When talking about fashion, have you ever asked yourself these questions? Like “What is your first brand that pops up in your head when you are looking for a new cool shirt?” or something like “What is your inspiration for your outfit before going out? 

Now, matching clothes has become a big deal for many people of every age. When going out, quite a lot of people dress well. Siam is one of the most popular places to see how people dress nowadays, which can start from normal to the high-price brand name and there are also a bunch of stores for those shopaholics. Did your fashion is Fast Fashion? BUT how could we actually know that we are now consuming fast fashion? 

Fast Fashion is the production and distribution of fashionable clothes. It focuses on selling in large quantities, cheap, easy to buy, sell quickly, bored quickly and wasteful use of resources. Problems that followed, in addition to running out of money on shopping, is an environmental problem because fashion is the industry that has the greatest impact on the environment (From the G7 meeting in 2019, France) destroyed both Sustainable Fashion, causing the Climate Crisis, resulting in an unprofitable use of resources. And it also causes brutal forced labour to produce Fast Fashion clothes as well. Fast Fashion’s solution is not to let us stop buying Fast Fashion clothes and go to buy brand name clothes or brands advertised as Sustainable Brand. The solution is to reuse, not buy more, use secondhand or exchange with friends because the liking of right and good is not wrong. If you prefer to buy cheap and good things all the time and do not use it worthwhile, that’s Fast Fashion.

WHO are the big players?

Many giant firms like H&M, ZARA, Uniqlo are both retailers and manufacturers although they usually source the particular production of clothing. They reply to a rise in client’s appetency for up-to-the-minute styles and a rise in consumer purchasing power. 

Here we are, let’s look into some leaders of the Fast Fashion industry!


To initiate with the world’s largest apparel retailer, ZARA, the founder’s financial status proves that 84-year old Amancio Ortega is the 6th richest person in the world!

This Spanish clothing retailer focuses on Fast Fashion merchandise not only clothing for women, men, youngsters but also shoes, accessories, swimwear, perfume, bags, and beauty products.


Do you know H&M is brief from Hennes & Mauritz? No? You do know now!

This is a Swedish transnational retail company, commerce fashion products for adults and children. Technically, H&M is the oldest of the Fast Fashion giants. With operating over 5,000 stores, as well as some underneath numerous company brands, in 74 countries, it is the second-largest global clothing retailer. 

Many people aforesaid H&M is seriously sensible at greenwashing, creating themselves look property and moral, however truly not.

The brand has created a clothing recycling campaign which sounds nice initially. Nonetheless, the question is that the quality is nice enough to not discard once a couple of months. Even though they claim to use a lot of property materials, they mix with different materials to stay the lower costs. Of course, some people might not realise that fabric blends can’t be recycled. Hence, what they said contradicts the brand’s whole recycling campaign.


Talking about the giant Asian clothing retailer, the word ‘unique’ refers to UNIQLO, a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer, and merchant. Tadashi Yanai, Uniqlo’s president, was named as Japan’s richest man in 2020. This company skyrockets around 1,300 stores worldwide.

In contrast, they are the one who ignores the humanity of the workers while changing to use more sustainable materials to satisfy their customers. As covid-19, UNIQLO attempted to stop paying their garment factories in 2020. After lessened circumstances, they promised to pay all factories; on the one hand, it is what they have to do during the pandemic since the company is not the only one affected. 


If you usually spend much time on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, you should have once seen SHEIN from ads, contents, tags and influencers.

SHEIN is founded in 2008, but it is one of the fastest-growing online fast-fashion retailers and boasts more than 19 million followers on Instagram. The brand primarily focuses on womenswear, as well as all body size; additionally, it merchandises menswear, children’s clothes, including shoes, accessories, bags, cosmetics and other fashion items. Its philosophy that they upheld is “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion,” which they offer at an affordable price with trendy styles for women and youngsters. The word ‘everyone’ means that SHEIN ships to over 220 regions and countries worldwide as they have many globally positioned warehouses. 

The reason why their products are low price is they copy the designs from other high-end fashion retailers and reproduce the products as cheaply as possible. By contrast, many consumers receive items that rarely look anything like what they saw on the website, those have been thrown up in landfills. However, who cares when it is low cost? The answer is everyone should care because the environment has been destroyed.

Who wears it?

It depends on TRENDING! Many people purchase the same items and adapt the style influenced by celebrities and influencers. They consume social media to find their style via TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Nevertheless, some clothing and accessories are high-end and not suit for wearing several times. Therefore, affordable price is the reason why the fast fashion industry boasts. People who easily get bored and usually change their style are fast fashion’s target audience!  

Social Media as influencers

It causes a number of people to have their unique style and follow the ones who are unique, as well as purchase to adapt to their way.


TikTokers provide the ideas in dress up in daily life and any occasion.

Casual Spring Outfit idea (https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSJAdPdbT/)


YouTubers create videos about how to dress up or review what they get online shopping.


Celebrities may post pictures of themselves wearing high-end brands, making the hit style. This leads people to find the on-trend things, but more affordable price. Thus, the fast-fashion brand is the solution.

Influencers post their outfits and tag brands for promoting, which the followers can purchase like them. 

Influencer: Jane Lalada
Celebrity: Kendall Jenner


People use this app not only seeking for arts but also coming with the styling ideas. 

