What is New Normal?

Due to the Corona virus pandemic; that causes all of us human to self quarantine at our house; including work from, study from home and etc. The New Normal is actually a business terms that defined the financial condition due to the financial crisis in 2007-2008. However, New normal in context of 2020 refers to the crisis of corona virus that tends to gradually spread around the world effecting all sorts of business and education in a long period of time. It is shaped by the confluence of a powerful forces like the virus spread. Making us getting use to the “New Normal” automatically.

How Social media influences “New Normal”

After ten years of social media growth in Thailand until nowadays, social media has changes the way we consume online activities and changes the way us human behave. However, as time flies by, these behaviour of consuming social media become a “New Normal” in our society.

Back then we all notices that us consumes more of television and offline platform than an online platform. With the lack of offline activities it tends to decrease the prime time within the family members in front of a television screen. Due to a slide change of lifestyle, people spend more time outside and spend most of their time on an internet in one day. Making more and more people spend most of their time on it which is a bad lifestyle. All of a sudden the revolution of youtubers, influencers, online labour increases making more citizens in Thailand employed and earn money through social media and run all kinds of business activity through online platform

According to a research of “The New Normal” in Thailand; reviewing two groups of users both men and women which is the age range between 20-29 years old and 30-39 years old which these two groups are the mode group that consumes social media in highest comparing to the other age range.

New Normal changes…

The definition of success in Social Media era: Back to the past 10 years, the word success ain’t that easy to be achieve; consumes a lone period of time, starting from a small to bigger in job fields. Perhaps, the dominance of social media that could destroy those routine pathway. Tends to change the mindset of the new generations to believe in success and influences a lot of people to step forward to success such by having a positive influence some social media.

Multi-Job is a new normal: Doing more than one job in recent days are more than normal since now we have more choice and more decision to make. By having a main job doesn’t mean you could not have a part time job afterwards. For example an online job that consume less time to work and all sorts of online content that make us know more things surrounded.

Role model as a big influences: Back then when we’re looking up to someone it would be the same kind of jobs most people pay respect to such as doctors, police officer, soldiers or a person who has a success family background. However, that prove us wrong; nowadays people who owns nothing yesterday could be a very successful business owner in the future with the opportunities the media has offer with all the supports that could make a difference to a lot of person.

The Quality opportunities (in media): When people become successful what others would think of is owning a house, a car or a family. Despite, nowadays the success isn’t come just from money but the ability to learn, to go through the success pathway is the most valuable lessons and can be say as a definite success having all the experiences not all people could have come through.

Trust in e-commerce: Back then some people don’t usually trust e-commerce site especially paying money through an online platform. But now all e-commerce companies build the trust through their services which tend increases a numerous number of online shoppers and online sellers.

Influencers and Blog page: Influencers makes a big impact on businesses and advertisement giving out a product overview through social media with their appearances within it. Before the growth of social media, Pantip and Dek-D.com is a very popular website/blog page that allows users to share their thoughts on any topic of interest and people who are interested would interact with it through comments, likes and share. As time pass by “Hash-tag” has been invented on social media to promote all sorts of goods and services on Instagram, facebook and Twitter. This changes the way people research for their interest by using a hash tag instead of visiting a blog page.

Work from home is Normal?

After the virus break decreases the numbers of infectant, there would be a lot going on, people expected to do a lot stuff outside of their house. However, according to the convenient technology has given us, us the time pass by and people getting use to self quarantine at home, they would definitely forget some or most of activities they wanted to do after quarantine. This is because the technologies serve all want we wanted right now including food delivery making it possible to eat anything we want at home. Also work/ study from home with all the applications and softwares that make the differences from technologies back then into everything impossible in social media platform. It is getting normal or in another word it becomes a routine for most of us working or studying at home. This is because we tends to find for a solution for a problems at all time and with the knowledges that people manage to created and input in social media and technologies allows all sorts of daily activity and routine become a normal lifestyle.

As we can see social media and technologies has a big influences on our lives and it tends to be even more convenient turning all the impossible to be a normal situation for us. Just like this lifetime moment where most of us are getting used to the life at home: studying, working, eating, excercise etc.