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Ever wondered how having a pet might improve your health?

Nothing makes us happier than coming home from work to have someone waiting for us at the door. Even just seeing their face makes you feel as though you have been comforted by the tiredness of the day. Perhaps you do not realize that this is a pet’s healing power. Pets are not just pets, they are your entire world.

Pets As Stress Reducers

Pets can provide companionship and support, which can help people release stress. For instance, taking the dog for a walk around the park can help us at that particular time because they give you a reason to get outside, breathe fresh air, and do something physical, which is proven to enhance your mood, sleep, and mental health.

The University of British Columbia surveyed 246 students before and after they spent time in a drop-in therapy dog session. The research found that participants reported significant reductions in stress as well as increased happiness and energy immediately following the session, compared to a control group of students who did not spend time at a therapy dog session. While feelings of happiness and life satisfaction did not appear to last, some effects did.

Another research found that people who grow up with pet dog was associated with lower levels of childhood anxiety. Because anxiety disorders often start in childhood. A pet dog can stimulate conversation, an ice-breaking effect that can alleviate social anxiety via a social catalyst effect. Companionship with a pet can alleviate separation anxiety and strengthen attachment. Social interaction between humans and dogs may also lead to increased oxytocin levels in both the human and the dog. Interacting with a friendly dog also reduces cortisol levels most likely through oxytocin release, which attenuates physiologic responses to stress. These hormonal effects may underlie the observed emotional and behavioral benefits of AAT and pet dogs.

As you can see that many physiological and psychological benefits of bonding with a pet. They will encourage you to have pets and spend time with them because they can help you with mental health.

Lower Heart Disease 

Those who keep dogs live longer and recover faster from a heart attack or stroke compared with those who have no canine companion. The research found that dog owners were associated with a 24% reduced risk of death from cases compared to the general public, and a 33% lower risk of death among heart attack survivors who live alone. 

“They think they’re doing it for the animal, not for their health. But these studies suggest that adopting a dog may be as much of a service to your health as the dog’s,” says Dr. Haider Warraich, an instructor at the Harvard Medical School and author of “State of the Heart: Exploring the History, Science and Future of Heart Disease.

Bring Happiness

Unconditional love brings happiness to us all. If you have a pet, you will have someone that you feel embraced. When you feel sad, or anxious from outside when you come home, you will have someone waiting for you to help even though they can not talk but it can make you feel better just seeing their face. They will give you positive energy to make you pass through all the bad things in the world.

Animals Save Hundreds Of Lives In Prison

Mutt Mate Program has adopted over 300 animals directly from the prison. They have been very successful for their rescue group and the prisoners.

“I’ve been incarcerated since I was 17 years old in an environment where the only things I needed to look out for itself, so to put everything that I want to do to the side and focus on this four-ounce kitten. it melts a lot of the selfishness to” said the prisoner. 

“I went through a rough time and abuse. so we related. I’m helping her get over abuse and she’s helping me to get over mine” said the prisoner.

The program provides the opportunity for prisoners and animals to have second lives. This gives them the feeling that their lives are worth more rescuing animals. Not only do they help the animal, but the animals also help them which healing from the inside.

Pets And Physical Therapy

Julie Miller, RN, BSN, CCRN, of Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler(TX) feels that the unconditional love of dogs helps lift the spirits of patients and encourages them to persevere in therapy. For example,  patients with stroke or injuries of the head and spine can practice brushing a dog’s hair. If they can do this, they can see that one day they will be able to brush their hair, said Miller. 

Speech-impaired patients can improve their vocalization by talking to a dog, naming its body parts, or giving it commands that are clear enough for the dog to understand.

Patients with spinal cord injuries can improve coordination, balance, and muscle strength by throwing a ball in a game of fetch.

“It gives them a lot more positive feedback to have the dog get the ball for them and then be able to call the dog back with the ball,” Miller explains.

Get Us Exercise More

Dogs might become anxious if we are kept inside all day, so it is the responsibility of the dog owners to take the dog for walks. While we walk them, we may exercise.

“Dog owners walk an average of 22 more minutes per day than non-dog owners,” says Tasha Holland-Kornegay, a mental health counselor licensed in North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and Georgia.

She emphasizes that exercise itself can be very beneficial for mental health.

Even a short walk around the block has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and negative mood.

Improved Socialization 

Dogs and cats make it easier to meet new people. The owners will get out of the house more with them. We are also more social when accompanied by them. From my point of view, pet owners seem to be more outgoing and friendly when they are with their pets. This led to social interaction easier and people are more likely to interact people with dogs or cats because they sign of being friendly. For example, when you go out with your dog, someone may ask you like “May I pet your dog?” After that, you Marty have some conversation with those people.

Dog Helps With Darkest Time

This is the example from Kate Leaver of how her dog helps her pass through the darkest time. She lives with bipolar disorder and still quite regularly plods through depressive episodes, despite being pleasantly medicated.

“My dog Bert can smell depression,” says Leaver.

She believes that her dog is trying to protect her and bring her comfort when he is around when he jumps across our mattress and sleeps across her chest. She is better able to manage her disorder now than she was in the past because she has her puppy, who gives her a sense of security.

Cured Depression

In 1996, when Julie Barton’s depression was at its worst, Bunker, a golden retriever puppy, saved her and gave her a second chance at life.

“Bunker would never question or judge what I was experiencing. That’s when the sadness began to dissolve,” says Barton.

As Dogs Owner

First of all, I never thought about having a dog in my life. My dad began to pet them from his friend because when I was a kid, I and my sister said to my dad that we want to pet dogs. After we decided to pet them our lives changed. Have you ever thought that your life now is complicated but after you decide to pet a dog, it will be more than you ever thought? Dogs are the pet that you need to spend time with, so your time is not yours anymore but it will be for them.  We have to play with them, feed them food, and look after them because they are part of the family. No matter how challenging it is, what we have obtained is greater. The dogs make me feel at home every time I see their faces. I understand the quote that sometimes home is not home but it is someone that makes you feel at home. I will be happy every time I come home after a long day of study, I always look forward to seeing them behind the door and waiting for me, I would say that it is happiness. When I face a rough time, they will be by my side to heal me every time. I would recommend you guys pet some if you are ready to have some wonderful things in your life. It will brighten your every day and make your life to be more meaningful. I can say that they are not just pets for me but they are my whole world. I cannot live without them and they can not live without me too. We will fulfill our lives together.  

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