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Cannabis can be very useful and enjoyable!

Cannabis is also known as hemp, marijuana or you may be more familiar with weed. It was used in many ways but mainly in medication and enjoyment as it helps with relaxation but for those who use it for enjoyment.

You may have heard these two terms of THC and CBD so here is the conclusion of their differences.
THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol will get you high and hungry but is illegal in some states/countries.
CBD or Cannabidiol will not get you high and is legal in some states/countries.

History time!
Cannabis was used for at least ten thousand years but there is no side effect as the THC level was very low to non-existence. The first time recorded that the use of cannabis caused side effects was in 2737 BCE, or we could say the first time people got high from weed was in the 2737 BCE period. Cannabis for medicinal purposes spread throughout the world a long time ago. Ancient China used it for many medicinal purposes as they mix it in wines, food and etc. In India, they mix it into a drink called “Bhang”. Galen, a Greek physician, prescribed cannabis as medicine. Before Galen, Greece had been consuming hemp seed. And during the Middle Ages cannabis was popular in the Middle East Muslims as they called it “Hashish”. It was so popular to the point that in the 1700s most doctors recommended it as medicine.

But why did it become illegal when it is so useful?

Well, at the end of the 1800s alcoholism and opium addiction were on the rise and people started to believe that the use of cannabis caused mental illness. As the situation went on the rules and regulations got stricter until 1913 when the state of California ban growing growing cannabis and by 1925 twenty six states had outlawed cannabis. The trends of outlawing cannabis went on and the whole world decided cannabis was horrible and need to be illegal. A lot of countries got together to sign a treaty banning the exportation of hemp. At this point, marijuana become too a common way to refer to drugs. On the 2nd of October 1937, Samuel Caldwell became the first person in American history arrested for selling it. Then Canada and China outlawed marijuana and the whole world changed. Although in some areas like the Middle East, Northern Africa, and India people still could consume it. At the same time, the United State dominance in world power influenced all other countries with their drug policy but the research still shows that it’s fine to use moderately. In the 1950 Marijuana was so taboo or restricted that it became a symbol of rebellion against authority and it was lumped into the same category as more dangerous drugs like heroin and cocaine the most of the world generally fell in line with the US drug policies. But in 1960 the American counterculture movement associated with hippies and college students grew dramatically. Meanwhile in the Vietnam war soldier were taking marijuana and all kinds of drugs, this scares many American citizens so the next president, Richard Nixon, brings back the law and order but millions still called for making medical cannabis legal. In 1996, California passed a proposition that legalized marijuana once again and the anti-marijuana trends faded, more movie features marijuana, and more studies show the goods of marijuana once again. Then decriminalization started to happen and in 2001 Canada legalized medical marijuana across the country but the American ignore it as they went on to focus the war on terror. In 2009, the president of The United States of America, Barack Obama, once wrote about how he used to smoke marijuana when he was a child and more people calls for legalizing recreational marijuana. By this time several countries have legalized medical marijuana. And on November 6, 2012, Colorado and Washington legalize marijuana for adults and in 2013 Uruguay became the first country to completely legalize marijuana for adults as time went by more countries and states started to legalize it.

Cannabis is a very symbolic plant as many famous musicians smoke it. For example, Bob Marley and Snoop Dog are the most famous musician associated with weed and they pretty much are now the symbol of weed. Back then you could find Bob Marley’s sticker, shirt, and sign everywhere.

People do consume weed in a different ways but there are mainly 3 ways you could consume it.
The first way is through water, this method you will need a bong or a pot, you put water in and put your weed in the stem, light your weed while pulling air from the mouthpiece with your mouth straight into your lungs.
The second way is straight smoke, you smoke it just like a cigarette, roll it up, light it, and smoke Or you could put your weed in the pipe, light it and smoke through the pipe.
The third way is the easiest but also seems to be the most expensive way, eat it, usually, people call it edible. It comes in the form of brownies, cookies, or cake. All you had to do is eat it and enjoy it!

There are many breeds of weed but there are mainly 3 which are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.
Each breed has different side effects as some were claimed to help with creativity, some will make you super sleepy and some even help you focus. These different side effects might remind you of video games where some items give you different perks which in this case the weed enhances some of your abilities. These effects are very useful as this will help out a lot when you’re looking for something that could enhance your ability in a short period of time but after all many would use it just to feel the relaxation and to take a break from the busy life. Other than that some might use it to enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffet as the effect of weed will make you feel like you could eat endlessly and you will feel that everything is delicious.

Here is my Experience with marijuana.
My first time trying marijuana was medical marijuana it has CBD and no THC and came in the form of a drink. The taste was ok, not good but also not bad, but you could feel the relaxation in your muscle after the CBD does its job.
Then I move on to smoking a bong, this method is ideally my preference as I don’t get burnt of a dry feeling in my throat and I do get high. When the high feeling hit, it hits hard and strong and I could feel different in a small amount of time. But after that strong hit, I just feel relaxed and chilled then I started to feel hungry.
I did try smoking it through the pipe but it was not the ideal way to smoke it as I don’t have a proper pipe, the one I use has a big shank so when I smoke it, it pulls those burning weeds into my mouth. So I don’t really like this method but I could see how this could work nicely as I don’t need any rolling paper. Here is the most popular way that I tried, smoking a joint. You ground up your weed and roll it in the rolling paper into a cigarette-like stick which is called a joint, light it then smokes it. This method for me is good but not the best as I hate when my throat burns because of smoking but for some reason when I smoke one of the breeds called “skywalker” it was really great and didn’t burn at all. You won’t get high instantly, it will slowly kick it. So I like it.
Lastly, edible. I love edible eat it and you will get high slowly, slower than joint but much stronger. Edibles are the best in my opinion, I love them and really enjoy them.

Now, here in Thailand Marijuana has been legalized on June 16, 2022. It’s still debatable if this decision by the government is good or bad but many people have already started using it.
Marijuana has 2 different types of effects as I have explained before with CBD and THC but mainly people used it for relaxation as some might smoke it and go to bed, get some food, or sit down and chill.
In reality, Marijuana isn’t much more dangerous than alcohol as they both were safe to consume responsibly, for example, you shouldn’t drive when you are high or drunk. It’s as simple as that, just be RESPONSIBLE.
The chill effect of the weed is just the main effect of the cannabis they are also some side effects like you will feel that the time is slower, your mouth is watering and you’re hungry and etc. Just be aware that your eyes can be very dry and you can fall asleep very easily.

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