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Do you like watching K-series?

Normally, which channels do you usually consume media?

I think some of you might say Netflix because it has many K-series which have both Netflix original and other series in this application.

What else? What platforms do you use to watch K-series? What do you think of them? If not, I will recommend an application that you may not have seen these kinds of application before. Whether it has a movie, series, or show, it has it all. I assure you that you will be happy to know this app.

Why? Because I am a big fan of this application! In my view, I think those who like to watch K-series, K-varieties, and K-movies like me should download this application on their smartphone. It is one of the basic applications that you should have!

What is VIU?

VIU is an entertainment service that includes series, films, TV shows, and music programs legally in one app. It cooperates with three major Korean channels that have SBS, KBS, and MBC. When contents – from these three channels – are on air through television, they will release those video clips in VIU for those who want to rewatch the video or for someone who wants to consume the show later.

The VIU application was first launched in Hong Kong in 2015 and expanded to Singapore, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. VIU received a very good response in every country it launched because people can use it in both its application and websites. The highlight is to follow the Korean series around the same time as Korea. Some episodes have to wait a few hours and then we can watch them with subtitles in local languages. 

There are two ways to use it: FREE & PREMIUM.

  • For the free version of the VIU services, there is a caveat that the series for free

users will be updated approximately three days after the broadcast in Korea; moreover,

it also contains an advertisement.

  • For the VIU premium services, there is a monthly fee.

However, the profit is that you can watch it as soon as the video arrives a few hours after

broadcasting in Korea. It does not have ads.

Furthermore, the quality of the video is better than the free version; it is full HD.

Another advantage is that we can watch on up three devices at the same time.

Always HAPPY. Every time & Everywhere!

In addition, the VIU app also has a system that can download clips to keep them offline for watching later with no Internet. It is a similar idea to other watching movie application, for example, Disney+, Netflix, WeTV, and IQIYI.

After reading until here, You are starting to feel the urge to download and try it, right? Well, it is not strange for you to feel that way. When you start to be interested in the VIU application, there should be some content for you to look at after reading this article. Okay, I will be the one to recommend those content for you. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed for sure.

What I am going to suggest is the following: The legendary series that everyone should watch and the series in 2022 that should not miss in order not to fall out of the trend and get a taste of Korean content that is fresh, modern, and not monotonous. The K-series to be presented here will have different genres for everyone with different preferences. 


Dark Fantasy, Romantic Comedy

Hotel Del Luna(2019)

The story is about the supernatural Jang Man-Wol, a young woman who committed a major crime and has been cursed to take charge of the hotel for thousands of years. Until one day, she meets Koo Chan-Sung who has become the new manager of this hotel which serves customers who are ghosts, not humans.

This series is full of flavor and worth following until the end because of many elements. Each scene, such as the background, CG, dialogue, and costumes is beautiful and hard to forget. Hotel Del Luna is one of my legendary series lists; I love it. The reason is that I am the one who is afraid of the ghost; however, the way this series represents them is not that scary and has a charm of the character itself as well. Another thing that should be mentioned is the Jang Man-Wol’s outfits, which have over 100 costumes.


Crime, Thriller, Melodrama

The Flower of Evil(2020)

When you read a synopsis, it might shock you because we rarely see a series with a story like this. It is a story of a married couple who lived together for 14 years until they had a child. But, what happens when the murderers in her responsibility case are the husband who she has been with for more than ten years.

I am a person who likes to watch Korean detective series very much. So, that is why I recommend this K-series for you. It is a series with novelty in the story and also exciting. One thing worth following is searching for the truth: Who exactly is the husband? Why did the storyline of this story come out like this? The Flower of Evil will stress you out from the first episode. However, it is very peak and might shed your tears at the end of the story.

These are all dark, but there are still many colors in the series that can make you smile, for example, the little girl who is the daughter of both protagonists. She has a sweet smile that sometimes makes us forget about the serious scenes.




This series is for those who love K-zombies or Korean zombies. And, I believe that many of you probably have not watched it yet. It is about Yoon Sae-Bom making a deal with Jung Yi-Hyun to get living in her dream apartment building. However, when she moves in and willing to enjoy the change, there are infectious diseases in the apartment. As a result, this apartment was ordered to be closed and space-restricted. The inhabitants must struggle to find a way to survive; no one can be trusted.

Happiness is also one of my favorite K-zombies series. In addition to being excited in every episode, it also reflects the stratification of people in this apartment. It takes a matter of life and death depending on the class of people: which groups have to find food and fight zombies outside of the building or which groups can stay in and come out when necessary.

I watched this series when it aired in Korean just one day because the story is interesting to follow; I cannot stop watching it. What is worth following is every inhabitant was trapped in this apartment. So, there are many things to question. What will they do next? Will somebody help them? Or even Who is the first person to be infected?


All of the above are the series that are presented in the present era. I think it is time to go back in the time of the history of Korea.

Historical, Romance, Drama, Melodrama

The Red Sleeve(2021)

It tells the story of courtly love between King Jeongjo and a court woman Sung Deok-Im. King Jeongjo wants Sung Deok-Im, who he loved to become a concubine. However, she refuses because she wants an independent life and knows being the concubine does not bring happiness. 

The set is in the 18th century so you can see the traditional dress that Korean people wore in the past. The Red Sleeve is one of the K-series that I choose to watch once it has aired all episodes. The reason is that the response is unbelievably good. It makes me not want to hold on to two episodes and wait for the upcoming episode in the next week. If you ask me how good the response is, I will say that it was so good that the director chose to increase from 16 EPs to 17 EPs.


It is impossible to miss this next K-series in the VIU application!

Fantasy, Medical Drama

Ghost Doctor(2022)

It is the story of two doctors with completely different backgrounds, abilities, and personalities. However, some unexpected happens when their souls and bodies unite as one.

Ghost Doctor just ended a few weeks ago. It is a series that you can watch without stress as the others do. As a medical series, some episodes will have blood scenes. Covering your eyes when seeing those scenes is the best way for you to watch this series. What is very intriguing is why these two doctors can unite as one. What is the background that brought them together? 

Right now, I have not watched the last two episodes yet. I do not want this series to end. The reason is that I like these two doctors. It shows the development of the relationship between them. Also, the perspective of each character becomes better from the first episode. When I finished writing this article, I might grab my Ipad and open the VIU application to watch them!


How was it?

Do you want to download the VIU application right now?

All five recommended series on VIU are just a part of the entire series that is available in this application. All series have different storylines, different main actors, and actresses. Moreover, it also has almost any genre you are interested in, whether it is a romantic comedy, action, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. These become the charm of the Korean series.

As I said, VIU collects Korean content in one app. Of course, there is not just a series, it also has TV shows, movies, and music programs that make you feel fun, relaxed, and addicted to it.

“VIU can consider as THE MASTER OF K-CONTENT because of the good response that is widely spread around the world.”

Before we say goodbye, I would like to know your opinion on everything, whether you have used the VIU application before or not.

  • If so, how do you feel about the application? What content have you seen?

Do you have any recommended content for me? 

  • If you have never used it, which watching movie application are you using


Let’s share!


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