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   Have you ever watched Korean TV-series?

If it is not, thus, whether you ‘re searching for a good joke, a good weep, a good scare, or a decent dosage of goosebumps in your heart, a Television show is certain to provide. And, sure, they are well worth the effort required to read subtitles. You have to try because there is not only the wonderful content, but the secret is about Korean food. 

    A Korean TV drama series with a narrative centered on Korean food was transferred to more than 50 nations, culminating in a shockingly huge mega-hit. The success of this TV drama, which has crossed countries and cultural barriers, has contributed to an improvement in Korea’s country’s reputation or strong brand image, and an increase in sales of Korean industrial goods and a growing interest in Korean tourist sites. 

Consequently, for Korean entertaining, it refers to Korean activities that allow fans to have a good time, particularly in their spare time. Citizens in Korea like watching dramas, movies, television programs, sports, and concerts. Korean cuisine originated through a complicated interplay of the natural environment and numerous cultural influences, starting from old agricultural and nomad practices in the Korean peninsula. For instance, Korean food is mostly composed of rice, veggies, and meats. The quantity of main dishes that complement steam-cooked short-grain rice distinguishes typical Korean dinners. Especially, Kimchi is offered with almost every meal. Sesame oil, doenjang, and other often used substances. 

A consumers’ increased fascination in Korean pop culture, including such K-pop songs and Korean TV series and movies, has surely contributed to the expansion of Korean food. Diners, on the other hand, are looking for intriguing new culinary delights.  Besides that, Korean cuisine that integrates bold, unique tastes in the dressings and are harmonized with banchan to compliment the main dish have gained popularity among foodies. As an example, Korean BBQ restaurants have become particularly popular on the nationwide restaurant scene, particularly among younger customers, as visitors flock to these undertakings for the delectable mixture of flavors, which a little heat matched with sweet, savory, spicy, that enable the Korean sauces to strengthen the components of the meal. Consider a menu that includes tantalizing meals like pork belly, beef short ribs, poultry, and other meats, as well as endless sides of Napa kimchi, pickled onion, jalapeos, and other vegetables.

During your leisure time, once you’re bored and lonely and thinking what to do with your free time, it might be difficult to come up with ideas. It’s all too easy to be trapped into endless browsing on social networks or watching television rather than making the most of your leisure time. Also, this suggestion and step will get you eager to appreciate your free time in new and interesting ways if you’re seeking for some leisure activities that aren’t just entertaining, but also helpful to your lifestyle.

As you can see, Korean TV-series is the main influence among people around the globe, especially it drives Korean food. You might find out that you want to experience Korean food for once due to its taste, appearance and deliciousness.  Food is passion, and the Korean drama series is as well. The desire for food and various slobber flavors and tastes is the most powerful force on the globe. Who doesn’t enjoy discovering every nook and cranny of the cuisine? Everybody is eager for some form of food, and they would do anything to have a mouthful of it. One of the most enticing images in South Korean dramas is food. There is no denying that Korean cuisine has always been appealing and delicious. As a result, various TV channels chose to depict the cuisine theme in their television shows. Korean foods are now famous all over the world, and all credit belongs to the Korean dramas that do an excellent job of presenting the heavenly enchantment and flavor of local cuisine. Regarding food, you get episodes like Dae Jang Geum (2003-2004) , Fermentation Family (2011-2012),and Let’s eat (2013) in which There is an compassionate and precise food cooking techniques.It’s also another way to introduce Korean food and eating culture.It also intersects the narrative of the characters with interesting and entertaining content for the audience. 

   Therefore, cooking Korean food is one of the most passionate activities, that you should. As for the first menu that I will introduce, we can see often in Korean series that are easy and delicious as well, Tokbokki. There are quite a few things you need to prepare that you can find at stores and supermarkets.

  1. Instant Tteokbokki Flour 
  2. Gochujang Sauce
  3. Sugar 
  4. Meat or meatballs as desired

How to: 

-First, pour a small amount of water into the pan and boil the Tokbokki Flour in hot water for 5-10 minutes or until the water boils.  

