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Nowaday, as we can see, the price of oil starts increasing and it’s very expensive and global warming is still an issue. So how could we help the world or reduce the emission of carbon dioxide? Thus, the way to reduce pollution and save our budget is to start using electric vehicles and not only for the advantages for you but also benefits to society and the world. Moreover, gasoline cars should be reduced because it does not benefit the environment and resources. On the other hand, electric vehicles are able to use electricity to run the energy and it is a sustainable energy.     

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How it could related to media?

In terms of media, how this relates to media, nowadays, many people are consuming social media and the majority of the audience would consume an advertisement which is trying to persuade them to buy and consume more. Automotive advertisement is increasing 21.4 percent in 2021 and more than 2X that user using online research to purchase a vehicle more than consult with a dealer.  This number is able to illustrate how social media is significant to the user or shopper because they would use online research or social media to gathering the information before purchasing a car. 

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Come to this point, we need to use this opportunity to demonstrate the 7 benefits of using electric vehicles and raise awareness how significant it is to the world. Moreover, the majority of advertisements either online platform or on screen are presenting gasoline cars, only a few companies will promote electric vehicles.

Therefore, we would see how important it is to present a great benefit by using social media as well as it would impact the media as well. It is quite impactful to the media because most of the time media only present one particular brand except other brands purphas more space on media. Therefore, in order to raise an opportunity for the user to see another perspective of using electric vehicles, it would be great for our world. 

How could it related to society?

In terms of society, this topic is very significant to society due to the fact that electric vehicles are a vehicle that uses electricity to run a power and electricity is a sustainable energy that we are able to produce in many ways for instance wind, dam, heat and so on. 

On the other hand, gasoline is a Conventional Energy and the solution to produce this kind of energy would require a high budget. Especially the global warming that is a global agenda and the problem of PM 2.5 particulate matter that can deteriorate health and turn into cancer. 

One of the main causes of air pollution is fumes from pipes to fuel-fired waste vehicles. Electric vehicles are able to help in terms of silence due to the fact that they use electricity to run their power and it’s super smooth when they accelerate the speed. Therefore, it can respond to driving according to the needs of the driver and surrounding circumstance. Another one essential that is very important to society is.  

Don’t forget to save your money and care about the environment. Let’s get started to help the world…

Here are 7 advantages of using electric cars 

1. Owning an electric car is economical

In the early period of electric vehicles the most challenging was the high price of capital. Most of the time, there are not enough vendors offering EVs to consumers and businesses. This is the reason why the price keeps high and consumers cannot afford it, which is its impact on some consumer’s perspective that electric vehicles would have a high price and they would still choose sedan cars.   

But recently, a highly developed technology that allows companies to produce electric cars is more affordable to buy than before. Moreover, the consumers are able to switch to use electric vehicles without any concern. 

The money you invest in electric cars today will help you save more in the long run. For one thing, EVs are cheaper than traditional ICE cars. In Australia, fueling an ICE car can cost up to $100 at a time, based on the regular price. $1.50 for a litre of gasoline. Charging an EV, on the other hand, will cost you a fraction of a dollar using grid power.

2. Electronic car maintenance costs are cheaper than petrol cars

 There are differences between gasoline and electric vehicles in terms of maintenance. When we compare the engine of both sides, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts which means we don’t have to spend money on regular engine oil or other essentials. This could result in significant cost savings. Especially if your company has a large number of vehicles.

3. Electric cars are easier to drive and have much less noise.

Many years after electric vehicles have launched, the customers have proved that electric vehicles are easier and more pleasant to drive than gasoline cars. Moreover, electric vehicles have no gears that means they are able to ride smoothly and accelerate more quickly. For instance, Tesla ( one of the most powerful electricity industries) their products are able to accelerate 0-100 within 3 seconds which is similar to super cars but more advanced.

The electric motors on electric vehicles prove that these motors will not create loud noise or heat as gasoline cars do. So, generally simply say that it is quieter, cooler and pleasant. Furthermore, everything is under control and works very effectively. 

4. You are able to enjoy various tax credits that the government will give you.

With the UN’s Race to Zero campaign, countries around the world are becoming concerned about their carbon footprint. In order to help reach emission targets some governments have created tax credits to persuade citizens to switch to using renewable energy instead of gasoline. This is one of the essential incentives for customers to buy and drive electric vehicles. 

 In some cases, in Australia, the federal government is providing a lower luxury car tax for fuel-efficient vehicles including electric vehicles. The other types of vehicles will be set at $69,152 for fiscal year 2021-2022. The threshold is 15% higher at $79,659. State governments also purpose their own incentives for the use of fuel-efficient vehicles. For instance, in the Australian Capital Territory, those who purchase electric vehicles do not have to pay for stamp duty on their first purchase. Owners of new or used electric vehicles can register their vehicles for free for two years.

At the same time, electric and hybrid car owners in Queensland pay lower stamp duties compared to other car owners.

In the UK, those who drive Fuel-efficient will get discounts on tighter London bills in order to emphasise that your car is clean for the environment. The vehicles that are Euro 6 compliant and do not emit more than 75 g/km of CO2 will be able to get a discount as well. Also, there are plans to change the policy to be more specific especially for owners of electric vehicles. 

5. Driving electric vehicles is friendly for the environment.

As you may know that electric vehicles do not have exhaust pipes which means they do not emit carbon dioxide 100 percent clean so it is environmentally friendly. 

Furthermore, electric vehicles do not burn because electric cars do not rely on fossil fuels. Thereby, the help to reduce wheel release or upstream release as well. These could refer to the air pollution and during the extraction and refining process of extracting oil and refining it into fuel. This process is good with wheels in gasoline cars which causes the pollution, also, many transportation still releasing  this.

6. Switching to EVs could help us to reach the company’s emissions goals faster

It’s not only the government or the UN that need to control the emissions goals but including private companies that would like to be a part to reduce carbon emission in their workspace. They have set the Race to Zero campaign for releasing the carbon dioxide. 

If you have set the goals by reducing the emissions using electric vehicles, it would help you to reach the goals more quicker because having electric vehicles instead of gasoline would be able to significantly cut emissions from your daily operations.  You and your staff can travel every day without worrying about air pollution.

You can also track your goals faster by using renewable energy sources to make your EV energy. Having a network of wind or solar capture systems will help reduce your concentration.

7. Having an electric vehicle could give a good image to your brand.

Electric vehicles are not only a cool car or enjoy driving but also being a part to help the world reduce carbon emissions. Including, drivers are also involved to deduct carbon emissions seriously because they are a big part of helping the world and saving many resources. Thus, switching to electric cars would gain more benefits.

Brand image is very significant to the public, once your company is an environmentally friendly brand, and it seems like a commitment to build a positive reputation. If your company is using an eco-friendly technology, it would become a B Corporation which is a new business that interprets the balance between “Three main essentials” of people around the world and profits. 

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