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One of the most popular sports in the world is football. Football is a way of life for some people, as is shown in western countries like South America and Europe. There are an increasing number of people watching football games. Especially following the end of the World Cup season, which is a struggle for each nation’s honor. Due of this, it can be one of the reasons that more people watch football during the various leagues’ football seasons in each country. Because people are still hooked on the World Cup. If you want to boost the enjoyment. It should be important to study the information related to it, such as the fundamental guidelines or data on well-known football players or teams. This will help you watch football matches more enjoyable. In this blog, I’ve gathered some tips that will make you love watching football even more.

Introduce the top 5 most watched football leagues in the World

1. Premier League

The English Premier League is organized in England and Wales. The most-watched sports tournament and the highest level of football competition in the world. Twenty clubs took part in the competition. Each team competes in about 38 games. The competition takes place from August to May.

2. La Liga

La Liga is a Spanish Football League Championship. La Liga has 20 teams in it. 62 teams previously competed in the competition. The top teams in La Liga are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Valencia. The league is ranked second on the list.

3. Bundesliga

Bundesliga is the most popular Football League played in Germany. There are 18 clubs in the Bundesliga. The matches are often scheduled during the weekends. In the matches, it had the greatest participation. It comes in the third position due to its popularity.

4. Italian Serie A

Italian Serie A is an Italian Playing Football League. The league’s championship trophies are the Scudetto and Coppa Campioni d’Italia. Participating clubs in this competition total 35. The league is ranked #1 among European Leagues by IFFHS and third by UEFA.

5. Ligue 1

Ligue 1 is played in France. It is a type of European professional competition. There are 20 clubs in the league. The promotion and relegation system is used to run the league, which is regulated by the Ligue de football Professionnel. The league’s leading scorer is Paris Saint-Germain.

Get to know the rules 

The Pitch

A common football field looks like this. There is a center circle, and there are two penalty boxes, one at each end of the field. There is a penalty spot in each penalty box. Although not all pitches are the same size, they must range in length from 90 to 120 meters and in width from 45 to 90 meters. The penalty area is situated right in front of the goal line at either end of the field.

The Players

Although both teams have substitutes on the sidelines, each team has 11 players on the field. The players can line up in any formation they like, but the most common format is a 4-4-2, which has four defenders, four midfielders, and two strikers.

The Basic Rules

In winning the game, you must outscore your opponent by kicking the ball into their goal while also successfully defending your own. Unlike certain sports, soccer allows players to run with the ball while passing it to anyone else on the field. When it comes to pass, there are only a few guidelines to follow. The first occurs when the goalkeeper is passed back. Your goalkeeper must use his feet if you pass the ball to him with them. You can let him pick up the ball if you head it back to him.

Quickfire rules

  • The ball is kicked off from the center spot at the start of each half and after a team scores. Up until recently, you had to initially pass the ball forwards before passing it backward, but it is no longer the case.
  • At kickoff, no players may be in the opposing half.
  • Each foul may result in a free kick or, if it occurs in the penalty area, a penalty. With the right conditions, there may also be free kicks in the area.
  • A goal kick is scored if the attacking team crosses the goal line with the ball. The attacking team receives a corner kick if the opposing team kicks it past their own goal line.

The ability to block the ball from a player’s feet is known as a tackle. As you tackle, it’s important that you make contact with the ball. A foul is committed if you make contact with the player rather than the ball. When tackling, exercise caution since putting both of your feet in the air while you lunge puts another player at risk for injury. Avoid elbowing, pulling on clothing, or pushing the player because doing so would be considered a foul.

There are various types of fouls, for example, Dangerous Challenges, Handball, Diving/Simulation: If you pretend you were fouled, then referees are allowed to call a free kick against you, Being offside, Physical violence, and Foul throw: This is another non-bookable foul, and is an easy one to avoid. When you throw the ball in from the sidelines, keep the ball behind your head before you throw the ball, and make sure not to drop the ball at your own feet.

Referees have the right to book you if you violate these regulations. You will either receive a yellow card or a red card as a result. In a game, you are issued a red card if you receive two yellow cards. If you receive a red card, you are immediately removed from the game and your team is forced to play with fewer players.

