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Nowadays, technology and innovation have played a crucial role in our society. Everywhere we go we could see that technology has impacted our lives in certain ways. Technology has suddenly become a part of our lives. The way we consume information, The way we communicate, or even the way we entertain has changed which brings the world into the digital era including Thailand.

Digital processes have become essential in every role, especially in the business part. In order to survive in this era, Today’s businesses have to adapt their way to more online platforms to be able to take the lead on competitors, keep up with trends, prepare for upcoming plans, and to improve business performance.

Digital marketing has grown from the traditional marketing that we used to consume in the past. Digital marketing is advertised through digital channels able to get potential customers such as Social media, Email, Text messaging, Websites, etc. Customers today mostly rely on a digital platform. According to Statista, There were five billion internet users worldwide, which is 63 percent of the global population.

However, Traditional marketing still exists in our daily life such as through radio, television, billboards, direct message, etc. We could still see content and ads through this kind of marketing, but the effects it has on the majority of people have changed. It is not effective as it has been in the past. In this generation where technologies and digital are around us, even the book also turned into digital form, Digital marketing will become a better way to do marketing.

Why Digital Marketing?

Using the benefits of social media will help businesses’ marketing to get into more consumers by advertising their products and promoting their brands through online channels. As people in this era prefer to do research or find information about products on the internet. Therefore, doing digital marketing can attract more customers. Digital marketing will help to connect with the right customers with more efficiency.

However, Digital marketing does not always have to rely on the internet. It can be on any technology such as SMS Messages, LED billboard or Mobile phone application that has no internet. 

In order to do digital marketing, we also need a digital strategy to help you focus more on clear outlines and all the plan steps. Most importantly it will help you identify specific goals so we can choose what is the best for your marketing. Analyze the target audience, Look for upcoming trends, analyze the competitors to get in-depth information, and then choose the right platform. Most importantly is creativity. Making your own business stands out from competitors is essential, especially in this era that is highly competitive in terms of the market.

We can’t deny that there are more challenges for all businesses. More businesses are showing up online including both old and new businesses which make a higher competition in a market. Customers have more choices to choose from. In other words, It might be easier for the company/business to do marketing through an online platform, However, It will be harder to attract customers due to more competitors. According to Statista, In 2020, the market size of the digital services industry in Thailand reached approximately 244.8 billion Thai baht.

Digital Presence Matter

Due to the highly competitive era, Businesses have to build their brand presence online to make sure they appear to the customers. These are some ways to build a digital presence.

“Content is king” Content marketing in digital marketing can help reach more of the audience and gives online customers value. It is also the way to make your brands stand out among the competitors. Great content not only helps in making a presence in a digital platform, It is also a strategy that is cost-saving and helps businesses increase sales.

Another strategy is search engine optimization (SEO), which helps businesses to have a higher appearance in search engine results, especially on their website. It will increase the possibility of the products appearing to the online customers because most customers use keywords to search for products or services.

Keep it up with Thailand 4.0

Thailand has moved to the next step. Thailand 4.0 is a step toward the digital future. Everything was mostly turned into digital. Moreover, After COVID-19 Pandemic, digital services in Thailand experienced rapid growth. People spend more time on mobile phones and also spend more time on online platforms such as social media.

As of today, Thailand 4.0 is the latest economic model which focuses on innovation, creativity, high-quality services, new technology, and is employed for boosting the quality of life which it intends is to promote Thailand to become a high-income country. Digital marketing can simply help businesses in Thailand to adapt to a new era of living. Most importantly, It will make the business survive in the digital era.

Knowledge and skills in digital technologies are becoming essential. Businesses will be focusing more on ‘branding’ by creating a strong and positive perception of the company to the customers. With good branding, brands will attract more customers and be able to get brand loyal customers.

Digital Marketing effects on Thailand 4.0

Doing marketing in the past always used a lot of costs, especially in Thailand. The costs of marketing in traditional media are massive. The business in Thailand would have to invest significantly to promote their products or services. Therefore, Digital marketing has brought more opportunities to all businesses, especially start-up businesses. 

“Thailand’s digital economy will grow and account for more than 20 percent of the country’s GDP and reach even 30 percent by 2030 or sooner,” Digital Economy and Society Minister Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn estimates. (Bangkok Post)

Thailand 4.0 can drive further demand. Digital technology comes to improve Thais citizens’ quality of life while digital marketing gives more opportunities to every business in Thailand. Digital marketing will also help increase Thailand’s GDP which will benefit all Thais citizens.

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