– Add meat or meatballs as needed  

-Then add 1-2 tablespoons of Gochujang sauce and 1/2 tablespoon of sugar or as appropriate. 

 – Blend the sauce well and it’s done, put it on a plate or you can add garnishes.

The next recommended dish is Kimchi Fried Rice , there are few ingredients that we can buy on supermarket.

1.Japanese rice

2.cup kimchi

3.Gochujang sauce

4.Meet or Egg


How to:

First, we will take you to cook Japanese rice first.You can use steamed rice, but recommend Japanese rice for more deliciousness.

– Measure the rice as you need and wash the rice with clean water about 3 times.

  The amount of water for cooking Japanese rice will use 1 cup of water per 1.5 cups of water.

-Soak the rice

Usually if it’s Thai rice cooking,when the rice is finished will be able to cook immediately .But for Japanese rice,we should soak the rice in clean water for at least 10-15 minutes.

-After soaking the rice, it’s time to press the cook button. 

 -When finished cooking, use a spoon to blend the rice a bit and scoop it into a cup to wait for the fried step.

-Heat a pan and fried the meat until it looks good and the oil starts to come out.  Alternatively, you can substitute oil if you don’t have meat.

-Add the kimchi and combining

-Add 1 tablespoon of Gochujang sauce and salt as appropriate,then blending together 

-Put down the rice and fried it 
-Add deliciousness and protein with fried egg

Lastly recommendations menu is Korean Fried Chicken or called Yangnyeom-Tongdak. This menu is most popular to order in series and in reality but relatively high price.


Here’s what you need to prepare fried chicken :

1.Chicken drumsticks and wings       

2.Salt and pepper 


4.Fried dough

5.Tapioca flour

6.Baking powder.


And for the sauce:

1.Tomatoes ketchup 

2.Gochujang sauce 



How to:

– First, wash the chicken and marinate with salt and pepper to blend into the chicken.Marinate chicken for 10-15 minutes.

-During waiting,We are going to make the sauce which the method is heat the pan, fry a little garlic and then add about 2 tbsp of tomatoes ketchup,Gochujang Sauce 1.5 tsp.  and a little honey as appropriate

-After the chicken is marinated, put the eggs in it. 

– Mix the crispy flour with tapioca flour and baking powder together and put the chicken in the flour mixture to combine, ready to fry.

-Heat the pot with oil and bring the chicken into the pot and cook for about 10 minutes or until the color of the chicken looks good.Then scoop up and drain the oil.  and set aside.  After that, it will be marinated with the sauce that has been made.

-Sprinkle with sesame and bring to a plate.

As we can see, the menu recommended above uses Gochujang sauce.So,only with a special item like Gochujang in the house,you can create many Korean food menus, plus it’s delicious, easy to cook and also save money for delivery. 

Korean TV series is the significant influence among people. The Korean food influence can be a part of people lives as they can try to cook during the leisure time. As it can be seen the step of preparing and cooking is easy, which you can try it at home with your family and beloved one. This is a undeniable. It is a plea to both take our food less seriously and more seriously.  Let’s stop trying to make eating about speed and ease.   Instead, let you re-create and enjoy a perfect spot in which cooking and dining with friends and relatives becomes a leisure activity, a form of joy, physical and mental health, and better connections. 

As well as cooking has also been shown to have several emotional advantages, according to science. Several organizations throughout the world encourage persons suffering from depressive disorders and other mental illnesses to take up cookery as part of the treatment process. It is referred to as therapeutic cooking. You may practice them at home as well, using basic recipes. Additionally, everything is feasible if you begin cooking at home. You may experiment with new healthier dishes, discover further about food and its nutritious merits, and create a well-balanced diet. You can guarantee that you and your relatives live a happy life this approach. Culinary on a regular basis may help you develop your cooking abilities, allowing you to produce really good and healthy meals, however you miss out on this possibility if you usually rely on prepackaged items from the store.

All things considered, you can start with small procedure of cooking Korean food. Hence, Korean cooking can be a part of your skills as well as it can make your leisure time worth remembering. 



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