Dark side of Fast Fashion

–       Many people assume clothing as a piece of toilet paper, once used then leave them.

Fast Fashion is about what producers want to quickly produce to market and also quickly diminish to. It can be said that they may continuously present you a new collection every single month which can make you get bored easily. In fact, they can also make you desire and obsessed with them more than usual. Did you really notice about this?

TMI : Social media can also influences young adults to consume Fast Fashion by their posts. Some of you may act like “Oh I already wore this and posted, so I don’t need it anymore. Let’s go shopping and buy a new one then” which certainly shows that Fast Fashion is REAL and people may not consider about this issue as a big problem like you would still see this action happen while you scrolling your mobile phone right now.

–       Waste money 

Even the money you choose to spend on each cool stuff is not much but think about it carefully, how many fashion items will you pay for one shopping? Aren’t those low-price items more attractive to you to spend? Why not try something like ‘No online shopping challenge for a month’? Let’s see how much you can get. 

–       You’ve already lost yourself

Where can you get your inspiration for dressing? I bet you’ll skim through some social media or Pinterest when you are running out of ideas in your head. Even there were just some ideas but when you dressed similar like them, but is that really you? In fact, fashion is more than just dress what you want, it can define who you really are through your style and taste. By consuming others’ flavor way too much, you may lost the real you unexpectedly.

–       Harm nature

In terms of ‘Fast’ is not only about how people buy items quickly but it is also about the increase of massive production while decreasing cost. People might just focus on it overnight, in the new morning it may become just one piece of garbage in the house waiting to be disposed of. Of course, there was not just one house doing this. If every home did it together, every country,  can you imagine how much waste people create? Maybe if we sit at the beach for the next 10 or 20 years, will the waves lift someone’s favorite pants?

–     Labour oppression 

Behind every month a new collection of clothes comes at the cost of cruelty to human beings. Today, many big brands have been exposed to improperly use cotton gained through labour or as we may have heard or seen through social media, the Uighurs, a minority that has been deprived of human rights, almost no longer remain human. Later, people start to take action in society which is acceptable and it matters. However, we would say that we do not support all forms of violence and look forward to their freedom to be restored, including all the exploited workers.

Have you ever heard about this #whomademyclothes ?

I expect some YES from you.

From my view, this campaign is a very big step to the near evolution to the fashion industry we would say. At first glance, it may be just a simple question, but if you look closely, this may be the starting point for getting people to pay more attention to the clothes they wear by asking  some questions like where are the clothes from? Who made them? It might make people realize that what they are wearing comes from unfair human labour or not.

For more information, please check this out!


How to walk away from fast fashion?

–       Enjoy matching those clothes that are already in your wardrobe!

Normally, you already have some, just make sure that you wore them more than 2-3 times each. The way not to get bored easily is to re-matching them! As you can see the same black dress but in a different mood and tones by just changing hair style, hats and adding more accessories.

OR if you prefer wearing a shirt, here are some recommended videos from Youtube LET’S GO AND CHECK IT OUT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7Ak_ltbbeg 

From one style to six and more than that, you can enjoy the style you want with your shorts, jeans, miniskirts and belts.

[Remind yourself] 

      1.Choose less pattern (so, it won’t be too prominent)

      2.Dedicated to simple colour like black, white, nude and jeans (easy matching)

      3.Hair style and accessories help (a lot)

      P.S. If you don’t know what to wear, remember that white shirt and jeans always work!

We love this quote by Vivienne Westwood, British designer, “buy less, choose well, make it last.”

–      Buy second-hand stuff

Unfortunately, some of them may think that second-hand is disgusting because they have to use something that others already used and may don’t feel like they can get something new for themselves. In fact, buying second-hand clothes can really save money and reduce waste from cloth manufacturing. You can get high quality stuff

BUT last minute check first. Did you do this before buying?

1. Specify budget

Apart from a limited budget in buying clothes, also check the clothes that they are reasonable with the price you pay. Don’t always pay attention to the cheap one, 

it’s a trap.

2. Check carefully before paying

Due to second-hand items, of course the quality cannot be compared to the new one. Therefore, you should check carefully to see if there is any damage like How is the fabric? Is it too dirty? Is the color still bright? If it’s a little damaged, can I fix it? Maybe you can get used-like-new brand name bags at an affordable price.

3. Cleaning

It can be considered as the most important part by the reason that you don’t really know where it came from, so clean it properly before use. Maybe you can soak it in powdered detergent water for 30 minutes before wash it in washing machine

–      Turning yourself into an online seller

As of now people are mostly stuck at home due to COVID-19 pandemic. Why not try sorting out the items that you rarely wear and sell? You may start with your personal IG live but those who prefer not to speak with your phone alone for a while, you can also open IG to release your own second-hand clothes. Make sure to include a hashtag for those Instagrammer conveniences to find what they want. 

–      Support environment friendly product

Now it can be said that people are addicted to Eco products more than in the past, so many businesses have turned their product to something that may take good care of the environment such as presenting re-cycle materials or environment care after use. For example, thinking MU, an eco-friendly brand from Barcelona, their products were made from 100 percent natural fibers. The brand also works with farmers who are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

You can visit them at https://thinkingmu.com/en/ Hope you can fit in some of them!

P.S. It would be great if people change to rely on Eco-friendly product widely