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When I was young I saw lots of traditional advertising through television and newspapers. But now the trend has changed from traditional media to digital media. And of course, The Thai government officially launched Thailand 4.0 in 2016 with the purpose of converting the Thai economy into one that is value-based and prioritizes the most important goods, such as families, homes, communities, knowledge, and art. All the way through this journey, business sectors both nation and foreigner, are analyzing and using many digital marketing tools in Thailand 4.0 to match people’s expectations.

Digital Marketing & Thailand 4.0

I’m sure lots of people are familiar with digital marketing since everyone now is holding digital devices in their hands all the time. Digital marketing is online marketing that uses digital devices along with the internet to connect with the audience through different platforms such as social media, blog posts, email, etc.  But if asked, what is Thailand 4.0? I guessed it could be your first time hearing this but trust me it is never too late to know about this. 

Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution is inspired by a government project in Germany that promotes digital manufacturing and a digital convergence of business, industry, and other operations. The concept of 4.0 might be the same, but every country uses this concept with their own strategy to make this plan work. 

Digital Strategies In Thai Society

Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, Austria and Switzerland are the top sixth countries leading in industry 4.0. None of them are from South-East Asia, so how is Thailand going to make this plan work?

Thai businesses nowadays tend to use digital strategies in their business such as restaurants, hotels, fashion, hospital, agriculture, etc. All of them use different techniques to make their business work. Looking through entertainment media agencies who tend to use creative techniques to catch people’s attention with their contents, this is a good sign that might make Thailand be the leader in South-East Asia in digital marketing as other countries might find Thailand as their inspiration to make their digital technique work. For instance, GMM TV is a media company that make the world know more about Thailand through out their marketing plan was made to promote their drama, especially LGBTS movies. This not only illustrates the positive sign in the country but it will make the world recognize Thailand as one of the countries who are good at making advertising in its marketing strategies.

Furthermore, the rise of foreigners coming to invest here also makes Thailand benefit as well. This will make local marketer try to work their best to get into international level.

Another Point Of View That We Missed 

The growth of Thai digital organizations is moderately rising up so fast from time to time. Governments work on it to compete with the world, business organizations work on it to gain their profit and employees work on it to fulfill their empty stomach while some people just involved with it just make their life on trend and some to explore the world.

In another point of view, Thailand is still considered a developing country so the people who are aware of this are not much compared to the developed country. So not less people fail to get a job when the business sector only recruits those who would benefit them more from the jobs. 


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