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Anime that are already released in 2023

  1. Attack on Titan : The Final Season Part 3


This is one of my favorite shows so far which is about humanity that are forced to live behind the walls and have to survive from the titans which the protagonists will have to fight those titans as for freedom and protect humanity. The previous seasons of the show were amazing, however, this particular one is a little bit too short and end right before the climax that I would recommend you to wait for the last part that will be releasing in the next six months before watch this one. Anyways, if you really want to watch it right now, it would be better to watch some of The Final Season Part 2 to catch up better with the storyline but I would have been honest that I think that there is nothing to see here in this season, so if you can wait it would be better to watch it along with the last part. Adding up some of my opinion, after MAPPA studio take over Attack On Titan Final Season project I feel like many characters look better but some are not. If you notice the change, the series appearance has changed in the final season under responsibility of MAPPA which I really like the changes of Reiner, Armin, Connie and Eren only if his hair was tied back. Otherwise I think that they mess up with Jean and Levi because these two are my favorite characters and I think Jean looks older than he actually is and Levi looks like he lost all his jawline sharpness. Other than that I think MAPPA did pretty well on action scenes and can emphasize the scariness of titans.

  1. My Hero Academia : Season 6


This show is currently on the last season and for that reason I feel like this is one of the best seasons since in this specific season shows the characters development and many characters, even side characters, are improving their skills to advance. Before this season, this show is about a quirkless boy with a desire to be a pro-hero and ends up joining hero school in 1A class by receiving quirk from the number one hero of all time. The previous seasons show that the main character was trying to get use to the quirk and passionately trying to become a what he has dreamed of. However, he has to improve himself so much to overcome many characters who born with the strong and unique quirk such as his classmate and the 1B class. This is not the only challenge that he has to win over, there are a group of people who called themselves as The Villains Association who have a strong desire to destroy the society that has hero as a role model or protector. So this season will not be like the others that the hero school have to battle with colleagues to upgrade their skills but this time all of pro-heroes, heroes or even hero school students have to team up against the villains and fight along to protect people which I love how the story begin to be more intense after being a type of humorous and fun for a long time which I personally love to see the characters with maximum ability in this season as the storyline and intensity in the previous seasons were developing quite slow.

  1. Blue lock : Season 1 Part 2


This is a second part of the first season which the story is about the place called ‘BLUE LOCK’ that will gathered all the high school football players and invited them to join the Blue Lock project as to create the best egoist football striker and made them go through challenges in order to become make an extreme improvement in a short period of time and there will be only one player to win and for ones who lost will have no chance to be in a national football team. The anime is full of excitement that you cannot predict anything, even if it’s quite hyperreality since the characters have ability that might a little bit far from truth but that is why it is exciting. This part will be the part where protagonists going through the next level after team matches and meet the players who are ranked above them with unbelievable talents and it is very refreshing to see many new characters have been introduced, so do not hesitate to start watching this if it is on your watchlist, I think that you are going to like many characters because they are cool and talented.

  1. Tokyo Revenger Season 2 : Christmas Showdown


The anime is about a normal loser man who found out that his ex-girlfriend from his middle school was murdered by a certain someone and with the help of his ex’s brother, Naoto, who is a police officer, he has learned that a certain someone has something associated with the biker gang called ‘Tokyo Manji Kai or Toman’ led by Sano Manjiro or Mikey. In order to help his ex, he decided to partner up with Naoto and learn that every time he hold Naoto’s hand, he will be able to time-lapse to 12 years back and if he hold hand of Naoto in the past, he will comeback to 12 years in the future or current time as to see the consequences of his past action. The season starts off really well since the first season left off with climax part but it begin to be quite messy that there were too much characters introduced in this season and many details that need to pay attention. I learn that in the first season, even though the main character was annoying and weak, the storyline and his time-lapse ability was interesting. But in this season, I don’t really feel any improvement from the main character besides some of characters act so childish which make this season less appeal to me. Anyway, this anime is a great explanation of a butterfly effect and the characters design are so cool, but if you need some show that is reasonable and with the powerful main character, this is not the one for you.

