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Nowadays, South Korea’s influencers are very popular in worldwide, especially in Asia. K-Pop, K-Dramas, and Korean social media influencers have attracted a great attention in Korean culture more than ever before. As a result, foreign companies have been seeking to work with some of the top Korean trend influencers.

On Instagram, many of these Korean fashion influencers are leading. They spend their time between Korea and other countries. They consequently have a sizable following on a worldwide platform and have to make twice as much effort to attract both the English and Korean markets. Korean influencers with a global perspective who can attract followers from Asia and even beyond are growing increasingly popular with Korean consumers. There are even virtual influencers in Korea since the demand for influencers is so high.

Instagram of Influencers.

Why influencers in South Korea mostly use instagram.

Data from Hoot-suite Digital Report | Chart by

In South Korea, influencers usually use social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube to share and promote their personal lifestyle and products. However, Instagram is particularly popular for content creators who like to share images, while TikTok is often popular among young stars for creating short video content. On the other hand, influencers commonly use YouTube to share videos and vlogs.

Instagram has become the 2nd social media application that Koreans use, with the rate over 50% according to Hoot-suite Digital Report. It’s popular among teenagers aged between 20 to 30. There are over 20 million Instagram users in Korea, which means this is the greatest platform for brands such as counter brands or local brands to promote their product, or even increase engagement for their performances. 

Influencer marketing has many benefits for companies that participate in the latter’s campaigns because of their big followings. Korean influencers have strong power on social media, so it is effective to promote brands to their follower or subscribers. Relationships and trust are considered important in Korean society, and working with a reliable influencer can help a brand connect with its target market.

Moreover, influencer marketing in South Korea is cost effective due to actors and singers having a high fee compared to influencers. When collaborating with Korean influencers, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. The very first step is to make sure the influencer is a suitable match for the brand and its targeted market. To establish an effective engagement, it’s important to ensure that the influencer is aware of the campaign’s goals and targets. Lastly, it’s critical to follow Korean advertising laws and to be open about any sponsored content.

Why is Influencer Marketing so popular?

Compared to traditional forms of advertising, social media influencer recommendations tend to be more trusted in South Korea. Take a look at the video above. In the YouTube content by popular lifestyle and beauty influencers, she recommends her daily skincare and makeup, which her followers give attention to. Mostly in the comments, her audience thanked her for the makeup recommendations due to in her video description, she had put the makeup list for the audience, which is how she promotes the makeup products.

Almost all adults in the nation use social media on an ongoing basis, making it one of the significant contributing causes. When brands collaborate with influencers who have a significant social media following, they have a large potential audience to reach.

In South Korea, micro-influencers—those with a small but active social media following—are extraordinarily effective. As compared to celebrities or mega-influencers with millions of followers, these influencers are frequently seen as more authentic and relatable, which helps brands take over their target audience’s trust.

In South Korea, collaborations between brands and influencers are also popular, with many brands actively seeking out these connections to increase their profile and trustworthiness. Both sides can benefit from these collaborations as influencers can increase their audience and make more money while brands can engage an influencer’s just now audience with their products or services.

TOP Korean Influencers

See below for the list of the top Korean Influencers on Instagram to follow and subscribe. based on the brands they collaborate with and the number of followers they have on social media.

HoYeon Jung @hoooooyeony

Hoyeon Jung is one of biggest fashion Influencer in South Korea. The world know her from appearance in Squid Game, while she is also model and fashionista. Moreover, after the series "Squid Game", her instagram followers become increasingly boom and now over 20 millions. She documents her life as a Korean model on Instagram. Her feed is that of a runway model, hence her taste is heavily influenced by the fashion brands. She has a fantastic knack for fusing traditional fashion with contemporary trends. She was also on the cover of Marie Claire Korea and T Singapore. 

Hoyeon Jung is one of Louis Vuitton's brand ambassador, and also Adidas.

Irene Kim @ireneisgood

Kim Irene is one of the original Korean fashion influencers on Instagram. She is Korean and American influencers on Instagram star and blogger. On instagram, she appear around the world and does fashion show worldwide. Almost every fashion week, we can see her to be a part with that fashion shows. Some of people in China are very loyal to follow her. She has her own character on fun and girly fashion look, which make her heavily wanted in the Fashion Industry around the world. Moreover, she has appeared during Soeul Fashion week, and become topic of social about her creative color hair choices. In addition, Irene Kim has worked with brands like Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Estee Lauder. She may be pricey, but she is definitely worth the money.

