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While most people believe the Covid-19 situation hurts us in many parts of life, including depression, burnout syndrome, and financial issues from going to work less, I believe the covid-19 situation give me various things to learn. Before covid-19, I usually hang out with my friends every day, but the situation changes me. It turns me into something more adult. By forcing myself at home, I learn to live by myself and know myself more when there is only silence around me. Besides, I stop playing social media too because I do not want to waste my time on it when I have much time to spend in quarantine like I want to know what I can do when there are actually fewer things to do. Here’s my answer and believe it or not, these blogs open my eyes seeing situations really improve me in several ways.


         What I’ve seen is the most common and should share with you guys is exercise at home. Previously, I believe that I am thin, so there is no need for me to exercise (most of my friends exercise because they are fat), but in reality, everybody should do exercise because it gets them healthier. Your life might be easier in many different ways; for example, running faster, and lifting easier. Likewise, your skill rather than body skill might develop; for example, singing skills (your lungs are better). This way is also a better way of spending your time; being healthier is definitely better.

Here’s my story on how I started, I was inspired by watching marvel spider-man, Tom Holland, the main actor, had such a good fit, so I started thinking why won’t I fit myself to like him? At the start, It seems not that hard for me because I normally swim (I cannot call it normally, it’s once a month, but still I have some exercise skills basic). 2 weeks after, I feel bored from keep doing that, I feel like I force myself too much, so I decide to exercise in other alternative ways to make it more interesting for me. I watch on youtube and work out at home. Most clips told us to exercise along with them, so it feels not that bored as much. After, I go to fitness. Luckily, the people at the fitness were friendly and taught me how to work out properly. I still go there now, it’s a lot of fun! (but I still did not get like his body fit)

         Honestly, I’m not that good at the advice you on how to do it but if I have to, I would recommend you to look for the yoga sheet and search on the internet, on how to firm yourself as a beginner. When you keep doing it until you are bored, I recommend you to go to fitness, and look where you want it to be firm, repeating on that body part. If you are in good mood and feel like it is silent between you and people near you in the fitness, you might ask them to give you some advice. This way might motivate you to go to fitness more often. Just remind yourself, you have to start and keep repeating it!

 Revamping room

         Revamping my room is also what I’ve got from covid-19. This might also be a major benefit of the covid-19 situation, it really improves my work. The vibe in the room makes me feel more productive. I feel so much happier when I am in my room like I want to spend the time in this beautiful room.

As I have most of my time in my room, doing online classes, exercising, and working, I decided to renovate my room to make me happier whenever I live here. I noticed that the lighting room is the most important. When you decorate your room with light, it will instantly surprise you! At first, you have to put your desk around the window to let the natural light in and to get the vibe from that view. Grabbing the unused lamp from your home and putting it on your desk. Choosing the kind of light (daylight, cool, warm) you prefer, I personally recommend the warm light because it relaxes your eyes and creates the mood for your room at night. Also, installing the decorating light is one of the options. I bind the wire light around my table legs and the paperclip for the polaroid above my tv. Even though this sound like it will cost you much, 800 baht(25 dollars) is likely enough for the budget. Also, the light around enlightens me to read some things more (it always be a novel).

While a lightening room is necessary for decorating the room, growing the plants somewhat might be the other option. Like warm light, green from plants can help you relax your eyes. Due to the fact that I have no garden, I grow only small plants, cactus, and others that suit my room. It takes a patient to keep feeding them and to watch them grow. This also increases your responsibility and discipline. If you want to adopt a pet, this must be your starter pack, growing a tree require less responsibility and prepare you before adopting a real pet!

Doing research on what’s interest

Stuck in quarantine provides me time to do what I’m interested in more. For what looks more material object, it would be that I learn more about music theory through reading blogs and doing research on the internet. I find that this is actually one of the subjects that take time and patience to learn. I normally play a musical instrument, so this helps me improve my skill so much. While music players commonly learn the skill from Youtube, I rather read blogs and do research because the details from the video are not enough compared to blogs, music blogs in Thailand are widespread. You can also take a note and see more pictures from the blogs.

Besides, there are a lot more skills and hobbies that I discovered during the covid-19 situation. I try doing bakery. It helps you more focus and do things more calmly, slowly, and thoroughly, because doing bakery requires a patience in every step. It started when my mom bought me a mochi and daifuku, the taste is so good, but the price might be too much for me to effort it (in order to eat it every day), so I wonder how much it cost if I do it by myself then I start doing research. Because this is what I’m not that interested in, I study how to do it on Youtube. There are so many recipes in the description. However, like music theory, if you want the inside information, the blogs on the internet might be better.

You can change what seems to be wasting time to be more beneficial yourself!

As I spend time watching the movie and series more, they inspire me in such different ways. From my experience, the music from those, makes me want to figure out how to play them. I also discover many ost songs from the series. While watching a movie, I practice fingering the musical instrument. This helps my finger to be stronger, and as I mentioned above on the exercise topic, the movie inspires me to do things out of my comfort zone.

The inspiring topic is what seems normal because all media are created to inspire people; however, because of spending so much time on it, I notice it easier.

The better relationship (it’s kind of ironic though)

There is the phrase told, “you will value it when you lose it”. The covid-19 situation proves that. When I’m not allowed by my parents to stay with them because I always hang out, my parent worry that I will lead the covid-19 to them, I miss them a lot more. Normally, I’m not in a good relationship with my parent, maybe because we always stay together, but the distance makes us miss each other more. Sometimes, I come back home after the quarantine and I see how they take care of me better. For friend relationships, with online class, provides me more time to spend time with friends. Although I did not meet them in the class, at university, I luckily live in a condo around the university, and there are those like me, we’re hanging out more like it should be because we did not have to go to the university.

It changes my behavior into something I believe it’s better

Normally, my weight is not that much (too thin), but the covid-19 situation makes me feel more want to eat. I actually don’t know why but I believe being stuck in quarantine makes me feel want to get some joy from what I can have. Eating might be the answer for me and combined to exercise, I feel a lot healthier these days.

With boredom at home, I do many things alone more outside (some of my friends cannot hang out with me like we used to do), and start to do some things alone myself; for example, grabbing a notebook, Ipad to work at the café, and watching a movie alone. This might seem strange, but doing those alone makes me feel more focused and sometimes more productive. I believe this is also what makes me more adult, I can do things more by myself.

So here’s my topic today. I hope you guys getting something from it and maybe inspire you somehow. Thanks for reading it until this!

Life is good

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