Anime that will be released within 2023

  1. Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 : Shibuya Arc and Gojo’s Past Arc


This one is my favourite show and I love a lot of characters in this anime. I give a full score for the previous season and the first movie released ‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0’ since I really enjoyed it so much and this contains no bad or boring episode. The story is about a high school boy that happened to swallow the king of curse’s finger and became half possessed, so he has to attend shaman’s high school and help finding all fingers to get rid of this strong curse and he also has ability to switch to the King’s of curse that is why he has to be taken care by Gojo Satoru, the teacher who is the strongest sorcerer. The second season will covered the Shibuya Arc and Gojo’s Past Arc which people will get a chance to see Geto Suguru or the villian in JJK0 and Gojo Satoru, the strongest sorcerer of all time, when they were friends in high school and I think that people will change a perspective about Geto because he is a handsome, talented, warm-heart, generous, and a kind-heart person. This will be released in July, so you can start watch it by now or later and if you have never watched it before I recommend to watch either movie first or anime first but DO NOT forget to watch the movie because Geto Suguru is the best villian of all time <3

  1. Record of Ragnarok : Season 2 Part 2


Before the gods decided to eliminated a humankind, they gave one last chance for human to fight back leading to ‘Ragnarok’ or the battle tournament between gods and human with help of Valkyries to prove that human deserve to be survived. The release date of this one hasn’t been confirmed yet but so far, the previous season is interesting in the way that we get a chance to see an interaction between gods in different cultures with human from different nationalities which portray in a form of battle and the anime emphasize the characteristics of each ones quite well. Especially some characters that are being improved to be more modern such as Buddha that looks cooler and hotter with blunt characteristic and it might seems contrast with our understanding toward his personality. I enjoyed the fighting parts and the parts that illustrated each characters’ past and history as I think it created more understanding of their characters and it hypes the storyline but sometime it made me losing focus on where they left off with their battle. However, I recommend this to someone who like to read about gods and like the creativity because this is way better than my expectation of the battle of gods and human.

  1. SPY X FAMILY : Season 2


The story of a spy who needs to complete his mission in order to protect the world peace and he happened to form a fake family with an assassin wife and an adopted daughter with ability to telepath the thoughts of people. This is a action-comedy anime with all good episodes and adorable characters that I would recommend to everyone even non-anime watchers because this is absolutely adorable and fun to watch. The released date hasn’t been confirmed.

  1. Demon Slayer Season 3 : The Swordsmith Village Arc


After the main character, Kamado Tanjiro, has his whole family slain by the demon and left only his sister who was turned to be a demon, so he decided to become a demon slayer in order to find a way to cure his sister. In the previous season and the movie, he got a chance to fight along with the hashiras, the strongest ones of all demon slayers, and successfully took down some lower moon and upper moon demons which considered very strong demons. And this will be the third season that take place at the swordsmith village with focuses on two hashiras which are Love hashira, Mitsuri, and Mist hashira, Muichiro. Before this one will be released as an anime series, it was already been show at the theater as an anime movie and it got quite a number of negative feedback on how it was not edited well which made me consider not to watch it at the cinema. However, I still looking forward to see the anime series since there has already been an anime movie of this anime, The Demon Slayer The Movie : Mugen Train, before and after it turned into anime series as the second season, I felt like it seems more complete since the series has enough time to put the details on it. Aside from the bad edit, I still believe that this will be really satisfying to watch due to the previous ones were done pretty well.

  1. Attack on Titan : The Final Season Part 4


I give the score differently from the final season part 3 because this specific one has not been released yet, so I just kind of giving the score to the entire ones before this and as I mentioned earlier which mean that the anime fans will get to see the end of this decade long anime in about this September or October. For a manga fans, most of them may know completely about what will happened in this season which some of them seem to not happy about the ending of the main character, Even Jeager, and wish to see a different ending. With numerous complains towards many details and ending of each characters, there is a rumor about having AOE or Anime Only Ending that claimed that the actual final season of the anime will have two different versions that according to the manga and the AOE. Either ways, I still think that the original ending is reasonable and emotionally impact us, and I also understand that people might want to see a happy ending for Eren Jeager but what ever they will come up with new or original ending, I still would say that this is worth to watch and it is one of masterpieces of all time.

That would be all for my review of popular upcoming anime in 2023, even if I did not get a chance to see some of other popular ones like Dr. stone, Bleach and others yet, I still hope that my review will help you with your watching decision. By the way, this is just my opinion that may or may not match yours, but I wish to see you guys sharing your favorite and thoughts in the comment section so we can discuss for more. THANK YOU.

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