The Offside Rules

The simple rule is this : a player is deemed offside if the head or feet is beyond the last defender and is interfering with play. From the picture, it is clear that the female offside player(yellow team) is positioned closer to the goal than the last defender of the opposing team(pink team).


Football competitions are among the biggest in the globe, with the number of Americans watching the Premier League dwarfing the number of British viewers of the weekend matches. The Premier League, FA Cup, and League Cup are the three main competitions in the UK.

The premier league is a table-based tournament where the top twenty teams in the country play each other twice – a total of 38 matches every year – and are awarded points depending on whether they win, lose, or draw. Both the FA Cup and the League Cup are knock-out competitions that include many lower league teams in addition to the nation’s top tier teams, making for some very interesting matches and plenty of upsets when teams defeat opponents ranked 20 or more places above.

Additionally, there are tournaments that cross continents. The UEFA Champions League pits the top teams from Spain, France, the UK, and other countries against one another in a bid to win the coveted trophy. The FIFA World Cup, though, is undeniably the biggest competition in the globe. 32 of the world’s top international teams gather to compete. This time of unity brings millions of people together, and it is a time of joy and pain for people all around the World.

Tips for enjoying watching football

Watch with a fan (same community)/party

When you walk into a bar in England, France, Germany, Italy, or South American countries like Brazil, or Argentina, it’s obvious that the people there are wildly cheering and serious about football. It’s like cheering for Miss Universe of the girls and LGBTQ. the environment in which we gather to support our preferred football team among individuals who do the same. It’s cozy and enjoyable. There will be a different mood, particularly during the World Cup. The World Cup will give you a sense of power, which requires a four-year wait. So, it differs from a football league that features ongoing rivalry and when you have a favorite team in any league ,then the World Cup team to support will be the source of much worry for you. Because during this World Cup, your favorite footballer might join an opposing squad. But don’t worry too much, it’s just a game. I believe it is best to watch the World Cup with fellow team supporters. A good friendship exists here. That was a preference-exchange situation. Consider also that you have buddies that share your team loyalty, speak the same language. How much enjoyment can you get from football? To have a friendship, you don’t have to be just buddies. While sporting the jersey of your preferred football team, you can make friends with total strangers. Immediately, you’ll be able to connect with that person. This has established itself in the culture of football viewing.

Pick a team #whatisyourfavteams⚽️ 

One thing that significantly increases your enjoyment of watching football for you is picking your favorite team. Because you’ll be able to devote all of your attention to the football team you want as if you were an essential part of the field. Cheering on a pair that has been a longtime opponent, such as the red fight is boiling like Manchester United vs. Liverpool, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, or AC Milan vs. Juventus. The moment you decide to join a fan club. You’ll quickly get why supporters of Manchester United and Liverpool despise one another in the same way as autocracies and democracies do. Your enthusiasm for watching football will increase if you support a specific team. You don’t want to lose your dignity, after all. However, don’t get too much into it. After all, football is just a sport, and we cannot predict what the final outcome will be. P.S. don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me down below #whatisyourfavteams⚽️ 

Go to game in a person 

Try participating in football in your area. Being a part of it like a regular student-athlete at a university, going to a game for your local team. You’ll find these fascinating, which will make you like it even more. Especially if you don’t live in a nation like England or France where you can see the major leagues and be professional. A different excellent choice for you is to approach local soccer. You’ll feel even more a part of the sport as a result. You can still appreciate it even though its scale might not be as great as the premier league. You should definitely be open to local football. Because it’s the simplest way to relate to football also you will get the good experience you’ll never find.

Update news

The last tip that you should do regularly if you want to enjoy watching football as much as possible is to receive and update news and information about the football industry. Once you know the latest news about your favorite team or footballer. Of course, it keeps you enthralled and still into it all the time. Plus, it will help you watch the match without any doubt. For example, when you know that your favorite soccer player is so ill that he will not be able to play in the next match. Updating this information is like keeping you on the alert for watching football and it is a great community for football fans as well. I recommended websites and apps that will help you to check and update football news.

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