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Due to the lack of social media in the past, people had to communicate with one another in person or by letter. Nowadays, we have a lot of improvement and development about social media. We still use a letter, but we have more ways to communicate than the past such as Messager, Line, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Because of these cause people to have a social interaction to each other more. Nowadays, media platforms use is extremely necessary because it is used for studying, working, socializing, and much more. Therefore, I will explain media use in a way that everyone has encountered and experienced in your daily lives. These topics will give you a better understanding of how to use social media to communicate with other and why we need new media in our life. Everyone needs communication tools to get through their days, and we have the right to create our own community and space on social media. Thus, new media helps social interaction by keeping people connected while they are apart, allowing office workers to communicate about their work over long distances, encouraging people to be braver and more confident in making new friends on social media platforms, and assisting with influencer and actor work.

New media services can help people develop their interests and find other who share the same interest. For one person to become connected with another, it takes a long time to get to know each other, but if we share similar interests and have similar lifestyles, it may be easier for us to become friends. As well as, with the online world. For example, if we like movies, we will have applications for watching movies, and some people may have applications for reviewing movies they enjoy. It will give us a new community because there are people who like the same things as us. By watching the same movie, you will make more friends, have a conversation, or at the at least, they may make an appointment to watch a movie at the cinema with you. Thus, when we become friends with someone, it is not difficult to try to approach them with the similar interests. If you usually play Instagram, you should upload a story or a picture that you like, maybe a picture of yourself or a picture of a scenario, because many people nowadays they meet each other through Instagram.

New media help people about social interaction by help people still connected to each other while they are apart

There are many ways that media helps people to have more conversations. The first is long-distance communication, which is useful if you are planning to study or work overseas. That means you won’t be able to see your family, friends, and your lover, however what you can still do is communicate in online chat applications on your phone and computer, or you can Facetime. Use your media for your mental health do not afraid to tell your important person how you feel how much you miss them because communicate to your parents and lover will make you have a better day even though they are far from home, also your homesick symptoms will be better. In addition, the most important thing is to keep the relationship going. Although, communicating through mobile phone or Facetime cannot replace for the real person but it can heal you in a very short time.

Help office worker to communicate about their work for long distance

Working with colleagues located in multiple offices sometimes in different countries and working in a long distance based on communication and trust. For instance, In Thailand in 2020 to 2022 we have a situation that need to stay at home every time due to COVID 19 crisis and because of that most of workers must work from home and have a meeting at home only to reduce the spread of disease. At this situation, working from home is very difficult to communicate because working at the company requires quick and immediate coordination ,which people need to adjusting to this situation and It was very difficult at first, but I have found out recently that many people prefer work from home over working onsite, and what makes company continue and survive their organizations is online applications such as Facebook, Zoom, Gmail and many other apps

Help people to be braver and more confident to make a new friend on online platform

Because some introverts are hesitant to communicate to their friends in real life, especially those who attend home school may not have the opportunity to find friends because they are not good at talking or composing their own words. Causing them to discover a new world that does not require conversation or the actual meeting, they will feel more comfortable to chatting to people than saying and it makes them happier with talking to someone they have a similar favorite thing together. Moreover, it helps they leave their own zone to the new environment. They have friends to talk to online, which helps people feel less depressed, as well as people who are introverted and are afraid to meet new people, or those who have never made friends for the first time. Humans are born with the ability to approach society and individuals have a different personality. When you have people around who rarely speak, you can try to talk to them online and trying to get closer to them.

Helping with Influencer and actor work

For example, if we are an influencer, there will be customers to hire us and let us promote their products and maybe they will have opportunity more in their future carrier to be associated with further work connections. Moreover, if we make our profile look good, that may attract people from well-known companies working in leather cases or advertising to pay attention to us and make us meet more people to get more interactive. You will have the opportunity to work in a new place and faced the new experience. For instance, in the TikTok and Instagram applications, that we create content in our area and there might be A large organizations that saw our account by accident. Another example is in the series called Hormones season 3, They formed this projected because they want to make a newbie actor and what interesting in this project is they looking for actors from searching pictures on Instagram and they are finding characters from various platforms to play their series. After that, people from these platforms became very popular. Whether they were playing as extras or as the main characters, their acting was so outstanding that everyone appreciated it and paid attention to it. Until now, they have grown up in the entertainment industry and have played a lot of movies and films for popular Thai drama channels.

In summary, although new media has a lot of positive side, but it still has a negative side. For instance, we communicate each other through our mobile phones, and it makes people have less meeting in person and that makes us lack of practical communication, it may cause us to lack speaking skills. Lacking life skills that must be adapted to society. In-person communication creates stronger bonds and emotional connectedness, so you must know how to control and use the media properly. You have to control your time and set your time to your media use, when we have to use it and when we have to stop use it and It’ll be extremely beneficial for us in the appropriate amount of time. Using social media to communicate in daily life has both advantages and disadvantages, but in here I want to convey that the use of social media has a clear goal. It will not harm anyone or be problematic if used correctly. Furthermore, it benefits everyone. As an extremely introverted person who rarely talks to anyone and rarely goes out to meet people. I am also lacking in the communication skills. I cannot stand taking a long moment talking to somebody or looking them in to their eyes. Therefore, Social networking is the only thing I have that is still possible to have friend in my life.

Using the social media to develop relationships allows us to progress more effectively. For instance, on days when you are exhausted, you can greet friends or family through your media platform. Furthermore, if we do not want to communicate with anybody, we can open YouTube and watch various clips in there. It is fine to be alone but having someone to listen to your problems is even better. In addition, I went through a period where I had friends and siblings, I could fully open my problem. If you have a problem or need someone to talk to. I recommend you looking for a website or an app with a consultant to consult on general topics concerning your depression, or perhaps it is something you cannot figure out and need someone who might be able to help you. Therefore, I would like to recommend a website. It is a website for expressing to people you don’t know It is a free application to express yourself, with no hidden charges at all. It is a safe space also they are listening without judgment, and you can express your thoughts in the form of text messages, or you can choose to communicate with a voice recording as well.

This is the link to open the website
Here is the website for anyone who want someone to talking with
This is the application of Alljit you can download in apple store or play store

You are not alone

Try to find new environment around you and I hope you to step out your comfort zone.

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