for Del Monte ketchup in 1953, this picture shows the stereotype that women are helpless who need a man to be fulfilled.

As indicated by Steve Craig’s examination (1997), women are likewise being depicted in the home condition, in contrast to men, who are demonstrated outside which it was basic during the 1950s is as yet being shown in numerous advanced notices.

In Thailand and abroad,women will be spoken to as a housewife who is cooking, fare thee well and clean of the house, bring up kids at home for men, while men will go to work to discover cash outside the house to raise ladies and their family, and this stereotype may be because the gender that has been cultivated since the past.

Women must be neat, easily influenced, home-oriented and submissive. In an unexpected way, men are solid, dynamic, extreme, sensible and overwhelming. So this is the case of sexual orientation stereotyping so as to see more.

In an ad for a Kenwood chef mixer with a slogan “The Chef does everything but cook that’s what wives are for” which women are being nothing more than housewives who should stay at home, cook and clean for men.
In a cigarette ad with the slogan, ‘Cigarettes are like women. The best ones are rich and thin’ which women are targeted as being sexual objects to be desired based on their looks.

Likewise, women represented as sexy seductresses, the objects of desire of every man.

When looking at the racial stereotype in an advertisement, numerous races, ethnicities, and cultural groups are frequently distorted in publicizing through generalizations that sponsor an attempt to impart and abuse.

Which race stereotype still used and it can create a negative effect,  negative connotations and social problem such as bias between nationalities. So, stereotypes from the major nationality toward minorities a widely concerning problem in many countries up to the present time.

Men will often represent in car commercial not women

For instance, researchers have suggested that depictions of African Americans as criminal, aggressive, and unintelligent in the media help reinforce and maintain hostile anti-black prejudice against this African Americans (Oliver, 1999; Dixon and Linz, 2000). Similarly, researchers also found that when the Western media portrayed third-world people as naive, inferior, traditional, and uncivilized, it explained the perpetuation of benevolent, paternalistic prejudice toward these people (Mitra, 1999; Ramasubramanian, 2005)

So, stereotypes from the major nationality toward minorities a widely concerning problem in many countries up to the present time. For instance, researchers have suggested that depictions of African Americans as criminal, aggressive, and unintelligent in the media help reinforce and maintain hostile anti-black prejudice against this African Americans (Oliver, 1999; Dixon and Linz, 2000).

Including, The advertisement defined socio-economic status or class.

    1889: The Aunt Jemima brand
1938: At the same time, advertising still held the idea of black domestic servants

1952: Madison Avenue


The last topic I am going to mention about is the stereotype in Magazine. As you can see from many magazines covers, you can see that most of the magazine covers are women and men figures.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ magazine covers stereotype

Women must have big boobs, big butts, thin, and long slender legs. Men must have sexy six-pack abs and big muscle. These are some traits that everybody wants to have and you can see it from many models, actresses, and actors on all over the media especially in the magazine.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ magazine covers stereotype

In some situation, some overweight people saw the model in the magazine, they will think that something went wrong with their body and being fat is wrong. In the industry of models and actresses, size matters. A slim body is a type of body image which people will call it attractive, sexy, and gorgeous. Unrealistic physical ideals may affect many people and cause low self-esteem in women who are overweight.

People in our society judges people based on their appearance and body size. Some overweight women start to make their own body goals to gain more self-confidence so they can fit in in our society and will not get insulted by any actions or words from other people. This is not a bad thing to make their own body goals if they can be able to do it in the right way.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ overweight

However, if they do it wrong, it will cause negative effects on them. Some researches state that achieving body goals are one of the main causes of eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

According to the research from King’s College London, people with an eating disorder can die in a result of a physical health problem caused by extreme loss weight behaviors or starvation. There are higher death rates in people with anorexia than people with other psychiatric illnesses.

We all use stereotype all the time, without know it. We have met the enemy of equality and the enemy is us.” – Annie Murphy Paul, 1998

To conclude, stereotype happens since the human was made to be together, it is part of our life especially these days. We cannot change things much about stereotyping, what we can do is don’t persuade or encourage others to be a stereotype. Also, you guys should make sure that you are not in the situation of stereotyping. The most area you should be more careful of is media, beware as much as you can.

Things I mentioned above are the things that you guys have to know about the stereotype in the media because it is what surround you and what you have to live with.

However, always be cautious when consuming information because it might not be true. Everything we see might and read you might feel it is true, but sometime if there are no facts supporting you should de the research again to make sure before trusting or believing something in different media platforms.