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Have you guys ever wondered why people like to go to drink?  Is it a social reason or do you fall for the taste?

As we all know, drinking alcohol and partying are unhealthy and have a large number of negative affect on your personality, behavior, and health. Nonetheless, some folks still want to go out and party and get wasted. So reading this blog might make it easier for you to understand their reasons, or excuses, for going out drink and party. And this blog might change your mindset about drinking and partying. It is now acceptable all around the world. It can be considered as one of the interesting habits or activities. Drinkers do not always be bad girls or guys as the past stereotype said.

Every time people show up at a house party or a nightclub, they will definitely consume alcohol. So firstly, let’s first learn more about alcoholic beverages. An alcoholic beverage is a beverage that contains ethanol, a type of alcohol that works as a drug and is made by fermenting grains, fruits, or other sources of sugar. It is also referred to as an alcoholic drink, strong drink, adult beverage, or a drink. Drinking, or the use of alcoholic beverages, is a social activity that is significant in many cultures. Drinking alcohol will result in brain numbness and decreased brain function. Nothing comes to mind gradually losing the ability to remember something, so they will act without considering the repercussions. There will be a feeling of not being afraid of anyone, not afraid of anything, and also makes them shameless person. Moreover, it can lead to irregular body control. such as when you don’t walk in the proper direction, irregular hand and foot control, and poor visual performance.

It’s clear from what I just described above that it’s the risks associated with drinking alcohol. However, why do some people still want to drink and accept the consequences? obviously, there are numerous reasons (or excuses) for the drinker to tell their beloved person to go to drink.  Furthermore, some individuals might have their own reasons for prioritizing drinking in their life too. For example, college students or people of working age might use alcoholic beverages to escape problems, stress, and reality because it slows down the central nervous system (CNS) so it might make them feel relaxed. Therefore, some people use alcohol as a handling strategy to manage stress, anxiety, or other unpleasant emotions. they find it easy to go through a stressful or tough time when they drink alcohol. It clearly won’t work long-term but at least they make individuals feel less anxious for a while.

As for teenagers (including the underaged), they tend to drink alcoholic beverages for enjoyment. Due to alcohol’s effects, some people choose to consume alcohol to have fun. They may be categorized as social drinkers because they drink socially, for example, at social events, restaurants, house parties, birthday parties, and holidays. Those who drink alcohol may feel happier and are able to handle it well. Drinkers who have social anxiety may get relief from it by drinking since it reduces their anxiety. Some people find that drinking alcohol improves their experiences.  And also those teenagers and individuals of working age, peer pressure, and social influences might be one of the reasons why they desire to consume alcohol as well. Although peer pressure to drink alcohol can exist at any stage of life, it is frequently associated with young people. Alcohol consumption is widespread in our society and is both socially and legally acceptable, so it’s common for people who do not drink to start drinking when they are among those who are. Furthermore, those people who consume alcohol because of peer pressure and social influences are likely drinks because they want to be accepted by people surrounding them, for instance, friends, colleagues, and society at large. On the other hand, young people like teenagers are liable to drink because they want to rebel against their parents or the rules. Consuming alcohol is one of the ways they can break the rules placed upon them. Additionally, due to their adolescence and desire to try out adult activities, young people frequently drink alcohol. Also, if their parents or guardians are habitual drinkers, they might adopt that behavior themselves.

In addition, people’s desire to drink may be caused by mental health issues. Some individuals use alcohol for self-medication because they feel like their minds need an escape. It’s difficult for those people who suffer from mental illnesses to cope without things like alcohol and drugs. It might lead to a co-occurring disorder like bipolar, anxiety, or depression. Besides, genetics and environmental factors are also significant reasons for drinkers. According to studies, it has shown that genetic factors play a key role in determining if someone will develop an alcohol use disorder. There are additional contributing elements, including the environment and life events. Scientists believe this risk is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental variables. Individuals who have a genetic propensity for addiction might be more likely to experience specific environmental or personal stressors that increase their chance of developing an alcohol use disorder (AUD).

The flavor of alcoholic beverages is another reason why people enjoy going out to drink. All of the above reasons for why people enjoy drinking alcohol could be considered social factors. But, those who appreciate the flavor have a better excuse for drinking. Most people don’t like how alcohol taste but they love the effects of alcohol. They might don’t want to go out to drink but can stay at home or their own place to enjoy drinking. Plus, nowadays our society alcohol is easily accessible, so many individuals drink alcohol. It is also a commonly accepted activity. The accessibility and acceptability of alcohol can make it easier to indulge in it. Moreover, these days in various clubs all over the country have a concert where people’s favorite singers or bands come to sing live music, so it can be another reason why people go to drink because they want to see their ideal artist in real life and enjoy drinking and the vibes in the night club. Plus, the ticket for attending a concert in the nightclub is cheaper than the actual concert so when nightclub has concerts, there are always crowded.

However, each people has their own reasons to consume alcohol and go out for partying. In my opinion, I think it’s the nature of human because human likes to experience new things, meet new people, and relieve their stress due to the tough days. Regardless of how introverted you are, humans never be happy alone. we all must have at least one person we love and trust to hang out with. I am also a teenager who likes to go drink every weekend and my own reason is to hang out with my friends because I don’t really like how alcohol taste but I do enjoy the vibes and having fun and conversation with my friends. I am writing this blog because as college students, teenagers like to go drink and hang out with their friends. We all only live once, and as a result, as 20-year-old girl, I would like to say that enjoy your life while you still have time.

To conclude, drinking is now acceptable in our society (if you are of legal age to consume alcohol) and everyone has their own reason to like drinking. As long as you did not cause any trouble to others and can take care of yourself. There’s no one to judge you and you do not deserve to be viewed as a bad person. Sometimes time flies faster than we think so do not forget to enjoy your life every day. On the other hand, there are numerous ways to enjoy your life not only drinking and partying. So find your own way of happiness and have the life you want to live. However, I am not writing to the blog to support drinkers to “over” consume alcohol or heavily drink and party because everyone has their own duty. Be responsible for your task and stay healthy! 🙂

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog until this column. So I would like to ask you guys, what is your own reason to go out to party and drink? You guys can leave a comment or leave your contact if you are finding new friends to hang out with! and surprise! I have some gifts to appreciate your attention as this blog is sponsored by Jameson Liquor. Please leave your comments and contact below and I will randomly pick the comment and give away free gift voucher for drinkers to enjoy a night out this weekend at Bew’s Bar. You guys will receive FREE 1 bottle of Jameson for 5 comments. So do not lose your chance to get the reward. Please leave comments! Thank you for reading <3

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