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During the pandemic and disaster that happened around the world. Because of a variety of disasters are affects life in the world more or less. Therefore, let’s turn our attention and importance to conservation and preservation of the environment. Moreover, people have become more sensitive to the environmental impact of their shopping decision and the way to consumption.

In addition, people turn their attention to care more about the environment in the world. There are many ways to save the planet and be friendly to the environment. The world needs coordination not only the consumer side but also the producer side as well to make this world better together, reducing environmental problems which happened nowadays.


    • Reuse is the act of using something without undergoing the process of transformation, while recycling is the use of residual waste materials that are reprocessed to be used once more as a management of waste materials that are about to become garbage.
    • One of the issues that many nations around the globe deal with.
    • Including international organizations to concentrate on as methane, a potential greenhouse gas, is released when food spoils. According to the experts, reducing food waste will rank highly in terms of sustainability.
    • The creation of long-term sustainable energy usage through the use of new technologies and renewable energy sources.
    • Residents can significantly reduce their energy costs while also reducing their environmental effect by installing solar panels or heat pumps.
    • One of the most effective way to lower greenhouse gas emissions is to work from home. There is less road travel by vehicle and public transportation as more people work from home, which has significantly reduced carbon emissions.
    • A great alternative for reducing the quantity of cars on the road is public transportation.
    • Moreover, it will contribute to lowering roadside carbon dioxide, which ultimately contributes to global warming.


    • 2023 trend predicted place sustainable fashion high.
    • The company created an effort to use more sustainable products. This involves changing to construction materials made from more naturally occurring resources.
    • Instead of packing materials, garment fibers, and even building materials.
    • This can refer to products that are easily biodegradable or replaceable and have little negative environmental effect.
    • Better technology is needed to support the environmental to be developing opportunities to lessen our environmental footprint, both internationally and personally.
    • Electric vehicles are already being used more frequently than in previous years, when they were thought of as a tool to help people reduce their carbon footprint.
    • Intelligent technologies provide users more control over their energy use, which contributes to reducing on energy consumption in homes. More of our standard household appliances are expected to be energy efficient.
    • The brands can’t show they are taking action to tackle climate change, and committing to sustainable industry practices, consumers may look elsewhere for their products.
    • Transparency from brands is going to become a key part of how the consumer market moves forward in the coming years, not only in keeping customers loyal but also for brands to present, and uphold, an ethical and responsible reputation.

Awaken the eco trend, famous brands pay attention to production of products from recycled waste


Kitchen cabinet doors made from scrap wood and recycled plastic bottles. It’s a kitchen cabinet door that saves the world. Plus, it has a long lifespan of 25 years as well. One Kungsbacca kitchen cabinet door is made from approximately 25 half-liter plastic bottles. Also, it can also recycle the unused Kungsbacca kitchen cabinet doors again.


Shoes made from fully recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It’s a new pair of shoes from the same material. However, the performance doesn’t decrease. Plus, it helps reduce the amount of waste and plastic in itself.


Clothes made from natural and sustainable materials such as Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton and Recycled Polyester. Moreover, H&M is still committed and intends to develop itself into a brand that uses only sustainable materials, and environmentally friendly by the year 2030.


This collection is extends the life of recycled plastic bottles through the collection of plastic bottle waste to be sorted, and cleaned before spun into yarn and used to produce various clothes that are both beautiful, warm and environmentally friendly. Also, this new collection can reduce over 3 million plastic bottle waste.

SUSTAINABLE TRENDS that shape consumer decision

In 2022, consumers will look to connect with brands that reflect their evolving beliefs, and they’re willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly or sustainable products.

  1. E-Commerce
    • When choosing a store, customers look for the brand that reflect their beliefs.
    • They are increasingly engaging with companies that share information about their sustainability efforts, in addition to placing their money where their values are.
  2. Travel
    • Brands that concern for the ecosystem can expect to charge more from customers.
    • Changing is being driven by millennials, who favor travel companies that reduce their carbon footprints by using eco-friendly practices.
  3. Electric Vehicles
    • There’s still a large hill to climb in terms of electric vehicle mass adoption, but there are signs of momentum building as memberships in EV Facebook Groups continue to increase.
    • The annual membership of the EV Group grew by 99%
  4. Retailers
    • Young consumers are embracing the global sustainability market, which includes green technology and applications like water purification.
    • They are ready to spend more to buy at businesses that build up environmentally friendly goods and incorporate sustainable business practices.


Nowadays, the world has many disasters especially from human behavior. From human actions, there are many impacts on the world such as global warming, floods, and forest fires.

  • Pakistan’s Great Floods
    • Flood-affected areas spread widely throughout the country. But the southern part of the country was hit the hardest.
    • Great Flooding is making people’s living conditions worse. The streets are full of garbage and waste water and there is a concern that there may be an epidemic.
    • The death toll from the massive floods in Pakistan has risen to more than 1,100, and affecting more than 33 million people, with damage estimated at more than 350 billion baht.
  • Forest Fires in Siberia
    • Pushing the world record for carbon dioxide emissions to the highest level in 20 years.
    • Reflecting the current situation of global warming that is getting worse every time.
    • Severe wildfires cover a wide area can also change the climate in the vicinity to be variable.
    • Afterward, it is reported that rain replaces snow on Greenland’s peaks for the first time in history. This situation could be influenced by global warming and the massive wildfires in Siberia this time. Moreover, this is a phenomenon that people should not overlook.

Problems that still exist and likely to continue rising in the future

  • Global warming and Climate change
    • Increasing in global temperature from the greenhouse effect which is caused by humans increasing carbon dioxide.
    • From the combustion of various fuels, transportation and industrial production.
    • In addition, humans activities have added gas in the group of nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) as well, along with the fact that we cut down enormous amounts of forests to create human facilities.
  • Effects on other living things
    • A polar bear stuck on a shrinking piece of ice is a common sight and illustrate the devastating effects of climate change.
    • One of the major effects of global warming on wildlife is the shift in habitat ecosystems that take millions of years for animals to adjust to become part of the ecological balance.
    • Many birds have had to change their migration and reproductive periods over time to accommodate the warming climate.
    • If we do not pay attention to the problem of global warming. In the future, there will be many more wildlife species that will face the fate of extinction.

The brand that I interested in about pay attention to ECO-FRIENDLY product


Everyday sneakers for the planet

– maddy hopper –


  • It is a Thai eco-friendly brand of shoes that I am interested in because it is meticulous in choosing materials and designing. Also, pay attention to every step for making the brand.
  • The brand not only pay attention about the product but also pay the packaging, which also shows being environmentally friendly to the world as well.
  • In addition to the brand using recycled materials in the production of products. Also, the brand has a campaign collaboration with the Mirror Foundation.
  • It shows that the brand has a vision, not just wanting to preserve the global environment, but also have a heart that wanting to help and improve the society as well.

The brand is using sustainable materials for their entire shoes.
The upper and shoelaces are made from 100% recycle plastic bottles.

Insoles made from recycle natural latex in the southern part of Thailand which give the consumers super soft feeling anytime they wear.

Packaging use a reuseable bag instead the shoe box, with all natural and recycled materials like rubber and recycled paper.

Have you ever used eco-friendly products ?

– If yes, how did you feel about it?

– If no, have you ever thought about trying it?

Do you think human behavior affects the global environment?

Let’s share your opinion! through #ecofriendlywithmetohelptheworldhappier.

Can’t wait to see your point of view, honey !

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  • Since society is shaped by the actions of each individual, I believe that even small actions by each of us will be enough to change the world into a better place. When shopping, I try to carry a larger bag and not accept plastic bags.

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