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French Bulldog is a dog breed from France that people have mixed with other breeds until they get this lovely mini bulldog. It is one of the most popular small-dog breeds to be a family pet since they are good with children. Frenchie is very playful, gentle, friendly, and a big couch potato type. With a cute characteristic of big-rounded ears, short little legs, and a smiley mouth, it can capture people’s affection and earn reward from humans easily. This blog will give you a general idea of having a French Bulldog as your pet, how to take care of it, and what you should be concerned about that could affect Frenchie health.

Choosing French Bulldog as your pet.

French Bulldog is generally a friendly dog breed that is good with kids if you choose this dog breed to grow with your children. They also do not bark as much as other small kinds of dogs like Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and Shih Tzu. So they will not disturb the baby when sleeping. However, it does not mean that they cannot protect your house. In fact, they are very alert of sound or people walking by. This made them a great watchdog for you. They also get on well with other animals and enjoy making new friends of the human variety. If you are single, Frenchie will never leave you alone if you choose them since they are very attached to their owner. No matter what you are doing at the moment, you will have a small rounded fluffy ball beside you. 

What you have to look at when choosing a french bulldog puppy.

First of all, you have to choose a farm that you can trust on and have a pedigree license by asking in the French Bulldog community of which farm they get their dog from and the health of the dog is in good condition. After that, you should be checking on the physical health of the puppy. Their belly should not show any sign of redness or some wounds. Their ears should be clear and not smelly. The ears should also be rounded and big like a teddy bear. They should be large and square. The eyes should not contain any gum in or outside of the eyes and no runny nose. Lastly, you need to ask for vaccination details and the record of which vaccine they have received and from where. If the puppy is in good condition, you can take them home with you!

Taking Care of Frenchie’s

1. The French Bulldog is not hard for individuals to take care of. They did not require a lot of outdoor exercise since they are indoor dogs. Frenchies need a walk once or twice a week or you can take them out more than that depending on the weather in your region if it is not too hot. Or if you have a space in your own area, you can put in fake grass or a real one, you can let your pet out to let them rum for a while and show their instinct. However, you need to observe closely how they breathe and the color of their tongue or nose if the color changes or not due to the fact that they are a  short nose dog which mostly has respiratory system problems in general. Moreover, they can have heat stroke easily if your country or where you live have hot weather.

2. You also need to bathe them once a week for the cleanliness of your pet and your own cleanliness since they are indoor dogs, they have to live inside with you and share the same space together with humans. And with the fact that they are allergenic dog breeds, you need to be careful of which product you use, including the shampoo you use and the product that you use to clean and wash their stuff like bedding and toys or the floor they are sleeping on. The product you are using should be gentle for the dog skin due to that it is very sensitive and could cause allergy. You can observe by looking at your dog after bathing if they have redness, and itching more than usual. So, even while bathing them or after, you need to observe them because if there are any signs that the dog shows differently, it can lead to future symptoms.

3. About food, normally dogs consume once per day or if you are concerned that your dog will be hungry during the day you can separate the meal into twice per day. They can eat barf ( raw meats ) but the majority of people are not okay with it even though it is better for their health. It is okay for them to eat dog food but you have to choose carefully on which brand that your dog is not having any itchy bump or sign of allergy to it. Because this type of dog breed is very sensitive in both outside and inside physical health, you can add some supplement to boost their immunity for the Frenchie. For instance, fish oil for their fur and skin. They can also consume some fruits and vegetables like apples, bananas, and carrots as a snack to add vitamin and fiber for their digestive system. But you need to do some research before giving them anything that is okay for them to eat. There are also various vegetables, fruits, and foods that can affect dogs’ health. For example, Avocados that contain persin, a toxin that makes dogs throw up and have diarrhea, Grapes can cause sudden kidney failure, and many more. However, you have to keep in mind that feeding them anything more than what should be consumed can cause any damage to the dog’s health in one way.

4. The cleanliness of French Bulldog bedding is also another factor that you have to look at and take care of. You should have at least two bedding for your pet to sleep on when you wash another one. Or if you are convenient in changing it a third or fourth time a week, it will be better. The dog toys should be cleaned once every week because those toys contain saliva since this type of dog has a large mouth and has a lot of saliva. You can see by the amount of time the toys take to dry after your dog plays it, and bacteria on the floor which can be viruses that cause infection in the digestive system because your dog is chewing on it. 

Taking care of a french bulldog, you should be taking care of it physically from outside to inside. Every factor could affect your dog, and if they are sick, it can influence you also. Whether you have to take care of them more closely or the expense in treatment. It can decrease your happiness in having them as a pet although you said you love them the most. But when they are sick and a burden to you, it can make you tired, and your pet will not be able to heal your mental health as they are supposed to. So, we need to take care of them from the beginning , both physically and mentally for them to have good behavior, to make both you and your pet feel fulfilled as it should be.

How to train a French Bulldog.

Frenchie is a smart dog breed that learns some things quickly. However, they are very stubborn as puppies. You should learn about their behavior and personality to find a proper way to cope with it. For example, when they are doing the wrong thing like chewing your shoes or furniture, you should use a lower and louder voice to let them know that it is not something they can do and you are serious at that moment since most people use a second voice to talk with their dog normally. The method that can help with potty training faster, you have to watch them after drinking water for a while and if they are about to peed, you have to immediately pick them up and take them to their potty area. So they can smell it and make them know that this place is where they should pee and poop. Also, telling them can make them know that it is a place to potty. Their signs of potty are spinning around and smelling on the floor. Knowing these facts, it can help you know when they pee and poop. Feeding them on time and in a limited time, can help with their discipline and prevent ants. Training dogs can consume time at first, but if your dog does it regularly, it will be good for you in the future.

In conclusion, you should know that having a pet not only a French Bulldog, but also other kinds of animals takes a lot of responsibility and you should have  that before having one. Nowadays, many owners stray their pets since they do not want to take care of them anymore. If you do not really love them or have the responsibility to take care of them, please do not own one and support them in other ways like donating money to pet organizations or help fund raising the dog in need of surgery.


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