Irene kim has been promote for many luxury brands such as Dior, Dolcegabbana, Prada, Jimmychoo , and etc.

Lee Ho Jung @holly608

Lee ho jung is Korean fashion influencer. She has been in some Korean dramas, series, and music videos. For example, Nevertheless that very popular due to her style in the serie. However, She has become one of the top Korean fashion influencers on Instagram because she mostly focuses on the fashion industry. She is a great korean influencers to follow for daily outfits inspiration, so she usually upload her styles on instagram.Follow her to keep up with the most recent fashion trends and to embrace her easygoing, comfortable fashion sense.

Lee ho jung is recently partnered with LANCOME and Chiara Ferragni partnership. Before that she has promote for Dior and Chopard.

Park Sora @sora_pppp

Park Sora is another one of Korean fashion influencer. She is Stylenanda model which it is beauty products that very popular in Korea and others country, and also she is a very popular face in fashion community. She has followers on instagram over 1 million and people also know her from the brand ambassador of biggest makeup products as 3CE. She has incredible skin, and her outfits are elegant and elegant. She also frequently takes images in unusual locations, giving you a detailed view of her travel experiences. She tries out a variety of stylish outfits, including sensual swimwear and professional dressy clothes. In my opinion, she is one of famous influencer of beauty and make up due to people in korea or foreigner who visit Korea can see her almost fashion areas.

Rock Chat Run @rockchaeeun

Rock Chae Eun is look like K-Pop star, but actually she is freelance model. She doesn’t hesitate to show her slender body by wearing incredibly attractive sports swimwear and underwear. One of the more accessible Korean Instagram models available is she. One of the more accessible Korean Instagram models available is she. Her posts outline her everyday activities, including where she goes, what she buys, and what she eats. She is the ideal influencer for swimsuit and lingerie firms wanting to enter the Korean market because you will see a lot of photos of her at the beach or in a pool. Totally looks of her where everyone can see mostly about sport wear, swimsuit.

Rock Chae Eun has worked with many international brands such as Nike and MLB.

Mulbada @mulbada

Mulbada is Korean instagram influencer, She become famous from her fashion blogs and fashion sense. She has a great style to match and mix smart looks with casual looks. Mainly of her style focus on leather jackets, animal print coats, and long dresses. She also frequently writes about her nails, resulting in a feed that features a variety of Korean fashion and beauty. Moreover, she has her own Korean online brands called Unbutton. She is the one influencers who enjoy travelling and upload her style around the world.

She has been promoted for Prada, Louis Vuitton ,and many more on her instagram.

Song Ji-a @dear.zia

Song Ji-a is beauty influencer and fashion girl from South Korea, had basked in the limelight with a promising debut on popular Netflix dating show Single’s Inferno. The 25-year-old soon rose to fame on the reality show as well as on social media after capturing the attention of young Koreans with her on-screen personality. After her Netflix debut, Ms. Song’s Instagram and YouTube following increased to 3.7 million and 1.9 million, respectively.

One things that make her become famous in short time is how she act in variety show that make everyone put the eyes on her due to her high fashion taste and also in youtube she also share tricks to makeup and skincare routine which make everyone follow her and buy that products. Moreover, she doesn’t have any products to promote. Mostly brand products in her instagram is her own stuff which make her look more luxury than others influencer.

Lee Sung-kyung @heybiblee

Lee Sung kyung is an K-drama stars, and also she is a model before join K-Dramas. She is stunning in all ways with outfits suit every woman’s need. People can find inspiration to dress in her instagram, whether it will be for dating or hanging out with friends and family. She is one of popular actress due to her style is funny and shine look which make everyone fall in with her. The model-actress also has a well-liked YouTube channel where she showcases her dance and behind-the-scenes films and provides a look into her personal life. She is a great singer and one of the most well-known Korean fashion influencers; her most recent single, Show Time, was released in 2019.


In conclusion, influencer marketing in South Korea can be a successful strategy for businesses looking to advertise their products or services to a specific audience. To be effective, a campaign must carefully choose the perfect influencer, have a very well objectives, and provide engaging content.

Influencer marketing is very effective in South Korea due to the country’s high social media internet penetration and the authenticity and relatability of micro-influencers. In South Korea, collaborations between influencers and brands are quite frequent and can be beneficial for both parties. To accomplish an effective campaign, it’s also necessary to follow to Korean advertising rules and be open about sponsored content.

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