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In the present time, the media plays a big role in human daily life since they open their eyes until they fall asleep. Online is also one of their body parts as they bring together in routine as they are working, studying, and communicating. Normally, human behavior using media approximately 28 times per day surely connects world to world but it also has serious disadvantages. Problems on using the internet that the media impact on individuals’ health that people did not concern or unaware of.

1.The media cause depression

In the media world, there are many types of people who care or do not care about others, so they may use these tools by typing under the keyboard to send a negative vibe to others. To clarify, cyberbullying is one of the problems that citizens use in the media, making one another funny. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, about someone else. It also includes sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation. This is a very serious topic that leads to depression but someone was not concerned about this problem. Research experts say that playing on social media can lead to depression because naturally humans are not grown to accept criticism or bad words at every minute. This issue can be server to death or suicide, feel worthless, develop anxiety or have physical symptoms such as fatigue or headaches. Furthermore, symptoms of anxiety and depression have been higher since the start of the pandemic of Covid 19 that some people in some countries need to lock down and stay only at home. This is one of the reasons that the number of depression in the media was higher than before. To explain, when everyone stays at home, some people only use social media and then got bored, nothing to do,so people should find some activities to do without using smartphones.

2. Fear missing out FMO

FMO or fear of missing out is the feeling that others are having fun, living a better life than you are. This emotion is related to the sense of envy and also affects self esteem issues. FMO has increased because of the improvement in technology. Media causes FMO to make people feel isolated or not accepted by others, such as video games. For instance, people all want to be part of the group by joining video games. They do not want to feel they are missing out of the group or afraid of missing funny topics, so this can lead to game addiction. To clarify, A group of 5 people called to talk about some topic but one of them was not invited, so he/she may feel the sense of FMO, missing out from the group,what are they talking about, are there any stories or jokes that i missed.  This fear of missing out related to social media has symptoms including anxiety, and a feeling that they need to compare to others all the time.

3. Addicted to the interested from others 

Because everyone is all online, social media is a normal thing that people use to update their story. To explain, people liked your photo on Instagram and you always check the comments and liked counts. This can lead you to be so addicted to caring about your online world that you want to reach high likes or comments. However, when you first start to play Instagram with fun, checking likes is a seriously stressful thing because you can not control others to like and comment.

4.Comparing yourself to other cause reducing self esteem

Real life and the media are completely different, most people may think that these people were very happy because they just posted that they were traveling, paying money and eating some delicious food, but who will know the feeling and notion deeply inside their mind. Some may be sad or some may be not happy as in the media. This is the start of people comparing themself to one another’s life. It does not have any benefits but provides negative results that lead to reducing self esteem. Moreover, if you have low self-esteem or negative body image that you compare yourself to one another, you kind of hurt yourself because you are not satisfied with what you have, so you have to find the way out such as surgery, take medicine or pop a pimple because you want to look good as other all the time. For instance, you compared yourself to a model on online media and you want to be like that. The following will be that you will lose weight and control your food and it can lead to Anorexia Nervosa, an eating disorder that restricts food to low body weight.

5. Media cause hothead

Due to the 5G of the Internet, everything people search, send and receive is very fast.They may get used to the fast and forget the word wait. In addition, individuals in the present time are used to playing many platforms on media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. However, if these platforms are broken, people will get irritable, rushed and jittery because they are addicted to scrolling to feeds and always checking when the feed was available. Furthermore, the media is the only issue that causes society to bow down. Since online is accessible to everyone, the society of bow down was originated. Everyone used the internet and played without caring about the people who were around caused people who stayed with them got irritable. To clarify, if you’re out with friends, you still feel that you need to check social media, but on the other hand you will lose the feelings that may be having fun and have to explain the reason for the meeting because you always play with your smartphone to your friends.


loneliness” is an emotional state that is characterized by being in an unpleasant state, where there is inconsistency in one’s desired and perceived levels of social connectedness. Social media is one of our life.We used to go to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter in spite of nothing but our friends are also on that platform,so it makes everyone be together but actually we think of ourselves as being lonely. The truth, for the research released, if children are addicted to socializing, it makes them feel lonely. People who spend more than 2 hours online tend to feel lonelier than normal people 2 times. To clarify, it is the feeling of having friends online all the time but sometimes that everybody is available, you may feel lonely and separated because you do not have anything to do. In addition, there is a theory supported that time spent online replaces time spent offline which is time spent with friends, so the quality of friendships in the real world is reduced and people feel lonely easier.

7. Other health issues

When we look too much at the screen light on even a phone, tablet or computer, these lead to eye abnormalities such as shortsighted, long sighted and Astigmatic. Moreover, it can cause other factors such as Photophobia, fear of light or if it is severe to cataract and glaucoma. Beside this, eyes have the topic of blood pressure, headache and sleep. Sleep is one of the important factors in human life but the most of citizen’s behaviour in the current time was to look at the phone after laying down on bed causing hard to sleep because they will use ideas to follow what they had seen on online or addicted to slide Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter cause our brain awake all the time. The light from phones, tablets and computers will disrupt your sleep, which can have a serious impact on your mental health. For instance, watching a series before bed makes people addicted to the story of what will be next, so they may watch until they are not curious, making them go without a wink of sleep. Furthermore, not only people’s minds are affected by the media but also shortened attention spans because we also know that the online world is full of news and data in many forms just tapping, sliding and clicking through the screen to receive what you want to find. This is another reason why people in this era cannot focus on doing something for a period of time. Because of easy access and completely providing information online, it makes people get in the habit of lifting phones to see.

Normally, if we think between media and health, we will think of the negative side. However, if people know how to deal with the media, it can influence them on the positive side by means of social media detox which limits time spent on media,doing other activities making you active and natural therapy. In addition, protecting eyes needs to adjust to a light screen. Addicted to social media is a double edged sword because addiction too much causes negative results but in this period of time, technology is necessary in daily life. Therefore, people should have the presence of mind before receiving information and news online. All of these factors can cause disadvantages to mental health and physical health. In a positive way, you should use media to relax or research more data to improve your more comfortable routine. 


  • Kullaket says:

    This article has caught my eyes since the topic first surfaced since I feel like this is very directly to me recently, and I sometimes feel like social media has a significant impact on my mental health. Nowadays, we also need to learn online and communicate with friends and family on social media; therefore, social media may be considered one of the things that humans require. Thank you for your blog, by the way; social media detox is interesting!!

  • Panita Peerapongpipath says:

    Thank you for this informative data. It makes me realize more about the cons of social media, which we always use nowadays. To talk about my own experience, I am also the one who is addicted to social media, and it makes me feel depressed sometimes when I get a bad comment from others or compare myself to others, which totally reduces my self-esteem. It cannot be denied that there are so many negative impacts from using social media in a frequent way. However, people can surely gain a lot of benefits from it if used correctly, such as not using it too often, using it for education and to increase self-confidence, since everything has its pros and cons, like a coin that has two sides. 

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