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Russia was confident of its military power, Russia claimed that they would seize Ukraine using only 5 days. Unpredicted and worse scenarios occur when Ukraine. Russia has spent a lot of money on war. According to the research shows that  the daily cost of war for Russia is “likely to exceed $20 billion” as the invasion scales. Media is quite a powerful tool that changes the circumstances in this war. Before getting to know how the media had been used during the Russia invasion. Let’s get to know beefy when it occurs. 

On February 24, early in the morning many people were asleep and had a wonderful dream but for Ukraine people, they would not know that the danger has come to their front door. Before people notice, several explosions and Russian invasion have begun. Several explosions east of Kyiv sent massive plumes of gray smoke into the night sky. One of the primary targets was Boryspil’s main international airport, which was bombarded with missiles.  

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia  said that the target is only the Ukrainian military base, Russia is targeting civilians. The mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv responded aggressively  to Putin’s claim “Bullsh*t” when he was walking past destroyed and burned buildings in a residential area. The video of the mayor of Kyiv responded to the media.   

3 million Ukrainian people had immigrated to the neighboring counties, Poland one of them. There are still many people who have to live in subway shelters from missiles. Only one day of Russian force attack, more than 40 soldiers and about 10 civilians had been killed, more than 600 civilians were killed and thousand injured including childrens reported on March 16. 

Civilians cross a river on a blown-up bridge 
Russian military vehicles on a road in the town – Serhii Nuzhnenko/AP P

The internet make looks Putin тупой (stupid)

In the age of technology, people are able to access the internet just by their fingertips. The news and information spread rapidly than ever. The internet user can be the media itself, no need to use mainstream channels as a medium platform.  People in Ukraine had been using social media to help each other to survive from the Russian invasion.

Many internet users have been disseminating the inhumanity incident that Russia attacked.

Social media may have also saved lives: Ukrainians have rushed to disseminate defensive strategies, plot escape routes, and document the brutality of a raging conflict. Some believe that the phone footage captured in recent days will be crucial in investigating war crimes after the fighting has ended.It has also given Ukrainians the feeling that they can contribute to the fight.

Russia invasion makes civilians pick up weapons, learn how to shoot, learn how to fight and learn to make Molotov cocktails. More and more Ukrainian willing to volunteer to fight in order to protect their country and their families. The photos show the saddest moment of an innocent man with the purest heart saying goodbye to his wife and his child. And he returned to fight Russian forces.

More than 7,000 kilometers away from Ukraine. On March, 2022 20 Thais lined up in front of the Ukraine embassy  in Bangkok, Thailand to register to volunteer to defend Russia invasion. Due to the announcement  of Ukraine on Facebook “Foreigners have the right to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine for military service under a contract of a voluntary basis to be included in the Territorial Defence Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” the embassy wrote. Later on, the Russian embassy in Thailand responded immediately warning Thai people who would like to go to Ukraine. The statement posted on its Facebook page that the Russian Defence Ministry strongly advises against such participation in foreign military campaigns.

Does it show Russia did not want Ukraine to have more troops to fight against them? Surprisingly, this does not make people stop signing up for volunteer fighter. Eventually, It make more and more to join. Many specialists had joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine for military service such as trained Navy seals, Snipers, doctors etc. 

Using social media to spur fellow civilian volunteer defenders. Kira Rudik, a member of Parliament, posted a photo of herself barefoot and holding a Kalashnikov rifle to Twitter saying “Our #women will protect our soil the same way as our #men.” Also a former Miss Ukraine, Anastasiia Lenna posted photos of themself holding the gun with the #standwithukraine on Intagram

Russian’s embarrassing pictures and videos go viral across the internet through Telegram, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter etc. Ukrainians filmed Russian soldiers’ defeat. One of the viral videos is that of the farmers’s tractor tow collapse tank on the road. These would represent the ideal of global citizens. People all over the world had donated and helped Ukraine including famous people.

Sunflower seeds were a national flower and it emerged as a symbol of resistance to Russian invasion. The  Woman argues with a Russian soldier in Ukraine and offers sunflower seeds to them, with the aggressive instruction to put the seeds in their pockets so that the flowers will grow where they die. The video went viral across social media. Moreover, the hashtag has been gone beyond borderless the country allies around the world to support Ukraine and call out for “No war”

Weighting between psychological and humanity 

Ukraine uses such offensive strategies to beat Russia back via online platforms. On 27 February, The Kyiv Independent, an independent English-language journalism in Ukraine reported that Ukraine has  created a website to help Russian families to find their relatives killed on the battlefield. This action spread across the internet, it been a controversial topic: Most people agree with this action but some experts concern that publishing Footage of Captured Soldiers Violates Geneva Conventions

However, many volunteer fighters sign up and many people are protesting around the world to stop Russia invasion . Russian troops still attack Ukraine, the humanitarian in Ukrainian becoming increasingly dire. While the attack, there are no safe place left to corrode for evacuate. The main supplier, infrastructure have cut out, water, electricity and heat. Russia has destroy civilian infrastructure such as Hospital, Schools and University. The issue need to keep follow and update.

Russia’s freedoms taken: technocratic control

Propaganda and censorship were spread across Russia during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, misinformation had been published all over Russia. Mainstream media has been controlled by the state to deliver disorder information to people of Russia. Also, online platforms are blocked, people who seek out by using VPN in order to gain more information. Thousands of protesters were detained after a protest on the streets of Moscow central square against invasion of Ukraine. The state took away people’s freedom of expression but it won’t stop people around the world from speaking up for Ukraine to support and call out for no war. “No war” is an important  message from a Russian tennis star written on camera lens during his final Dubai Championship. He has used his air time to deliver the message. A Russian journalist risked her life to interrupt and protest on a broadcasting TV news. She ran onto the set of one of Russia’s most-watched news programmes, Vremya, holding a sign reading: “No war, stop the war, don’t believe the propaganda, they are lying to you here.” 

What Russian Propaganda Won’t Tell You But The Terminator Will Tell  

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Terminator and also knows a famous actor who performed The Terminator and also a California governor. “This is not Russia’s people war and the government lies to you” he has broadcast a powerful important message to Russia’s people in a video.

Ukraine president use his performer’s skill to politics during war 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine also known as an actor and comedian before he turned to politics. He has utilized his talents as a performer to make emotional appeals to the world. When he does appear on camera, as in a recent speech to the US Congress, the moment is still powerful. It seems like being a leader is almost as important as actually being an efficient leader. They are not only the president but also a representative of people. 

Let’s take a closer look at how he is at playing to the audience, at understanding where the camera is. He uses himself to be a main character to deliver and explain current circumstances. It is a powerful message and it makes the audience understand the situation that they are facing. The video shows Zelenskyy talking with the camera “the leader of the faction is here, head of the presidential office, prime minister, our soldiers are here, the citizens are here, we are here to defend our independence and glory to Ukraine”. The video simply that the significant leader are not leaving people left behind and cover up the rumors that  Zelenskyy ran away from Ukraine.


In this extreme circumstance, the media plays a crucial role in world society. It can be a powerful medium platform and weapons to deliver the message throughout. We are living in border less society by using the media as a medium and it makes people around the world able to express the information quickly. The war has not been resolved yet, please subscribe for updated information.

Reliable sources: Updating Ukraine situation 

The Kyiv Independent website also has a Twitter account. it provide English language update news of Ukraine 

Kyiv Post is a English news organization

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